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Memoirs of Fanny Hill

by John Cleland

Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure, better known as Fanny Hill, is one of the most notorious texts in English literature. As recently as 1963 an unexpurgated edition was the subject of a trial, yet in the eighteenth...

The Innocence of Father Brown

by G. K. Chesterton

This is the first volume of Chesterton's brilliant, ingenious Father Brown stories, all five of the original Father Brown books have been republished with charming and collectible Penguin covers. With his round...

Tess of the d’Urbervilles

by Thomas Hardy

Set in Hardy's Wessex, Tess is a moving novel of hypocrisy and double standards. Its challenging sub-title, A Pure Woman, infuriated critics when the book was first published in 1891, and it was condemned as...

The Blood is on the Wall

by Felicia Fredlund

The vampires needs humans for only one thing: blood. Any human they capture either becomes their cattle or vampires themselves. Food or killer. The vampires, stronger and faster than humans, decided to stop...

Jerry of the Islands

by Jack London

This is a novel about the fortunes and misfortunes of a dog in the Pacific. Jack London was a passionate defender of animal rights, and this is one of the last defenses he ever made.

Personal Spy

by Blair Erotica

Tara's private investigation business is failing. Bobby, an ex-cop she worked with when she was a cop, seems to be successful. He wants her, both as a woman, and to work for him  become his personal spy in...

Captured Omega

by Arian Wulf

Captured Omega is a love story between a strong Alpha werewolf and an innocent young woman who has no idea how to deal with all the attention she's getting. There are also two manipulative evil men who take...

Brave New World

by Aldous Huxley & Steppenwolf Press

Brave New World is a novel written in 1931 by Aldous Huxley and published in 1932. Set in London in the year AD 2540 (632 A.F.—"After Ford"—in the book), the novel anticipates developments in reproductive...

His Contract Christmas Bride / Confessions Of A Pregnant Cinderella: His Contract Christmas Bride / Confessions of a Pregnant Cinderella (Mills & Boon Modern)

by Sharon Kendrick & Abby Green

His Contract Christmas Bride

A festive deal before the altar

As new guardian to his orphaned nephew, CEO Drakon must marry! And sweet Lucy is the ideal candidate. But Lucy soon realises she can’t be just...

Claiming My Hidden Son / Bride Behind The Billion-Dollar Veil: Claiming My Hidden Son / Bride Behind the Billion-Dollar Veil (Mills & Boon Modern)

by Maya Blake & Clare Connelly

Claiming My Hidden Son

My contract bride’s secret…

My marriage to Calypso was simply business—until our unexpectedly passionate wedding night! Unwilling to muddy our convenient arrangement, I left. Now...

Colton's Secret Investigation (Mills & Boon Heroes) (The Coltons of Roaring Springs, Book 11)

by Justine Davis

She must hunt down a killer…and her past!

Deputy Daria Bloom must hunt down a deadly murderer…whilst conducting a covert investigation into her own past. When FBI agent Stefan Roberts joins the hunt for...

Cavanaugh Stakeout (Mills & Boon Heroes) (Cavanaugh Justice, Book 40)

by Marie Ferrarella

Cavanaugh Stakeout

A killer runs free…

The last thing Detective Finn Cavanaugh needs is a gorgeous partner shadowing his every move, especially as Nik Kowalski is his complete opposite….But when their...

Colton 911: Caught In The Crossfire (Mills & Boon Heroes) (Colton 911, Book 5)

by Linda O. Johnston

Colton 911: Caught in the Crossfire

He can handle killers, but one woman leaves him defenceless

When ranch hand Melody Hayworth insists on working a case of cattle rustling with Deputy Sheriff Casey Colton,...

Witness In The Woods (Mills & Boon Heroes) (The Coltons of Roaring Springs, Book 11)

by Michele Hauf

Witness in the Woods

He’ll fight tooth and nail to keep her safe.

When wildlife officer Joe Cash responds to a call of shots fired he finds himself face-to-face with Skylar Davis and her pet…wolf. It’s...

Rules In Deceit (Mills & Boon Heroes) (Blackhawk Security, Book 4)

by Nichole Severn

Rules in Deceit

He’s her only chance…

Security expert Elizabeth Dawson believes ex-government programmer Braxton Levitt betrayed her, but now a killer is methodically hunting her to access her top-level...

Warning Shot (Mills & Boon Heroes) (Protectors at Heart, Book 3)

by Jenna Kernan

Warning Shot

His secret could cost her life…

Sent to thwart an unknown threat, Rylee Hockings clashes with local county sheriff Axel Trace who doesn’t want the federal agent treading on his turf. But as he...

Snowblind Justice (Mills & Boon Heroes) (Eagle Mountain Murder Mystery: Winter Storm W, Book 4)

by Cindi Myers

Snowblind Justice

A killer stalks Eagle Mountain…

Emily Walker is back home for her brother’s wedding. But the occasion is marred by a blizzard, a murderer on the loose…and Brodie Langtry, the man who...

Ransom At Christmas (Mills & Boon Heroes) (Rushing Creek Crime Spree, Book 2)

by Barb Han

Ransom at Christmas

He'll do anything to protect this mysterious woman…

Who is this unconscious woman Will Kent finds on his land? And who's targeting her? For her safety, Will takes her into hiding. But...

Enemy Infiltration (Mills & Boon Heroes) (Red, White and Built: Delta Force Deliverance, Book 1)

by Carol Ericson

Enemy Infiltration

She’d lost her brother…but why? 

Lana Moreno won’t rest until she finds out the truth about her brother's death. And neither will Logan Hess, whose covert government mission soon becomes...

A Wyoming Christmas To Remember (Mills & Boon True Love) (The Wyoming Multiples, Book 6)

by Melissa Senate

She couldn't remember anything…

Except her love for him. 

Maddie Wolfe can’t remember a single thing about her life…or her husband, Sawyer. But when they find themselves caring for his newborn twin...