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by Arian Wulf

She looks like something from his deepest fantasy: Devastatingly beautiful and perfect in every way. She has a family of rabbits gathered around her and she's keeping them safe - he smirks - from him. The last...


by Tony Slade

Single mother Tori has dropped her toddler at nursery, now she finally has a few hours to herself without his demands for attention. But the big boobed mom is drawing plenty of attention from the people on the...

Peninah's Wet Panties - Volume One

by Peninah

The first five “Peninah’s Wet Panties” short stories in a single edition. Featuring: Horny Helen, A Toss Of The Coin Parts 1 and 2, Jessica and Amateur Nudes.

Cheating wives, humiliation and a gang bang,...


by Arian Wulf

Ariel is a rare creature, one that the right collector, or scientist, would pay handsomely for. She knows if she's captured, she will be studied, experimented on, and trapped in a cage forever. So, she runs...

An Honest Woman

by JoAnn McCaig

The structure of the novel is complex, layered, and interwoven. There are several narrators, stories within stories, and writers making things up and fantasizing while living real (albeit fictional) lives. There...

A Fall From Grace

by Anna Mann

Kay is a kinky girl with a disturbing and irrational fantasy.

Alex is a man who has lost it all, because of his obsession with flashing his world has collapsed, his wife has left and his job is gone. Now he lives...

Love Bites

by Arian Wulf

Prey. Weak. Inferior. A were-rabbit farmer from nowhere, Aurora knows it's important she keeps her head down and stay out of trouble when she's in a city full of predator shifters. She manages to do the exact...

Molesting The Model

by Anna Mann

Teen Jenny has a modeling contract. She has been paid in advance for a lingerie photo shoot, so on the day she takes her friend Sophie along for moral support. Little do the friends know that the contract is...

The Alley

by Anna Mann

Eighteen year old Dee is being followed. 

Trapped in the wrong side of town in the early hours and dressed like a hooker she is attracting attention from entirely the wrong type of people. She has been groped...

Cathy's Confession

by Kay Nyne

Nineteen year old Cathy has been asked a question: What’s the dirtiest thing you’ve ever done? Of course she can’t tell the truth so she invents a story about getting caught peeing in an alley by a stranger....

Rape My Wife

by Anna Mann

George has a long-held and shameful fantasy, one that was born when he watched his first wife groped by a street gang. Now he is married to a new, and much younger wife, and he awakes in the dark, his arms and...

Gang Bang Beth

by Tony Slade

Beth has a bucket list, so many things that she wants to do before she is forced to settle down. Now an unexpected pregnancy is forcing her hand and there are lots of things now that she won’t be able to do....

Innocence & Submission 1 - 3

by Daisy Rose

In these three steamy short stories, hapless and inexperienced young women fall head over heels for much older men who are more than willing to show them the ropes. Literally.

~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~

"I um... I'm...

My Dark Tormentor

by Melody Adams

A dark romance that transcends all boundaries of morality. Iwan is a dangerous criminal and he is a sadist. Sophia is his obsession. He will hurt her and he will push her limits. She is the only one who can...

Ruin Me

by Daisy Rose

Emma is charmed by two older men who take her home and introduce her to the world of lust, humiliation, and pleasure. Her size-kink is explored and encouraged, as is her newfound interest in bondage and submission...

My Sister's A What?

by Alana Church

When Ruth's younger sister came out to her family as a lesbian, their father kicked her out. Now Georgie is staying with her. Imagine her surprise when she finds out that her sweet sister is working as a camgirl!...

Hot Asian Nights

by Kurt Dysan

Sara and Gina arrive in Phnom Penh and slip into a world that mixes tourists and backpackers with the Russian mob. Needing money, Sara starts working a scam for the mob and finds they won't let her quit.


Watch Me

by Daisy Rose

Mia stumbles upon a website that offers her money in exchange for giving viewers a show. Except she has no idea what she's getting into, where to draw the line, and most importantly, how to stop. Things spiral...

Candy's Chocolate Milk

by Kelly Addams

Candy has been feeling sick in the morning, she's also gaining weight & her boobs are suddenly tender. A pregnancy test has come back negative so she visits her doctor. A phantom pregnancy he declares, that...

Making Changes

by Kurt Dysan

When Bel arrives in Phnom Pehn, she's on the run from the law. Ironically, people who befriend her, rob her, taking her money, passport, and clothing. Now she's broke and has to please her landlord if she wants...