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Images at Work

by David Morgan

Images can be studied in many ways--as symbols, displays of artistic genius, adjuncts to texts, or naturally occurring phenomena like reflections and dreams. Each of these approaches is justified by the nature...

Civil War Legacies IV: 14 Time-Honored Quilts for Reproduction Fabrics

by Carol Hopkins

In this fourth book from Carol Hopkins' "Civil War Legacies" series, you'll find a collection of 14 small, spectacular quilts where every fabric scrap you save can shine.

Australian Film Theory and Criticism Vol 3

by Deane Williams & Constantine Verevis

The third part of a three-volume work devoted to mapping the transnational history of Australian film studies, Australian Film Theory and Criticism, Volume 3 concludes the project by gathering together the 'Documents'...

Civil Servants on the Silver Screen

by Michelle C. Pautz

In the movies, government often finds itself in a variety of roles from villain to supporting cast, and rarely, if ever, the hero. A frequent component of that role is the bureaucracy and as documented in Civil...

Speculative Imperialisms

by Susana Loza

Speculative Imperialisms: Monstrosity and Masquerade in Postracial Times explores the (settler) colonial ideologies underpinning the monstrous imaginings of contemporary popular culture in the Britain and the...

Argentine Cinema

by David George & Gizella Meneses

Argentine Cinema: From Noir to Neo-Noir examines the phenomenon of Argentine film noir. Beginning with definitions of film noir and its international iterations, the book presents a history of the development...

American Furniture

by Oscar P. Fitzgerald

Drawing on the latest scholarship, this comprehensive, lavishly illustrated survey tells the story of the evolution of American furniture from the 17th century to the present. Not viewed in isolation, furniture...

Politics, Hollywood Style

by John Heyrman

Politics, Hollywood Style considers major films about the American political process from the 1930s through the 2010s. Grouped and considered historically, these films are analyzed for their portrayal of American...

Art with an iPhone

by Kat Sloma

The iPhone's powerful and highly capable camera is always at the ready, letting you instantly document the people, places, and things that surround you. In this book, Kat Sloma teaches you best how to harness...

Johann Ludwig Eberhardt and His Salem Clocks

by Frank P. Albright

Eberhardt (1758-1839) was master clockmaker in Salem for more than thirty-eight years. Albright attributes more than thirty clocks to Eberhardt, building his evidence by a diligent reading of the Moravion records...

The Glass of Wine

by James F. Shackelford & Penelope L. Shackelford

The first book to focus on the role of glass as a material of critical importance to the wine industry

For centuries glass has been the material of choice for storing, shipping, and sipping wine. How did that...

Art, Passion & Power: The Story of the Royal Collection

by Michael Hall & H.R.H The Prince Of Wales

The Royal Collection is the last great collection formed by the European monarchies to have survived into the twenty-first century. Containing over a million artworks and objects, it covers all aspects of the...

Musical Portraits

by Joshua S. Walden

Joshua S. Walden's Musical Portraits: The Composition of Identity in Contemporary and Experimental Music explores the wide-ranging but under-examined genre of musical portraiture. It focuses in particular on...

Hearing Haneke

by Elsie Walker

Michael Haneke's films subject us to extreme experiences of disturbance, desperation, grief, and violence. They are unsoftened by music, punctuated by accosting noises, shaped by painful silences, and charged...

Reorienting Ozu

by Jinhee Choi

Considered by many film critics and scholars as a master of Japanese Cinema, director Ozu Yasujiro still inspires filmmakers both within and outside of Japan. With fifteen never before published chapters in...

In Limbo

by Elena Remigi, Véronique Martin & Tim Sykes

“One of the most important books of the year – one which severely tests the supposed British traits of stoicism and calm” Charlie Connelly, The New European

Imagine you left your native country because...

More Than a Man: A Stallion Love Story: Bestiality Zoophilia Oral Cocksucking Creampie Bareback Mind Control Massive Cock

by Jade Summers

A woman's deepest fantasy comes true when she runs into a black stallion in a park one day. She comes to realize that no man could ever fulfill her fantasy, or fill her up as completely as this dark stallion...

Red Army Sniper: A Memoir on the Eastern Front in World War II

by Yevgeni Nikolaev

'I did not regard myself as a slacker. Even in childhood I taught myself to carry out tasks entrusted conscientiously and carefully. In war, it is no secret that the casual don't survive'.

Yevgeni Nikolaev was...

The Philosophy of Theatre, Drama and Acting

by Tom Stern

The Philosophy of Theatre, Drama and Acting is the ideal collection for students and scholars of aesthetics, theatre studies and the philosophy of art. Ever since the Greeks, philosophy and theatre have always...

Ancient Ink: The Archaeology of Tattooing

by Lars Krutak & Aaron Deter-Wolf

The desire to alter and adorn the human body is universal. While specific forms of body decoration, and the underlying motivations, vary according to region, culture, and era, all human societies have engaged...