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How to Paint Fast, Loose and Bold

by Patti Mollica




A new level of artistic expression!

Every artist strives to achieve the kind of painting that commands attention from across the room and delights the eye up close. In this book, artist...

Lee Hammond's All New Big Book of Drawing: Beginner's Guide to Realistic Drawing Techniques

by Lee Hammond

Learning How to Draw Has Never Been Easier!

Lee Hammond's All New Big Book of Drawing is the culmination of nearly forty years of teaching. No matter what your experience level YOU CAN DRAW by following along...

Painting Rivers from Source to Sea

by Rob Dudley

Rivers can be enchanting or exciting, but are always absorbing. They provide a myriad of painting opportunities and challenges for the artist. Focusing on watercolour - one of the most direct of mediums - this...

Drawing Farm and Zoo Animals

by Raymond Sheppard & Charles Frederick Tunnicliffe

For the first time in a single-volume edition, this guide combines the works of two of Britain's leading  20th-century illustrators of animals, Raymond Sheppard's Drawing at the Zoo and Charles Tunnicliffe's...

Drawing Birds

by Raymond Sheppard

Throughout history, people have been obsessed with bird imagery, from carvings on the temple walls of ancient Egypt to modern-day murals, posters, and even tattoos. This helpful instructional volume by a renowned...

Creating Celtic Knotwork

by Cari Buziak

Whether you're a complete beginner or have already attempted to learn the art of Celtic knotwork, this is the book for you! Artists at all levels will treasure this guide, which not only demonstrates how to...

Draw and Color the Baylee Jae Way: Characters, Clothing and Settings Step by Step

by Baylee Jae

Learn how to draw and color the Baylee Jae way!


YouTube superstar cartoonist and illustrator Baylee Jae presents her first-ever art instruction book! It's an easy-to-follow complete cartoon-style course covering...

Francisco Goya

by 50MINUTES.Com

Keen to learn but short on time? Find out everything you need to know about the life and work of Francisco Goya in just 50 minutes with this straightforward and engaging guide!

Francisco Goya is one of the most...

Abstract Painting and Abstraction

by Emyr Williams

Abstract painting and abstraction can be a daunting and frustrating genre of art. How should you approach a surface? How can you use colour effectively? How can you make better, more expressive paintings? This...

Beyond Bullets

by Megan Rutell


Going beyond basic tools, this book offers tips, tricks and creative ways to transform your notebook into a treasured life companion,...

How to Draw Video Games: Create Unique Characters, Worlds, Levels and More!

by Steve Harpster

Gamers, get ready to level up with How to Draw Video Games!


From helpful sidekicks to 8-bit aliens and block-style beasts, the video game galaxy is an epic and endless world of battle-ready bosses, spewing...

Calligraphy Workbook for Beginners

by Maureen Peters

Try your hand at a beautiful, classic and modern style of writing!

A basic, how-to book for beginners featuring 5 popular fonts or hands, Italic, Uncial, Foundational, Gothic, and Casual Pointed Pen, shown in...

Recipes for ArtFull Success

by Fritz F Wasser, Linda Cooney Wasser & Kirk V Huttleston

“Recipes for ArtFull Success“ is a comprehensive guide compiled and fully illustrated by two professional educators with a combined total of over 80 years of classroom experience. The husband and wife team...

On Weaving

by Anni Albers, T`ai Smith, Manuel Cirauqui & Nicholas Fox Weber

The classic book on the art and history of weaving—now expanded and in full color

Written by one of the twentieth century’s leading textile artists, this splendidly illustrated book is a luminous meditation...

Manga Crash Course Fantasy: How to Draw Anime and Manga, Step by Step

by Mina Petrovic

The best fantasy manga drawing with focus on fantasy!

Manga artist and popular YouTuber, Mina "MISTIQARTS" Petrovic, helps you bring your wildest manga fantasies to life. Let your creativity...

30 Millennia of Painting

by Klaus H. Carl, Joseph Manca & Megan McShane

From the cave paintings of Lascaux, to the Madonnas of the Renaissance Italians, from the revolutionary Impressionists to the provocative canvases of the Pop Art movement—30 Millennia of Painting reunites...

149 Paintings You Really Need to See in North America

by Julian Porter & Stephen Grant

Tour North America’s greatest museums and galleries in the company of two incomparable guides.

This essential companion to all the major North American museums and galleries highlights some of the world’s...

iPhone Photography for Everybody

by Michael Fagans

Three Benefits to Readers 1. Learn to approach image-making more creatively 2. Use the iPhone’s stripped-down controls most effectively 3. Create images with greater visual impact

Learn to Draw Action Heroes: An Easy Step by Step Guide to Drawing Comic Book Characters

by Robert Marzullo

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a superhero drawing book!

Professional comic book artist and YouTube guru Robert Marzullo teaches you the building blocks of creating your own action heroes and explosive comic...

The Way It Is

by James King

  • First-ever biography and critical survey of a major artist who disrupted the Canadian art establishment
  • Features gorgeous colour reproductions of many of Curnoe’s most vivid and important paintings, which...