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by Niels Pflaeging, Silke Hermann & Pia Steinmann

The practical guide to organizational development and high performance in 21st century dynamics.

Complexitools are organizational techniques that are as alive as today´s markets, today´s work, and the challenges...

Leadership Dialogues II

by Dave Harris & John West-Burnham

Following on from their bestselling title Leadership Dialogues, Dave Harris and John West-Burnham’s Leadership Dialogues II: Leadership in times of change examines eight more themes crucial to the effective...

The Free-Time Formula

by Jeff Sanders

Find the time, clarity, and mental space to achieve your goals

The Free-Time Formula helps you slow down time and get the important things done. We're all overworked, stressed, and always being asked to do more,...


by John Robinson

From Humble beginnings to becoming a millionaire twice in his lifetime, John Robinson weaves the story of his life. Born in the deep south, reared by a mother living the life of a migrant worker, John endures...

On Durban's Docks

by Ralph Callebert

On Durban's Docks focuses on dock labor in early apartheid Durban, South Africa's main port city and a crucial node in the trade and communication networks of the Indian Ocean and the British Empire. Although...

China, Russia, and Twenty-First Century Global Geopolitics

by Paul J. Bolt & Sharyl N. Cross

This book provides a comprehensive analysis of the Chinese-Russian bilateral relationship, grounded in a historical perspective, and discusses the implications of the burgeoning 'strategic partnership' between...

Rules without Rights

by Tim Bartley

Activists have exposed startling forms of labor exploitation and environmental degradation in global industries, leading many large retailers and brands to adopt standards for fairness and sustainability. This...

Turbulence and Order in Economic Development

by Hazel Gray

The terms of debate on the role of institutions in economic development are changing. Stable market institutions, in particular, secure private property rights and democratically accountable governments that...

Entrepreneur Voices on Strategic Management

by The Staff of Entrepreneur Media, Inc. & Riaz Khadem

Everything You Need to Know About Managing Your Team As a manager, you tend to walk a tightrope with executives on one side and employees on the other. But while managing personalities, team dynamics, and company...

American Capitalism

by Sven Beckert

The United States has long epitomized capitalism. From its enterprising shopkeepers, wildcat banks, violent slave plantations, and raucous commodities trade to its world-spanning multinationals, its massive...

The Mystery of the Kibbutz

by Ran Abramitzky

How kibbutzim thrived for much of the twentieth century despite their inherent economic contradictions

The kibbutz is a social experiment in collective living that challenges traditional economic theory. By sharing...

The Digital Marketing Internet Toolkit

by Raymond Wayne

Remember the famous clause “Earning Money While in Pajamas !

Many of us got into digital internet  marketing thinking it was going to improve our lives in major ways.

You may even feel that you were ‘promised’...


by Wayne Pales

As an executive of an electric utility, have you wondered how you will navigate increasing regulatory uncertainty, appeal to disheartened consumers, and balance short-term returns with long-term sustainability?...

Fulfillment By Amazon Money Making Machine

by Raymond Wayne

Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) is a service offered by Amazon in which companies can list their products and have Amazon handle all of the logistical aspects of selling them. 

Companies can send as much of their...

Business and Retirement Guide to Belize

by Bob Dhillon & Fred Langan

An essential guide to living, working, and retiring in Belize.

Belize is an English-speaking tropical paradise with an azure Caribbean coast, accessible rainforest, lost jungle cities, and a cost of living that...

Stop Selling and Start Leading

by James M. Kouzes, Barry Z. Posner & Deb Calvert

Make extraordinary sales happen! 

In the Age of the Customer, sales effectiveness depends mightily on the buyer experience. Despite nearly-universal agreement on the need for creating value in every step of...

Google  My Business

by Laura Maya

Learn how to set up, use and get the most out of Google My Business!

With Google handling more than two trillion searches a year, and nearly half of those having local intent, it’s safe to say that having a...

The Character and Logical Method of Political Economy

by John Elliot Cairnes

The work on the "Character and Logical Method of Political Economy" may be recommended to students as a safe guide to help them through the mazy labyrinths which the earlier stages of the study present. The...

High-Skilled Migration

by Mathias Czaika

Political and scientific debates on migration policies have mostly focused on governments' efforts to control or reduce low-skilled, asylum, and irregular migration or to encourage the return migration of these...

A Practical Guide to Ethics in Public Relations

by Regina Luttrell & Jamie Ward

A Practical Guide to Ethics in Public Relations is designed for courses in contemporary studies of public relations and communications. This text highlights the delicate balance required to navigate the values...