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Entrepreneur Voices on Strategic Management

by The Staff of Entrepreneur Media, Inc. & Riaz Khadem

Everything You Need to Know About Managing Your Team As a manager, you tend to walk a tightrope with executives on one side and employees on the other. But while managing personalities, team dynamics, and company...

Fulfillment By Amazon Money Making Machine

by Raymond Wayne

Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) is a service offered by Amazon in which companies can list their products and have Amazon handle all of the logistical aspects of selling them. 

Companies can send as much of their...

Start To Grow

by Philip Bain

If starting and growing your own business was easy, everyone would be doing it. And guess what? Not everyone is. Start-ups have notoriously high mortality rates. Most don't make it within the first couple of...

The Young Boss Blueprint

by Jayda Cheaves & Dr. Synovia Dover-Harris

Becoming a young boss can be exciting and scary. Exciting because you are entering into something new, but scary because you are entering into something that you are unsure of. Becoming an entrepreneur may be...

Cofounding The Right Way

by Jana Nevrlka

Jobs & Wozniak, Page & Brin, Ben & Jerry... any list of successful companies seems awash with cofounders who are a match made in business heaven. The benefits are obvious: by combining resources, knowledge,...

A Lawyer's Case for Network Marketing

by Pamela Barnum

In this groundbreaking new book, former federal prosecutor Pamela Barnum investigates the often-criticized and misunderstood profession of network marketing. She combines insight learned from twenty years in...

HBR's 10 Must Reads on Startups and Entrepreneurship (featuring Bonus Article "Why the Lean Startup Changes Everything" by Steve Blank)

by Harvard Business Review, Steve Blank, Marc Andreessen & Reid Hoffman et al.

The best entrepreneurs balance brilliant business ideas with a rigorous commitment to serving their customers' needs.

If you read nothing else on entrepreneurship, read these 10 articles by experts in the field....

The Harvard Business Review Entrepreneur's Handbook

by Harvard Business Review

• Short sections and chapters on a wide array of topics that you can dip into and put to use quickly as a need arises.

• Step-by-step instructions for common management processes like building a business...

The Harvard Business Review Entrepreneur's Handbook

by Harvard Business Review

• Short sections and chapters on a wide array of topics that you can dip into and put to use quickly as a need arises.

• Step-by-step instructions for common management processes like building a business...

Shortcut Your Startup

by Courtney Reum & Carter Reum

From the Reum brothers—former Goldman Sachs investment bankers, successful operators, and investors—comes Shortcut Your Startup, a practical playbook for both aspiring and seasoned entrepreneurs, filled...

Business Competitive Edge

by H Roy Austin

Do you want to grow your business, increase profits and cash flow, and make your organization more efficient? Here’s the user manual you've been looking for.


Businesses Competitive Edge – The Alligator...

Beyond the Champion

by Gina Colarelli O'Connor, Andrew C. Corbett & Lois S. Peters

Large, mature companies often struggle when it comes to the uncertain process of breakthrough innovation. But innovation is an imperative in today's cutthroat business environment. To fulfill its potential,...

Speaking Game

by Clint Arthur

Being an effective, powerful, and entertaining speaker is the best thing you can do for your career and your personal power.

In this special 7-Figure Speaker Training “experience” (complete with videos you...

Jumping the Queue

by Michelle A. Turman

Millennial women are living in a time when career opportunities have never been better—if you want them, that is. In the past, most people accepted the necessity of “putting in the time.” You had to earn...

Rock Your Business

by Boni Wagner-Stafford & John Wagner-Stafford

Hate being told what to do? Uh-huh. Us too.  


That’s why we’re in business for ourselves and we live on a sailboat. So we can do whatever the *#4& we want. Which is how we learned a ton of great stuff...

Your Prosperous Mind

by Aaron Anastasi

We all have a prosperous mind. But for many of us, it remains idle. This book reveals how to tap into it, develop it, and use it to create unprecedented results—even in the midst of the chaos, insecurity,...

3rd Compass to Europe's Innovative Chemical Companies

by Bcnp Consultants GmbH

Since BCNP Consultants started the project in 2014 the numbers of companies in the Chemistry Compass are continuously growing. The European innovative landscape in Chemistry has a great potential and many innovative...

Be Unstoppable

by Tariku Bogale

We don’t usually know what we are born to do. We certainly also don’t know what kinds of obstacles we will face, or what forms they will take. When we understand how the world has been connected through...

The Guiding Purpose Strategy

by Markus Krämer

Purpose is the Know-Why. And in today’s day and age, Know-Why is the new know-how. But understanding, articulating and knowing your Purpose is more than just possessing knowledge. It represents the intellectual...

Snapshot Business Planning

by Linda Mclean

For many business owners... the words "business plan" conjure up thoughts of a painful, overwhelming task they'd rather avoid at all costs! (And many do!)

But any business without a well-thought-out plan is like...