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Perennial Seller: The Art of Making and Marketing Work that Lasts

by Ryan Holiday

How did the movie The Shawshank Redemption fail at the box office but go on to gross more than $100 million as a cult classic?

How did The 48 Laws of Power miss the bestseller lists for more than a decade and...

Be Like Amazon: Even A Lemonade Stand Can Do It

by Jeffrey Eisenberg, Bryan Eisenberg & Roy H Williams

You’re on a road trip with an old man and a younger one.

Business stories are told. Wisdom is revealed. A new perspective emerges. Companies like Costco and Kodak, General Motors and Walmart provide color...

The New Rules of Marketing and PR

by David Meerman Scott

The international bestseller—now in a new edition

When it comes to marketing, anything goes in the Digital Age, right? Well, not quite. While marketing and public relations tactics do seem to change overnight,...

Personal Branding - Market Yourself!

by 50MINUTES.Com

Ready to take your career to the next level? Find out everything you need to know about personal branding with this practical guide.

Personal branding is a relatively new concept but it can be adopted and applied...

40 Hadith Reflections on Marketing and Business

by Nurhafihz Noor

Many books have been written on the sayings and actions of the Prophet. Called hadith, past scholars have often compiled these in collections of 40 for its blessings, easy remembrance and application. Inspired...

The End of Advertising: Why It Had to Die, and the Creative Resurrection to Come

by Andrew Essex

A recovering Mad Man throws down the ultimate challenge to his profession: Innovate or die.

The ad apocalypse is upon us. Today millions are downloading ad-blocking software, and still more are paying subscription...

The Executive SEO Playbook: How to Integrate SEO Company-Wide for Increased Profitability

by Jessica Bowman

Your SEO team has stellar skills, motivation, and the discipline needed to get it right. SEO revenues are growing, but you feel it could be better...and you're right, "it" can be a lot better.

Doing "it" right...

Tested: The Dream is Free but the HU$TLE comes at a cost


From the African bush to the streets of London, from the souks of Tangier and the concrete jungle of Hong Kong to the bling of Dubai and back to mother Africa; this is a riveting true story of what happens when...

Be Like Amazon

by Jeffrey Eisenberg, Bryan Eisenberg & Roy H Williams

You’re on a road trip with an old man and a younger one.

Business stories are told. Wisdom is revealed. A new perspective emerges. Companies like Costco and Kodak, General Motors and Walmart provide color and...

Geek Nerd Suit

by Chuck Densinger, Brooke Niemiec & Mason Thelen

In their scramble to reach customers, many business leaders start acquiring mass amounts of data. Others create incredibly complex analytics. Some think the answers come from the top. What is often lost in this...

Lean Smarketing

by Nikolaas Van Riet

This booklet’s goal is to provide an introduction to smarketing and hopes to provide some new tactics, based on growth hacking, in implementing a smarketing approach. 

For readers new to this field, and to...

Ultimate Guide to Instagram for Business

by Kim Walsh Phillips

Social media marketing expert and strategist Kim Walsh Phillips shows business owners, practitioners, and marketers how to invest in Instagram-enhanced efforts that reach today's visual consumers, engage with...

Do You Know What a Book Publicist Does?: A Guide for Creating Your Own Campaigns

by Claire McKinney

Are you an author? Is your book about to be published? Are you wondering how to promote your book? 

Over the years, Claire McKinney has found that the lack of information on how book promotion works has left...

HBR's 10 Must Reads on Sales (with bonus interview of Andris Zoltners) (HBR's 10 Must Reads)

by Harvard Business Review, Philip Kotler, Andris Zoltners & Manish Goyal et al.

If you read nothing else on sales, read these 10 articles. We’ve combed through hundreds of Harvard Business Review articles and selected the most important ones to help you understand how to create the conditions...

A Primer in Financial Data Management

by Martijn Groot

A Primer in Financial Data Management describes concepts and methods, considering financial data management, not as a technological challenge, but as a key asset that underpins effective business management....

Hacking Growth: How Today's Fastest-Growing Companies Drive Breakout Success

by Sean Ellis & Morgan Brown

The definitive playbook by the pioneers of Growth Hacking, one of the hottest business methodologies in Silicon Valley and beyond.

It seems hard to believe today, but there was a time when Airbnb was the best-kept...

The Road to Recognition

by Seth Price & Barry Feldman

The Road to Recognition is the guide for developing a personal brand to accelerate your professional success in the age of digital media.

Authors are well known bloggers. Combined social media and email network...

Cut the Crap and Close the Gap: The Urgency of Delivering Desired Results

by Jim Coleman

A practical operating guide for achieving breakthrough levels of performance

Sink or Swim Faster!

by Chaz M Ross-Munro

Sink or Swim Faster! has everything you need to make your first year marketing for a professional service firm a huge success.  Inside, you'll find: A 30-Day Jump Start Plan to quickly onboard yourself; A simple...

Are You Brand Dead?

by Yulia Saksen, Judy Tham & Kimming Yap

Branding always seems to be shrouded with mystery. What is branding? How do we brand anything? Why can’t we just leave it to the marketing guys?

Are You Brand Dead? is a light-hearted and essential guide book...