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Bums on Seats: How To Promote, Prepare and Profit from Webinars, Seminars and Retreats

by Natasa Denman & Francesca Moi

  • Are you sick of working one on one and want to leverage you time via events?
  • Is your biggest fear around running events ‘Will anyone show up?’
  • Are you ready to step up and reach a wider audience that needs...

Forging Grit: A Story of Leadership Perseverance

by Mike Thompson & Stephen Caldwell

Forging Grit is a fictional story that brings to life the science-backed theory that grit matters, and that any leader can develop it. Set in Nepal, it recounts the experiences of a business leader who encounters...


by Vladimir John

The success or failure of every company depends primarily on the quality of employees and the cooperation of the entire team. Learn everything about company staffing, recruiting new employees, developing their...

The Business of Baking: The book that inspires, motivates and educates bakers and decorators to achieve sweet business success.

by Michelle Z Green

Have Your Cake and Sell It Too!

Yes, you can make a living out of owning a cake business – but it takes more than quality ingredients, amazing piping skills and having a whole lot of friends who order from...

Just Sign Here: How to Sell Your Knowledge, Experience and Advice to People Who Don't Know They Need It

by Rob Cuesta & Koenigs Mike

Selling professional services is not like selling products. Products can be seen. They can be felt. They are tangible. You can give them to a potential buyer and let them get used to owning them. Heck, they...

Your Limited Liability Company: An Operating Manual

by Anthony Mancuso

Many small businesses are now becoming LLCs, meaning that people who aren't used to dealing with entity rules need the step-by-step guidance provided in this book to help them follow legal requirements when...

Corporate Records Handbook, The: Meetings, Minutes & Resolutions

by Anthony Mancuso

Meeting minutes are the paper trail of your corporation's legal life, so it's essential to know when and how to prepare these minutes. Keeping proper meeting and corporate records will help your business stay...

Summary of The Hard Thing About Hard Things: by Ben Horowitz | Includes Analysis

by Instaread Summaries

Summary of The Hard Thing About Hard Things by Ben Horowitz | Includes Analysis



Ben Horowitz is the author and narrative of this bestselling book. Ben describes being the grandchild of Communist...

The Power of Setbacks: How to Turn Your Mess Into Your Success at Any Age

by Karen Stemmle & Dennis Stemmle

A complete guide to turning your mess into your success at any age.

Momentum: How to Propel Your Marketing and Transform Your Brand in the Digital Age

by Shama Hyder

Marketing in today’s digital age has become overwhelmingly complex—but it doesn’t have to be. Success lies in stepping above of the clutter and understanding the new principles of digital marketing.

To this...

Entrepreneurs in Every Generation: How Successful Family Businesses Develop Their Next Leaders

by Allan Cohen & Pramodita Sharma

Discover What Makes Family Businesses Beat the Odds and Thrive over Generations

Families are complicated; family businesses even more so. Like other companies, family-run enterprises must develop leadership and...

Summary of The Lean Startup: by Eric Ries | Includes Analysis

by Instaread Summaries

Summary of The Lean Startup by Eric Ries | Includes Analysis



The Lean Startup offers a set of tools and methodologies for entrepreneurs both in startups and established corporations to...

Employment, the Small Firm and the Labour Market

by John Atkinson & David J. Storey

This volume provides a rigorous examination of key issues relating to employment in small businesses. These include an anlysis of the true extent of job crreation provided by small firms, the rleative quality...

New Firms and Regional Development in Europe

by David Keeble & Egbert Wever

When originally published in 1986, this book was one of the first to deal solely with the urban and regional incidence and development implications of new firm formation in particular EU countries. It reviews...

Barriers to Growth in Small Firms

by John Barber, Stan Metcalfe & Mike Porteous

This book, originally published in 1989, studies both the growth and the barriers to growth of small firms. It examines market and industrial structures, also the role of investment institutions and their handling...

Industrial Relations in Small Firms: Small Isn't Beautiful

by Al Rainnie

Originally published in 1989, this book analyses the economic and political position of the small firm in the 1980s, and in particular the relationship between small and large firms in an advanced capitalist...

Finance for Growing Enterprises

by Roger Buckland & Edward W. Davis

This volume, originally published in 1995, examines the mechanisms by which businesses that have the capacity to grow - whether in terms of output, innovation or export - acquire the cash that enables growth....

New Venture Formations in United States Manufacturing: The Role of Industry Environments

by Thomas J. Dean

This volume, originally published in 1995, investigates the variation in rates of new venture inititations across manufacturing industries. Based on Austrain and other perspectives on market disequilibrium,...

Small Firms in Urban and Rural Locations

by James Curran & David J. Storey

When originally published in 1993 this book was one of the first to present a systematic comparison of small enterprises in both urban and rural areas in contemporary Britain. Key issues such as relative performance...

Small Business For Dummies - Australia & New Zealand

by Veechi Curtis

Take your small business to new heights

Thinking about starting a new business? Searching for new ways to run your small business better? Whether you're starting your own business from scratch or looking to...