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A Perfect Prctice: How to Establish and Maintain a Successful Practice in Holistic Health and Healing

by Belinda Grace

A Perfect Practice is a step-by-step guide to help the novice practitioner establish and maintain a successful practice in their choice of modality. Full of real-life examples, this book gives you clear guidelines...

How to Blow a Million Dollars

by Keven Ashley Gambold & Abigail Jennifer Gambold

Ever get tired of reading about how easy it is to make a bazillion dollars by becoming an entrepreneur?

Me too. This book dishes up all the dirt on the savage reality of the struggle.

A survival guide for any...

Raise Capital on Your Own Terms: How to Fund Your Business without Selling Your Soul

by Jenny Kassan

Fund and Fuel Your Dreams!

You're an entrepreneur with a great idea. But your business needs money. So, do you max out your credit cards, borrow from friends and family, and do everything yourself? Or do you...

Start Your Own Etsy Business

by The Staff of Entrepreneur Media, Inc. & Jason R. Rich

This new addition to Entrpreneur's Startup Series provides a non-technical, step-by-step approach to creating an ecommerce site on Etsy, the leading handmade goods selling platform. Features the latest industry...

Start Your Own Nonprofit Organization

by The Staff of Entrepreneur Media, Inc. & Corbin Collins

  • Only book to comprehensively cover starting a nonprofit organization rather than sustaining one
  • Covers a growing market—in the last decade nonprofits have grown to more than 1.5 million organizations in the...

  • Form Your Own Limited Liability Company

    by Anthony Mancuso

    A succinct yet comprehensive guide to learning about LLCs, with step-by-step instructions to filling out the articles of organization and operating agreement - the two key pieces of forming an LLC. Includes...

    Consultant & Independent Contractor Agreements

    by Stephen Fishman

    With the help of this book, independent contractors can freelance with confidence and businesses can outsource without fear. This book explains how to establish an independent contractor relationship and provides...

    From Start-Up to Success

    by Melanie Colusci & Cori Wamsley

    Ladies, if you want to start a business—or you’re a little unsure of the path with your new brand—then, From Start-Up to Success: Navigating the Journey to Becoming (and Staying) a Successful Entrepreneur...

    Freight Brokerage Business

    by The Staff of Entrepreneur Media, Inc.

    Start a Freight Brokerage Business Today

    The experts at Entrepreneur provide a two-part guide to success. First, learn how you can start a successful freight brokerage business right from your home. Then, master...

    Your Business is a Leaky Bucket: Learn How to Avoid Losing Millions in Revenue and Profit Annually

    by Howard Shore

    An expert guide to growing profits, developing company culture, and building a dynamic team.

    The Complete Freelancer Guide: Become your own boss, do what you love, and make money doing it

    by Ian Balina, Ravneet Kaur & Aswin Satyanarayana

    Whether you're tired of your day job or just want to start your own business on the side, The Complete Freelancer Guide is the ultimate guide for a fresh and radical career shift. 

    Ignore the old notion of...

    Business Recipes For Success: Four Steps to Building a Successful Restaurant and Hospitality Business

    by Butler C Jonathan

    Are you thinking of setting up a business in the hospitality sector? Do you work in, manage or own a restaurant, hotel or catering business? Would you like to know the secrets to building a successful restaurant...

    Easier Faster Better - The Ultimate Guide to Creating and Launching Your Tech Startup

    by Troels Jakobsen

    Have you ever thought about starting your own tech company? Have you had a revolutionary idea that you knew could be turned into a viable business but just didn’t know how to get it off the ground?

    Well here...

    The Success Factor: Unconventional Wisdom for Small Business Success

    by Ernane Iung

    The Success Factor is a witty and entertaining guide that challenges conventional wisdom on successfully starting up and running a small business, offering unconventional, but proven, wisdom in its stead.

    Be Like Amazon

    by Jeffrey Eisenberg, Bryan Eisenberg & Roy H Williams

    You’re on a road trip with an old man and a younger one.

    Business stories are told. Wisdom is revealed. A new perspective emerges. Companies like Costco and Kodak, General Motors and Walmart provide color and...

    Rapid Business Acceleration Through Human Relationships: Tips, Strategies and Techniques To Grow ANY Business

    by John Joseph Racine Jr

    John Racine is recognized as one of the most knowledgeable and sought after business and human resources strategists.

    In Rapid Business Acceleration Through Human Relationships, you will discover simple yet effective...

    Starting a Business From Home: Your Guide to Planning Your Home Start-up, Reaching a Market and Creating a Profit

    by Colin Barrow

    Starting a Business from Home offers hundreds of ideas for setting up a profitable and successful home-based business.

    Local Clusters in Global Value Chains: Linking Actors and Territories Through Manufacturing and Innovation

    by Valentina De Marchi, Eleonora Di Maria & Gary Gereffi

    The international fragmentation of economic activities - from research and design to production and marketing - described through the lens of the global value chain (GVC) approach impacts the structure and performance...

    Incorporate Your Business: A Step-by-Step Guide to Forming a Corporation in Any State

    by Anthony Mancuso

    This is a comprehensive, but easy-to-use guide for anyone who wants to form a corporation in any state. This edition is updated to cover all changes to state, federal, and tax law.

    The BIG Dipper

    by Kevin Stansfield

    Over the years one common phrase is used by business owners across the world. Owning and running your own business is like a mental rollercoaster ride. Amazing highs and despairing lows.

    There is not a successful...