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Self Leadership and the One Minute Manager Revised Edition

by Ken Blanchard, Susan Fowler & Laurence Hawkins

The co-author of the phenomenal New York Times bestselling classic The One Minute Manager® explores the skills needed to become an effective self leader in this essential work, now updated throughout.

Just as...

Create Demand For Your Brand... From The Inside Out

by Michele Lando

Many people look outside themselves to see what to do with their lives. Influenced by what their parents want, what makes the most money, what they thought they could do, should do, what they ‘fell into’...


by Joanne Sonenshine

On a career path that one could only call circuitous, Joanne Sonenshine learned that what fulfilled her the most was, in many cases, the opposite of what she had originally planned for her journey. The tragedy...

369 Days

by Michael Levitt

I wrote 369 Days to share my story of losing everything that people fear to lose, in a year’s time. This book will walk the reader through the losses, and how I came out of each challenge better and stronger...

3D Team Leadership

by Bradley L. Kirkman & T. Brad Harris

Many organizations believe that high-functioning teams hold the key to breakthrough thinking, superior customer service, and high-quality products. But, all too often, leaders and managers fail to support teams...

For Goodness' Sake

by Chris Houston & Jordan Pinches

For generations, we’ve only asked business to deliver profits – but not anymore.

Consumers and employees are demanding that business deliver social value as well as financial value, yet our companies are...

What the Heck is EOS?

by Gino Wickman & Tom Bouwer

  • Gino has a significant author platform from previous books
  • Conference for EOS in April—125 copies; premarketing campaign

  • Let's Be Curious

    by Debra Kasowski

    Get the raise, receive the promotion, increase your credibility, build and influence a tribe worth leading, ask for what you want and feel empowered to make decisions with conviction. What if I told you this...

    Downline Leadership

    by Eric Walton

    Welcome to Downline Leadership, the ultimate guide to leadership development in the network marketing world! Get ready for the most impactful twelve leadership lessons you have ever been a part of. Each of these...

    Becoming a Servant Leader

    by John Rodgers

    Shift your life into high gear!

    The Servant Leader is jam-packed with practical principles and immediate put-into-practice ways to shift your life into high gear!

    Filled with proven successful actions and activities,...

    We the People

    by John Buck & Sharon Villines

    We the People: Consenting to a Deeper Democracy

    Our understanding of how the world works was fundamentally altered when the mechanical model of closed, linear systems was replaced with cybernetics and complexity...

    The Power of Onlyness: Make Your Wild Ideas Mighty Enough to Dent the World

    by Nilofer Merchant

    An 800-CEO-READ Staff Pick

    Shortlisted for the Thinkers50 Breakthrough Idea Award

    Financial Times Business Book of the Month

    “For any would-be activists who hear the voice: ‘not me’ or ‘not now,’...

    Creating Great Choices

    by Jennifer Riel & Roger L. Martin

    Conventional wisdom—and business school curricula—teaches us that making trade-offs is inevitable when it comes to hard choices. But sometimes, accepting the obvious trade-off just isn’t good enough: the...

    DISCover the Power of You: How to cultivate change for positive and productive cultures

    Up Is Not the Only Way: Rethinking Career Mobility

    by Beverly Kaye, Lindy Williams & Lynn Cowart

    Up Was Never for Everyone!

    Move up or move out. When those two options appear to be the only ones, dissatisfaction grows and engagement suffers. In decades of studying careers around the globe, Beverly Kaye,...

    Socrates in Silicon Valley

    by Morris Tom

    Steve Jobs: In some ways, he was like a Socrates in Silicon Valley. Throughout his life, he embodied a spirit of endless curiosity on a quest to expose limited assumptions and leave behind the flimsy opinions...

    Happy Accidents

    by David Ahearn, Frank Ford & David Wilk

    Stop saying 'no' to opportunity, and start saying 'yes' to possibility

    Happy Accidents is your personal guide to transforming your life. As we take on task after task, responsibility after responsibility, we...

    The Road to WEXcellence

    by Michael Dubyak

    The Road to WEXcellence: Leadership with Integrity is the remarkable story of a company that demonstrates vision, persistence, grit, and the ability to create longstanding partnerships with small and large...

    The New Leadership Literacies: Thriving in a Future of Extreme Disruption and Distributed Everything

    by Bob Johansen

    Over the next decade, today's connected world will be explosively more connected. Anything that can be distributed will be distributed: workforces, organizations, supply webs, and more. The tired practices of...

    The Versatility Factor: Strategies for Building High-Performing Relationships

    by John Myers & Henning Pfaffhausen

    How effective are you in leading or dealing with clients, your manager, your colleagues? Do you build rapport with some people easier than others? Are there some people with whom you just can't connect? The...