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The Art of Command

by Jeffrey J. Matthews, Harry S. Laver & H.R. McMaster

What essential leadership lessons do we learn by distilling the actions and ideas of great military commanders such as George Washington, Dwight D. Eisenhower, and Colin Powell? The Art of Command demonstrates...

HBR Guides to Being an Effective Manager Collection (5 Books) (HBR Guide Series)

by Harvard Business Review, Bryan A. Garner & Nancy Duarte

Master the most critical professional skills with this five-volume set that covers topics from personal effectiveness to leading others. This specially priced collection includes books from the HBR Guide series...

HBR Guides to Emotional Intelligence at Work Collection (5 Books) (HBR Guide Series)

by Harvard Business Review, Karen Dillon & Amy Gallo

Emotional intelligence has been shown to be more important than other competencies in determining outstanding leadership. Emotions drive some of our most critical professional interactions--whether you're inspiring...

Authentic Leadership (HBR Emotional Intelligence Series)

by Harvard Business Review

Creating an authentic leadership style that aligns with your personal values and character can have a host of benefits. But in the face of uncertainty, conflict, and cultural expectations, many struggle to show...

The HBR Essential 20-Minute Manager Collection (5 Books) (HBR 20-Minute Manager Series)

by Harvard Business Review

Whether you're starting out in your career or just want a refresher on the fundamentals, the HBR Essential 20-Minute Manager Collection gives you a hand-picked selection of concise, practical primers on the...

Developing Your Assertiveness

by 50MINUTES.Com

Ready to take your career to the next level? Find out everything you need to know about becoming more assertive with this practical guide.

Both at home and at work, we are constantly bombarded with demands and...

The Beauty of Conflict

by CrisMarie Campbell & Susan Clarke

No one likes conflict—but that doesn’t mean you have to avoid it. Learn how to turn those “Oh, Sh*t! Moments,” when opinions and personalities clash, into the juice that powers your team to great results...

Open Source Leadership: Reinventing Management When There's No More Business as Usual

by Rajeev Peshawaria

From taxi rides, hotel stays, car driving, to communicating and paying, everything we knew as normal has changed beyond recognition. To lead effectively in today's brave new world, you have to question EVERYTHING....

Leadership for the Age of Change

by Jan F Lourens

'Leadership for the Age of Change'  by Dr Jan Lourens

Discover how to Lead in the Age of Change

Dr Jan Lourens presents an integrated leadership guide for leaders in an age of hyper-change. 'Leadership for the...

Leadership is a Choice

by Kenneth E. Strong & John A. DiCicco

In this unique blend of narrative fiction and study-guide, authors Ken Strong and John DiCicco tell us the story of Mike. He's an ex-drill sergeant, a good father, and a solid employee. But it's been a long...

The Leadership Gene

by John A. DiCicco

Within every human being, there is a powerful force that lies dormant until it is brought out by something or someone. I call this force the leadership gene.

Every human being has a primal instinct to survive...

Culture Rules!: The 10 Core Principles of Corporate Culture and How to Use Them to Create Greater Business Success

by John Richard Childress


While everyone is talking about corporate culture and its importance for business success, the core principles and drivers that build, shape and sustain corporate culture...

The Influence Effect: A New Path to Power for Women Leaders

by Kathryn Heath, Jill Flynn & Mary Davis Holt

Women hold over half of all professional jobs today, yet they represent just four percent of CEOs in the S&P 500. Even worse, that percentage has barely budged in a decade.

That's where The Influence Effect comes...

Modeling with NLP

by Robert Brian Dilts

Thomas Jefferson once said, “If two individuals get together and exchange a dollar, they each walk away with one dollar. If the same individuals get together and exchange an idea, they both walk away with...

Visionary Leadership Skills

by Robert Brian Dilts

At some point in our lives we have probably all felt the desire to “change the world” or to “make the world a better place.” This desire usually stems from a “vision” that our lives or our world...

The Business Sergeant's Field Manual: Military Grade Business Execution without the Yelling and Push-ups

by Chris Hallberg

There's a big difference between having a leadership title and being a confident, respected, and effective leader. Chris Hallberg's Business Sergeant's Field Manual is written for business owners and leaders...

Culture Infusion

by Kerry Alison Wekelo

Culture Infusion is your guide for improving corporate culture and motivating your employees to perform at their highest capacity. Culture Infusion is for leaders and aspiring leaders who want to build a legacy,...

The Power of Your Leadership: Making a Difference with Others

by John C. Maxwell

John C. Maxwell, #1 New York Times bestselling author, shows you how to shift from success to significance by leading with passion and purpose in a compact new book derived from his previous title, Intentional...

The Two Book Bundle of A Seat at the Table and The Art of Business Value

by Mark Schwartz

For the first time, enjoy Mark Schwartz's two books on IT leaderhip in the modern enterprise world in one ebook bundle. A Seat at the Table and The Art of Business Value pave the path for the modern CIO and...

A Seat at the Table

by Mark Schwartz

Agile, Lean, and DevOps approaches are radical game-changers. They provide a fundamentally different way to think about how IT fits into the enterprise, how IT leaders lead, and how IT can harness technology...