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Learn Python Programming the Easy and Fun Way

by Elaiya Iswera Lallan

This book is written with the intention to let readers understand and learn Python programming in a fun and easy way. Basically everybody finds it hard to understand programming language. However with the right...

Online Income Formula

by Raymond Wayne

Online Income Formula

Passive income!  We all want it.  We all crave it.  We all want to make money.  But how can you actually make passive income this year?

Earning steady passive income is a pipe dream for...

Scientific Feast (Propositions, Ideas, Realizations – P I R ) — Part Two

by Chris Myrski

This is a common folder with papers, in which are expressed all kinds of my scientific and popular ideas, which are divided for the moment in 3 parts. The initials PIR are my invention, because in Russian, this...

Angels of Tomorrow - Doomsday Clock of the Digital Era

by Michel Fournier

The ANGELS OF TOMORROW series continues. In the footprints of the first book, A WAKE-UP CALL FOR HUMANITY, DOOMSDAY CLOCK OF THE DIGITAL ERA gives an overview of the remaining time for social network digital...

FPGA Prototyping by SystemVerilog Examples

by Pong P. Chu

A hands-on introduction to FPGA prototyping and SoC design

This is the successor edition of the popular FPGA Prototyping by Verilog Examples text. It follows the same “learning-by-doing” approach to teach...

Beginning AutoCAD® 2019 Exercise Workbook

by Cheryl R. Shrock & Steve Heather

For those new to the world of AutoCAD®, as well as those honing longtime skills, there is simply no better resource on the market than the Beginning AutoCAD® 2019 Exercise Workbook. Industry-expert authors...

List Anti Rootkit & AntiVirus For Ubuntu, Linux & BSD (Edition 2018)

by Muhammad Vandestra & Dragon Promedia Studio

All computer systems can suffer from malware, ransomware, rootkit and viruses, including Linux and BSD. Thankfully, very few viruses exist for Linux, so users typically do not install antivirus software. It...

Orchestrating Experiences

by Chris Risdon & Patrick Quattlebaum

Customer experiences are increasingly complicated—with multiple channels, touchpoints, contexts, and moving parts—all delivered by fragmented organizations. How can you bring your ideas to life in the face...

The Writers Guide to Using Speech Recognition Software How to Type Faster by Dictating for Windows and MAC

by Barbara Watkinson

Did you know that dictation software can help you write your book up to 3 times faster?

Are you looking to write a novel quicker and more effectively?

If you answered yes, then this publication is for you!


Secrets of Statistical Data Analysis and Management Science!

by Andrei Besedin

Secrets of Statistical Data Analysis and Management Science!

We are in the age of information, and this means data is not scarce anymore. In fact, it is now overpowering. The option you have is to sift through...

VBA Bible: Save Your Time with VBA

by Andrei Besedin


As you already know, VBA stands for Visual Basic for Applications. It is considered to be the most powerful feature the Microsoft Excel...

LinkedIn for Military

by Matt Scherer

LinkedIn for Military is the go-to guide to LinkedIn, designed for military personel transitioning to civilian life. This book will guide you through the process of setting up a LinkedIn profile, one that will...

Embracing the Power of AI

by Globant, Haldo Spontón, Juan José López Murphy & Javier Minhondo et al.

Many industries are leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to stay ahead of the curve. As cognitive and AI platforms become smarter, companies are using deep neural networks to give them abilities they didn’t...

How to Teach Computational Thinking

by Stephen Wolfram

In a world where jobs are continually being outsourced to machines and algorithms, the question of how best to educate the next generation becomes more important with every year. Stephen Wolfram, author of A...

Prediction Machines

by Ajay Agrawal, Joshua Gans & Avi Goldfarb

The idea of artificial intelligence--job-killing robots, self-driving cars, and self-managing organizations--captures the imagination, evoking a combination of wonder and dread for those of us who will have...

What's Your Digital Business Model?

by Peter Weill & Stephanie Woerner

What is your digital business model? While many leaders of companies recognize the threat from digital--and the potential opportunity--they lack a common language or a compelling framework to help them assess...

eBook Cover Design - A Case Study About Improving Book Covers

by Miguel Marques

A case study with a complete and detail view of all the design process to design an eBook cover series.

From initial objectives and briefing to the final eBook cover design, you can learn how the eBook cover...


by Adrenna B Alkhas

emPOWher, is for the young female who is struggling to find herself in the real world and does not know how to handle a toxic work environment. The journey of this book will first take our young female readers...

Why AI Hallucinates

by Mike Duke & Refik Anadol

"Why AI Hallucinates" will describe the artificial intelligence (AI) journey from a simple chat bot to a not to distant future where AI will be talking with you AND about you - to other AI entities. This seachange...

DevOps for the Modern Enterprise

by Mirco Hering

Many organizations are facing the uphill battle of modernizing their legacy IT infrastructure. Most have evolved over the years by taking lessons from traditional or legacy manufacturing: creating a production...