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Gothic Tales

Hera Lindsay Bird

by Hera Lindsay Bird

This impressive debut has established Hera Lindsay Bird as a good girl with many beneficial thoughts and feelings. With themes as varied as snow and tears, the poems in this collection shine with the fantastic...

Man's Best Friend: 10 Romances for Pet Lovers

by Winter Austin, Becky Flade & Monica Tillery

It's a tail-wagging good time for these ten animal-loving couples as they find their happily ever afters with their best four-legged friends' blessings.

  • Lessons in Magic: Recently unemployed and rudderless, Phoebe...

Guild of Truth: The Complete Series

by Mary K. Norris

Fans of the X-Men will love the Guild of Truth series! A trio of supernaturally gifted couples must fight to stop a power-hungry corporation determined to exploit their abilities for profit. Join them in a world...

Tempted by a Touch

by Kris Rafferty

People keep dying around Harper MacLain. Try as she might, she can’t stop bad things from happening to those she loves. When her closely guarded secret lands her in the middle of her ex-boyfriend’s investigation,...

Lessons In Gravity

by Megan Westfield

"Everything I want in a book... I can't wait to recommend this to everyone I know!" - New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Cora Carmack

All eyes are on Josh Knox…

Fearless. Guarded. Cut-to-perfection....

The Hunt

by Harper A. Brooks

Prince Kael has just lost his father to an assassin, and he’s the next target. A murderer is on the loose, the kingdom is in disarray, and Kael is determined to make the person responsible for killing his...

Children of the Veil

by Colleen Halverson

Elizabeth Tanner has one goal: to find her mother in whatever dimension she’s imprisoned. But to do that, she has to face her estranged father, and to do that, she needs a shot of whiskey…or seven. But after...


by Katie Delahanty

My name is Amanda Conrad and I. Am. A doctor.

When my cousin Liv whisked me away to South Africa to be maid of honor in her super-secret celebrity wedding, I was about to begin a five-year residency at NYU and...

A Cold, Fine Evil

by A.C. Alexander

There is evil in the woods and a legacy continues…


When Jon Palmer heads back home to Black Lake, he finds that the memories from his childhood still exist. The dark past lurks and he’s tied to it, heart...

The Broken Child

by M. J. Wright

Set 450 years into the future the world has changed.  There are not enough females.   Anna's laws saved the last females from lives of hardship and were brought into being as a way to equal the balance between...

Change of Address

by Jordan S Brock

Letting someone in is a tall order for two men who can’t trust themselves.

Air Force sergeant Michael Baldwin wanted nothing more than to escape his family’s political ambitions, but his dream of freedom...

The Clause Rebellion

by Elizabeth Lee Sorrell & Sandra JS Coleman

From the author of More Than Instinct, Elizabeth Lee Sorrell, comes this new Christmas fantasy adventure. You would think that being the daughter of Santa would be a dream come true, but you would be wrong....

Tommy Turner's Tremendous Travels

by Ali Seegar

Tommy doesn’t feel much like a hero, and who would with an unbearable mum, new school  ‘blues’ and the threat of the Higgins Twins’ fists on Monday morning. But then a chance meeting with old Mr Petrovsky...

The HIV Monologues

by Patrick Cash

He's just your type. But hold on. He's about to tell you he's got HIV. How will you respond emotionally? Brush it aside and practise safe sex? Go on to a deeper relationship? Or do you walk away?

It's not easy...


by April Kelley

Love and relationships aren't exactly on Maxwell Shaw’s to-do-list. Give him a few drinks and a one nightstand any day of the week. When his boss assigns him the task of flirting with Sydney Marshall online...

Cilla's Journey

by Stefan Angelina McElvain

Cilla's bored. Working as a cosmetologist in Beverly Hills has lost its allure, and going truly freelance beckons. Soon she is recruited by a mysterious organization and mixes with a different class of people…some...


by Gary Hazlewood

The death of a daughter will drive a man to anything, especially if he’s SAS trained. When Adam Lewis finds himself captured by the brother of the man who killed his daughter and best friend, he sees an opportunity...

'Mums in November: A Romantic Suspense for Every Month of the Year

by Clare Revell

Running into Amber Neville after twenty years wasn't on Dr. Jackson Parker's list of things to do. Amber had been head girl to his head boy, and from what he remembers, she was British, stuck up and bossy...But...

Miracle On 5th Avenue (From Manhattan with Love, Book 3)

by Sarah Morgan

Sometimes love needs a Christmas Miracle…

‘Morgan excels in balancing the sweet and sexy to create the perfect blend.’


Hopeless romantic Eva Jordan loves everything about Christmas. Even if...