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Comparative Literature: A Very Short Introduction

by Ben Hutchinson

Comparative Literature is both the past and the future of literary studies. Its history is intimately linked to the political upheavals of modernity: from colonial empire-building in the nineteenth century,...

When Midnight Comes

by Beryl Matthews

1856. Christine Banner is alone after her father’s death. Determined to make her own way in the world, she stumbles onto an estate in the New Forest where she finds work that she loves. However, when the future...

The Magpie Tree

by Katherine Stansfield

Jamaica Inn, 1844: the talk is of witches. A boy has vanished in the woods of Trethevy on the North Cornish coast, and a reward is offered for his return. Shilly has had enough of such dark doings, but her new...

Farther than the Farthest Stars

by Mikhail Akhmanov

Very far-off future. Humanoid races that originated under the light of the Sun and other stars spread all over the boundless Universe; the space where they settled is called the Great Galaxies. All these star...

In the Dark

by Edith Nesbit

nice, moody, horror story. Two best friends are bedevilled by a third friend, who haunts them from grade school to adulthood. He seems to intuit things he can't know, and always tells the truth. One friend escapes...

Man-Size in Marble

by Edith Nesbit

When a young pair of newlyweds settle down into a small cottage in a quiet village, they look forward to a pleasant, pastoral life of domestic bliss. The husband, a practical man, dismisses the superstitious...

John Charrington's Wedding

by Edith Nesbit

The story's title character is a man who somehow always seems to get what he wants. John makes up his mind to marry May Forster, the prettiest young woman in the village. After John asks her to marry him several...

The Dragon Tamers

by Edith Nesbit

There was once an old, old castle, it was so old that its I walls and towers and turrets and gateways and arches had crumbled to ruins, and of all its old splendour there were only two little rooms left; and...

The Book of Dragons

by Edith Nesbit

Eight madcap tales of unpredictable dragons — including one made of ice, another that takes refuge in the General Post Office, and a fire-breathing monster that flies out of an enchanted book and eats an entire...

The Enchanted Castle

by Edith Nesbit

An invisible princess, a magic ring, and more adventures than you could dream of. This is what Gerald, Kathleen and Jimmy find when they stumble upon a mysterious castle. At first it all appears to be a lark....

The Ebony Frame

by Edith Nesbit

"""Oh! my dear, my dear, how shall I pass the hours till I hold you again?"" No thought, then, of my whole life's completion and consummation being a dream. I staggered up to my room, fell across my bed, and...

Five Children and It

by Edith Nesbit

To Cyril, Anthea, Robert, Jane, and their baby brother, the house in the country promises a summer of freedom and play. But when they accidently uncover an accident Psammead--or Sand-fairy--who has the power...

The Power of Darkness

by Edith Nesbit

The figure of my wife came in... it came straight towards the bed... its wide eyes were open and looked at me with love unspeakable' Edith Nesbit, best known as the author of The Railway Children and other children's...

Wet Magic

by Edith Nesbit

When four siblings journey to the seashore for a holiday, one of them unwittingly summons the sister of a mermaid who is captured by a circus, and the children set out to save the imprisoned being. After a daring...

The Magic World

by Edith Nesbit

This collection includes, "The Cat-hood of Maurice", "The Mixed Mine", "Accidental Magic", "The Princess and the Hedge-Pig", "Septimus Septimusson", "The White Cat", "Belinda and Bellamant", "Justnowland", "The...

The Magic City

by Edith Nesbit

An extremely unhappy ten-year-old magically escapes into a city he has built out of books, chessmen, candlesticks, and other household items.

The Incomplete Amorist

by Edith Nesbit

A gentle tale of romance and art from a noted children's author . . . "He asked idle questions: she answered them with a conscientious tremulous truthfulness that showed to him as the most finished art. Betty...

The Phoenix and the Carpet

by Edith Nesbit

It's startling enough to have a Phoenix hatch in your house, but even more startling when it reveals you have a magic carpet on the floor. Conceited it may be, but the Phoenix is also good-hearted, and obligingly...

The Mystery of the Semi-Detached

by Edith Nesbit

" He was waiting for her, he had been waiting an hour and a half in a dusty suburban lane, with a row of big elms on one side and some eligible building sites on the other-and far away to the south-west the...

The Story of the Amulet

by Edith Nesbit

When Cyril, Robert, Anthea and Jane rescue the magic sand-fairy from a pet shop, they have no idea of the astonishing adventures to come!