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Space Academy

by Emily Wendling


In the year 2525, after mankind has been able to colonize the milky galaxy. A border world on the edge of the galaxy, known as Kateric, is the first line of defense against pirates and alien races....

At Home With Momma

by Angel Scott


Ever wonder what happens after strippers head home after their shift? Ever wonder what they think about or desire while they lay around at home. Come and find out now, with this good read of mother...

Kitty Lover

by Kit Snowy


Ever wonder what your pets think about, or would say to you if they could? Ever think they would want you, in a sexual, but loving way? Some just might! They always say, cats like to be curious....

Mother’s Desire

by K.A. Venn


When John meets his mother, he doesn't expect her to be the most beautiful woman he's ever seen. Never before has he seen such luscious, full breasts and beautiful lips. The problem is, he wants...

Girls Need It!!!

by Kim Hardwick


55 Story Bundle: The bond between a father and his biological daughter is a powerful one. The pride of a father, watching his daughter's bubble butt, camel toe and erect nipples, is equaled only...

An Hour After Midnight

by Lolly Pope


When he discovers his three sons having sex with the maid, Daddy decides to take their examples. Before that, though, he prefers watching them enjoy the girl’s body while he stays in bed and masturbates...

I Accidentally Fucked Mom

by Justin Luxure


I should tell her, but it feels too good to stop. I may never have another opportunity like this, so for now I’ll keep my mouth shut and enjoy my Mother’s body. When Chris finds an open invite...

Mummy's Anal Gangbang With Her Ten Sons On Her Fiftieth Birthday

by penelope liksit

On her fiftieth birthday Sally really needs a man. Then she realises that what she needs is right down the stairs. Her ten adult strapping sons!

Quick and nasty!

Punished For Being A Bad Schoolgirl By Grandpa, Mummy And Daddy Then Ending Up Squirting Like A Volcano (incest erotica, taboo erotica)

by penelope liksit

What a very bad schoolgirl she has been. Taking on lots of boys behind the bike-sheds. But in this family there are consequences for bad girls. They end up down in the cellar with grandpa, mummy and daddy. However...

Old Lady Drools For Footie Players In Their Jocks

by Kirstie Taylor

Old Martha loves going to the park to watch the 18-year-old boys playing football, filling her head with dirty thoughts, fantasising about how she would celebrate each time one of the players scored a goal....

Becoming Daddy's Slut

by Lily Weidner


All Julia could think about was sex, the more depraved the better. So, when she discovers her father jerking off in the woods she can’t help but watch. Will this horny nineteen year old be able...

Fanny Hill

by John Cleland

Fanny Hill, also known as Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure, is an erotic novel by English novelist John Cleland. It is one of the most prosecuted and banned books in history of literature.The book is written as...

Sex and the Cyborg Goddess

by Alexis Rafael

Sex and the Cyborg Goddess is a novel about Ana Fried, who arrives at Yale brimming with self-confidence just as it’s going co-ed. It’s 1969 (-- the same year Hillary Clinton entered Yale Law). Straight...

I Screw Dogs For Money (bestiality erotica)

by penelope liksit

There is little that Jenny will not do for money. One night a customer has a question for her, to which her answer is:

"Yeah sure, I screw dogs for money."

Quick and nasty.

Gangbanged By The Studs Next Door

by Sasha Cream

The three next-door neighbor guys had been banging me for awhile now. At 47, I was a hot MILF with sexual experience that none of their wives could provide. I took these horny 18, 19 and 20-year-olds and taught...

Knocking up The Virgin Brat

by Sasha Cream

My best friend’s 18-year-old brat needed to be taught a lesson. Out clubbing every night and wearing the skimpiest outfits, she had no respect.

But one night I found myself alone with her. Everyone was gone...

Nanny's Milky Surprise

by Sasha Cream

It was my 18th birthday. All day long I had been looking forward to my surprise party. Who would be there? All my friends at least. Hopefully.

But when I pulled up into the driveway, there was no one home. No...

Seduced By The MILF

by Sasha Cream

Robert just couldn’t get laid. No matter what he did, how hard he tried, he was a flop with the ladies. He was 18, devilishly handsome and very muscular. But when it came to the women? He was all thumbs.


Forever Wolf

by Kathi S. Barton & Karen Fuller

Two hot new Paranormal Romances in one steamy novel. Forever Wolf includes Chance Encounters, a fast-paced paranormal erotica by bestselling & award-winning author, Kathi S. Barton, and Dark Wolf: Hunted, a...

Giving Her My Big Fat Greek Tour Group

by Jade Bleu

We all ravished her in the middle of a tourist spot! 

A sexy private guide gave me and five other guys a tour of the Parthenon. There, we couldn’t stop ourselves from touring every inch of her curves. Right...