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Naked Sister

by R. Richard

DESCRIPTION Jason and his twin sister have always been close—perhaps a little too close. When Jason’s experimentally-minded sister wants to watch him with her friends, he’s all too willing. Now, this horny...

The Carousel of Desire

by Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt

Celebrated short-story writer, Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt's (The Most Beautiful Book in the World) first full-length novel to appear in English is a literary tour de force, a magnificent cathedral of contemporary...

Flipped Off

by Zenina Masters

Lorai needs humans to live. Her particular magic feeds off joy and goodwill. Human laughter fills her with power. It works with shifters, too.

Working at the Crossroads was her means of getting out of the public...

Deflowering The Ginger Twins

by Veronica Sloan

DESCRIPTION Arnold's always had a crush on his cute step-sister Serena, and she's always been happy to tease him. That is, until the day she asks him for a kinky favor. It seems her virgin cousins are finally...

The Wiles of Kate

by Sari Shepard

Kate Hallet has found herself. She’s sassy, full of life and oozing erotic desire. She’s also the newest member of a sisterhood predicated on worshiping the wonders of feminine mysticism.

When she gives...

Fallen Apples

by Douglas Mayweather

DESCRIPTION This nine story collection features boundary pushing fathers fostering forbidden cravings for their barely legal sons. Consumed by uncontrollable lust, these handsome men will stop at nothing to...

Colins Sister, Ketty

by C. Shields

DESCRIPTION After seven years apart, half-siblings, Colin and Ketty Wells, reunite on the sandy beach of a tropical paradise. Out of the blue, her brother had invited her for an impromptu vacation—all expenses...

Hypnotizing My Virgin Sister

by Veronica Sloan

DESCRIPTION Josh just wanted his sister to do her chores. It's only fair, right? But the more he uses his hypnosis on her, the more drunk with power he becomes. Now this insufferable brat is calling him "Master"...

Sharing My Sister’s Bed

by Veronica Sloan

DESCRIPTION Years ago, Jeremy and Alice committed the ultimate taboo. After being forced to share a bed during a family reunion, brother and sister crossed the line from siblings to lovers. Swept up in a sexual...

How I Seduced My Hot Young Stepmom

by Veronica Sloan

DESCRIPTION When his father marries a hot young yoga teacher, Billy tries his best to ignore her. But Kelly wants the two of them to bond over yoga. Getting up close and personal with this vivacious woman only...

5 Days. Her Avatar Nightmare

by Kat Barrett

Echo and her sister Melissa are trying to rebuild their lives after a tragic house fire took not only everything they have ever known, but also their parents. In an attempt to begin again, Echo has purchased...

Coming North

by Catherine L. Byrne

Leaving Jody behind, Chase is determined to take the important information to his dead boss’s brother to get his reward. But suspicious events on his journey mean he has to find help…and find out who really...

Chocolate, Sex, and Other Tasty Treats for the Soul

by Kellie Kamryn

Marnie Harder wants to find love like everyone else. The only catch—she desires to be the third in couple. She has her sights set on her hot neighbor, Madison Williams, and her boyfriend, Drake Ellison. The...

Sex, Fashion & Co.

by Tracy Frances

DESCRIPTION Julia works as a fashion designer in her father’s fashion company. Despite her boring sexual life, she had a faithful friend and sometimes lover; he was the only one devoted friend who had a sincere...


by Tracy Frances

DESCRIPTION Wayne Waverley, a journalist, had a car accident on his way to Singapore airport, the day he was called back to England; and taken to the nearest hospital, he had the chance to meet Elizabeth Hamilton...

Untrained Fascination

by Viola Grace

Like thousands of humans, Lianne works for the Rrassic on a world she didn’t know existed. A friend stuck her neck out during registration and hid Lianne’s compatibility with the Rrassic under the guise...

Wrecked in Love 1

by Roxanna Cross

Josephine Herveaux is haunted with guilt over the death of her cousin. The traumatic event from her youth left an empty void she has tried to run from for the past twenty years.

Derek Owens has fought to come...

The Monk: A Romance

by M. G. Lewis

Leonella and her niece, Antonia, visit a church to hear the sermon of a celebrated priest, Ambrosio, and while waiting tell their story to two young men, Don Lorenzo and Don Christoval. Antonia's Grandfather...

Daddy's Fertile Daughter

by Lily Weidner

DESCRIPTION This naughty daughter thinks she has the answer to her parents’ problems – incestuous sex! When Paige’s possessive father has his own taboo ideas, she quickly finds herself begging for more....

Powerline : Book Three : Two Kings

by Derekica Snake

Back in the Wild, Nicky hopes that he and Mags can finally settle down and get King Tiger's magic under control. The mantle of kingship drops on Nicky's shoulders yet he is tied to the Empire by a defective...