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Venus in Furs

by Leopold Von Sacher-Masoch

The framing story concerns a man who dreams of speaking to Venus about love while she wears furs. The unnamed narrator tells his dreams to a friend, Severin, who tells him how to break him of his fascination...

Cave of Desire

by Juliet Cardin

Thrown back in time, a modern day couple face primitive Stone Age conditions. Accustomed to the comforts of home, they now find themselves living in a cave and forced to rely upon each other for their most basic...

Skin Deep

by Shaun Sinclair

Makeda Barnes in an aspiring supermodel. Drop-dead gorgeous with a raw attitude, she is clearly the next big thing in the modeling industry - if only she can shake her treacherous boyfriend, Menelik. 


The Ghostwriter

by Joylynn M. Jossel & Joylynn Ross

Although Rhain Garrett's daily nine to five pays for her necessities in life, her nightly devotion and knack for the written word is her passion. For extra money on the side and to feed her literary desires,...


by Joylynn M. Jossel

In "Thicker Than Water," Tye and Wade are identical twin brothers; inseparable as boys, and now men, no one ever thought anything could come between them, but someone did. Dinah is the woman of every man's dreams....

Thicker Than Water

by Joylynn M. Jossel

In "Thicker Than Water," Tye and Wade are identical twin brothers; inseparable as boys, and now men, no one ever thought anything could come between them, but someone did. Dinah is the woman of every man's dreams....

Farm Call

by Ryder Strong

Jenna Miller is back in Michigan, running her parent's Thoroughbred farm in their absence. She never planned on running into Marcus Price, the boy who ruined her life-- or falling for his older brother, veterinarian...

New Pastures

by Ryder Strong

Pepper said goodbye to her life in Boston, and hello to Nowhere, Oklahoma, and life on a near-defunct horse farm. If she can repair the family Quarter Horse ranch and make it sustainable again, she can escape...

The Lost Girl

by D. H. Lawrence

This antiquarian book contains D. H. Lawrence's 1920 novel, "The Lost Girl". It tells the story of Alvina Houghton, the daughter of a draper who comes of age as her father's business begins to fail. Her father,...

To Obey Her: Femdom Erotica Stories

by Jillian Boyd & Kristi J. Beary

Are you ready to obey her? Running the gamut from casual bedroom players to professional Dommes who know exactly how to get the best out of their clients, To Obey Her is an ode to the female dominant and the...

Scerior Part II: Absolute Master of Earth

by Jilly Bowling

The Sceriae are now on Earth fighting the Xenorrii. Acorus's son Allorus has fallen in love with a human and cannot be named as his successor to the throne of Scerior. When Scerior is threatened, Acorus and...

Thunderstorm: A Strebor Quickiez

by Niyah Moore

Vampires explore their inhibitions in the Red Light District in this enticingly erotic sequel to Pigalle Palace.

Now that Rain is the King of Pigalle Palace, Claude Parish, the new leader of the Ravens, wants...

The Spicy Secrets of a Jet-Set Temptress: Part 2: Love in The Life

by Lantana Bleu

Part 2: Love in The Life: How can you ever fall—and stay—in love when you're a Jet Set Temptress and your life is full of spicy secrets?

This is Part 2 in the erotic romance series, The Spicy Secrets of...

The Spicy Secrets of a Jet Set Temptress: Part 1: Learning The Life

by Lantana Bleu

Good Girls go to heaven. But Jet-Set Temptresses go everywhere.

Miss Melisse is a world-class temptress at the top of her game. She’s a sweet, smart and sassy vixen who always leaves them wanting more. AND...

 Swapped by a Ghost: A Supernatural Gender Transformation Tale

by Lily Fey

When Kirk sleeps over at a haunted house, he encounters a sexy ghost who instantly turns his world upside down! Kirk soon finds himself occupying a new female body and embracing his out-of-control, raging desire...

W3t Laik A Wh0r3: A Novel

by Ralph Clayton

Welcome to my glorious life. I'm PurpleCandyXXX the one and only, the majestic online WebStar and AdultPerformer. This world has never seen anyone else like me before. Born as a poor nobody in a forgotten Ukrainian...

Fools Like Us

by Charline Crane

Billie Reed Sanchez is the wife of a battering husband in LA County Jail on a domestic violence charge, and Christopher Abel is a representative of the law firm that’s offered to defend him.

When Billie and...

Caught by Air: The Watchtower Chronicles 4

by Delwyn Jenkins

Amelia will trust her body to a man, but never her heart. Unfortunately for her, Dane wants both.

Amelia Sutton isn't interested in being a hero. She's just a witch who wants to live a normal, happy life. But...

Arousal: The Lifestyle Trilogy

by RM Conté

Arousal by RM Conté the first book in The Lifestyle Trilogy

Richard and Beth Anderson, upper, middle-class parents in their late thirties, warily accept a friend's invitation to visit a swingers' club. Several...

Cougar Cocktales

by Anna Black, Michelle Cuttino, Shakir Rashaan & Jada Pearl et al.

Five of the most daring voices in African American literature today explore the sizzling, wildly popular genre of erotica in this unique collection edited by the author who “cleverly delivers all that her...