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Linnet Ellery #3

by Phillipa Bornikova

Linnet Ellery, a young attorney at a prestigious New York vampire law firm has proved she has extraordinary luck—and not just in the courtroom. She has walked unscathed through events that would kill a normal...

The Transfigured Hart

by Jane Yolen

Is what Richard saw in the woods really a unicorn?

Heather and Richard have little in common. A voracious reader growing up in a large house filled with books, Richard is a sickly child that spends most of his...

The Savior's Champion

by Jenna Moreci

Tobias Kaya doesn't care about The Savior. He doesn't care that She's the Ruler of the realm or that She purified the land, and he certainly doesn't care that She's of age to be married. But when competing for...

A Princess of Mars

by Edgar Rice Burroughs

A Princess of Mars is a science fantasy novel by Edgar Rice Burroughs, the first of his Barsoom series. Full of swordplay and daring feats, the novel is considered a classic example of 20th century pulp fiction....

THE PRINCESS AND CURDIE - A Fantasy Tale for young Adults

by George MacDonald & With Illustrations by James Allen & Charles Folkard

The Princess and Curdie is a children's classic fantasy novel by George MacDonald from late 1883. The book is the sequel to The Princess and the Goblin and the adventure continues……

Two years have passed...

Juz Amma From The Noble Quran Bilingual Edition English & Arabic

by Muhammad Vandestra

Juz Amma from The Noble Quran bilingual version with english and arabic languange edition. The Noble Quran literally meaning "the recitation"; also romanized Qur'an or Koran is the central religious text of...

The Horologist

by Miles McCarthy

Shortly after Oliver leaves home in search of his destiny, life morphs into a volatile adventure full of characters he never would have imagined. Though his journey brings its natural ebbs and flows, nothing...

Japanese Folklore Tales of The Beautiful Weaving Maiden Bilingual Edition English & Spanish

by Muhammad Vandestra & Maya Aminah Sakura

All you that are true lovers, I beseech you pray the gods for fair weather upon the seventh night of the seventh moon.

For patience’ sake and for dear love’s sake, pray, and be pitiful that upon that night...

The Myth of Hastinapur

by Rahul Rai

Mahabharata, one of the greatest epics in the history of civilization, from multiple vantages:

  • The inevitability of Kurukshetra war
  • Kunti’s death and Lakshagraha
  • The sacrifice of Bheema’s wife Hidimba
  • The...

Dead But Once

by Auston Habershaw

A brilliant schemer never rests, but for Tyvian Reldamar, he might finally be over his head. The Saga of the Redeemed continues with Dead But Once, Auston Habershaw’s latest fantasy following The Oldest...

Best Vegan Science Fiction & Fantasy of 2017

by B. Morris Allen, Benjamin Cort, Russell Hemmell & Paul A. Hamilton et al.

A baker's dozen of the best science fiction and fantasy stories of 2017 that happen to be vegan-friendly.

  • Bluebird - Benjamin Cort
  • Ligeia is Waiting - Russell Hemmell
  • Oven Game - Paul A. Hamilton
  • Cold Comforts...

the clock of the old tower

by Alfredo Betocchi

From the magic pen of Alfredo Betocchi comes “The clock of the old tower” .

An ancient village veiled in mystery what clouds the age-old malfunction of the town clock?

To answer this simple question two lovers...


by Sarah L Johnson

Abandoned as a newborn, a nameless boy roams the streets of Vancouver like a mouse, living by few rules, under the wing of a charismatic grifter, while a voice in his head whispers very bad things in the night....

The Complete Instrumentalities of the Night Series

by Glen Cook

This discounted ebundle includes: The Tyranny of the Night, Lord of the Silent Kingdom, Surrender to the Will of the Night, Working God's Mischief

“Timely and timeless…The author of the Black Company series...

Taste of Wrath

Sin du Jour #7

by Matt Wallace

With seven books for seven sins, Taste of Wrath is the adrenaline-fuelled finalé to Matt Wallace's Sin du Jour series, which Chuck Wendig calls "a raucous, riotous tale of culinary madness"!

Bronko and his team...

Fire Dance

by Ilana C. Myer

Palace intrigue, dark magic, and terrifying secrets drive the beautifully written standalone novel Fire Dance, set in the world of Last Song Before Night.

Espionage, diplomacy, conspiracy, passion, and power...

The Fairies of Sadieville

Tufa #6

by Alex Bledsoe

Charming and lyrical, The Fairies of Sadieville continues Alex Bledsoe's widely-praised contemporary fantasy series, about the song-wielding fairy descendants living in modern-day Appalachia.

“This is real.”...

Writers of the Future Volume 34

by David Farland & L. Ron Hubbard

Science Fiction & Fantasy Anthology The future is here and the future is now! A constellation of the brightest lights in the Science Fiction and Fantasy firmament have judged these authors to be the best, the...

The Princess and the Goblin

by George MacDonald

“We are all very anxious to be understood, and it is very hard not to be. But there is one thing much more necessary.'

What is that, grandmother?'

To understand other people.'

Yes, grandmother. I must be fair...

Asia Folklore Tales of Prince Yamato Take Bilingual Edition English & Spanish

by Muhammad Vandestra & Maya Aminah Sakura

The insignia of the great Japanese Empire is composed of three treasures which have been considered sacred, and guarded with jealous care from time immemorial. These are the Yatano-no-Kagami or the Mirror of...