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Instaread on The Japanese Lover: Isabel Allende's Novel

by Instaread

Inside this Instaread Summary & Analysis of The Japanese Lover:

• Summary of book

• Introduction to the Important People in the book

• Analysis of the Themes and Author's Style

Big Black Private Lesson (Interracial Black M / White F Erotic Tale)

by Jane Snow

Tanya lives in a quiet little neighborhood and her friend reminds her that a new neighbor has arrived. He's a well built black man who's offering a discount for a private Yoga lesson. Tanya's last physical trainer...

Big Black House Call (Interracial Old Black M / White F Erotica)

by Jane Snow

Courtney is a nurse looking for a job closer to hometown. As she comes back to visit her friends and family, she gets a call from her closest childhood friend, Shaniqua. Courtney excitedly agrees to go out for...

Big Black Seduction (Interracial Anal Erotica)

by Jane Snow

Stephanie returns home to meet her new stepdad. Her mother has seemingly gotten over her racist behaviors after her divorce, though her new husband is still white. However, Stephanie is surprised to see how...

Big Black Valentine's Day (Interracial Black MMM/White F Erotica)

by Jane Snow

Maria and George are in a struggling, mundane relationship. As Valentine's Day comes around, Maria recalls the previous year's horrendous attempt, or lack thereof, that George treated her with. He believes that...

Brooklyn Nights

by Trevon Carter

Brooke is a beat cop in New Jersey. She's from a family of cops, starting with her grandfather and she's damn proud of it. When the New York Police Department suffers a horrible cybersecurity breach that reveals...

Chocolate Valentine (Interracial Gangbang Erotica)

by Jenna Powers

Valentine's Day is here, love is in the air, and for Amy's husband, another Hallmark Holiday has arrived. Amy tries to hide it, but she's still reeling in disappointment from the previous year's Valentine's...

Birthday Gift (Interracial Gangbang Hotwife Erotica)

by Trevon Carter

Lily is an overworked, tired housewife with two kids. On her birthday, her husband, Paul, gives her a note to meet him at a shady motel. She wonders what gift could possibly be waiting for her at the motel....

Coach Black (Interracial Cheating Erotica)

by Trevon Carter

The Dixville Bulls are the pride of a small football town. Jen, the volleyball coach of the school celebrates a win by the Bulls and accidentally gets splashed by the football team's beverage of choice during...

A Winter's Romance

by Katie Jennings, Patricia Paris & Emmie Mears

When winter and romance collide, they create an unpredictable force. Whether a raging storm outside or within our hearts, a touch of romance can be found in the most unlikely of places. Join us in this eclectic...

Beckoned by the Mist

by Zoey Kinsman

        Would that center point where all supernatural worlds collide be their salvation?

        He was the Immortal, who had chased down time for his one last chance to reunite with his kindred...

Big Black Cravings 3 (Interracial 3 Book Erotic Bundle)

by Jane Snow

Three tantalizingly hot tales of white women with big black men have been combined into this one amazing bundle. Three different women, three different erotic tales, one beautiful bundle. Maria, Stephanie and...

Big Black Cravings 2 (Interracial 3 Book Erotic Romance Bundle)

by Jane Snow

Three different hot, sweaty tales, but they all have the same big black cravings in common. Once they see their ebony men glisten as if they were made out of chiseled marble, there's no way to stop the cravings....

Big Black Delivery (Interracial Black MM/White F Erotic Tale)

by Jane Snow

Lily is a stay at home house wife with a husband that's been extremely busy lately. She's been as supportive as she can but when she noticed a long strand of blonde hair along with a lipstick mark on her husband's...

Big Black Hangover (Interracial Gangbang Erotica)

by Jane Snow

Carrie wakes up in an unfamiliar room, completely naked and surrounded by big black men, all knocked out. She can barely remember how she got to the hotel room and soon, memories of the previous night begin...

Big Black Misunderstanding (Interracial Black M / White F Erotica)

by Jane Snow

Michele is a New Jersey transplant from Wisconsin and has a bachelorette party she has to fly back to at home but she makes a stop to fill up her gas tank in a fairly shady part of town. As she waits for her...

Big Black Conference (Interracial MF Erotica)

by Jane Snow

Allison is an auditor who has to travel to Dallas to attend a training conference that doesn't seem enticing at all. As she struggles to pull her luggage out of the bin, a tall, black beast of a man, Jamal,...

Big Black Garage Shop (Interracial Black MMM/White Wife Erotica)

by Jane Snow

Lauren is a lonely housewife, living with a husband who's rarely home because of his work. When he is home, he's too tired to do anything with her and their dry spell in their bedroom is reaching new heights....

Big Black Cravings (Interracial 4 Book Erotic Bundle)

by Jane Snow

Four different women, four different lives, but they all have the same big black cravings once they see what their ebony statuesque men are capable of. Allison, Sophie, Michele, and Courtney all share their...

Big Black Instructor (Interracial Black M / White BBW Story)

by Jane Snow

Sophie is a mother of two, who's husband Frank, seems to have lost all sexual interest in. She's had a bit of trouble getting rid of some weight after having her second child and Frank is very passive aggressive...