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Mrs. Construed

by Natalie J Williams

Mrs. Construed is a story of the black woman and how she began her saga as being seen as a beautiful companion while sitting on her throne next to her husband, later only to be unfairly portrayed as undesirable...

An Economy of Well-Being

by Mark Anielski

In the face of political, financial, and environmental upheaval, it's difficult to slow down and build lives of mindfulness and joy. These things are within reach, but how can we go about creating a new world,...


by Orla Kelly

Mommyville: On the Road To A Ph.D. in Parenthood Captures The Essence Of Irish Humor And Is Part Romantic Comedy and Part Funny Parenting Mishaps

Do you often wonder how other households and other mothers manage...

Take Control of Your Life

by J. Paul Nadeau

As a former police detective, hostage negotiator and international peacekeeper, J. Paul Nadeau spent more than thirty years working with victims and perpetrators and learning from top experts in abuse situations,...

The Deep End of Fatherhood

by David McGlynn

Based on popular pieces that have appeared in The New York Times, Parents, Men's Health, Real Simple and O: the Oprah Magazine, McGlynn captures the joys, terrors, moral ambiguities, and absurdities of raising...

Here We Grow

by Paige Davis

• According to the American Cancer Society, the number of female cancer survivors in the United States is 8,156,120. Of this, 3,560,570 are breast cancer survivors. In addition, ACS estimates that there will...


by Bella Mahaya Carter

In an effort to cure chronic stomach problems, Bella Mahaya Carter adopted a 100 percent raw, vegan diet, which eased her symptoms and produced impressive, unexpected perks—but didn’t completely heal her....

Sharing Sensory Stories and Conversations with People with Dementia

by Joanna Grace

Sensory Stories contain just a few lines of text, and are brought to life through a selection of meaningful sensory experiences. They have been shown to be highly effective in helping care for people with dementia,...

PDA by PDAers

by Sally Cat

"To think of PDA as merely involving demand avoidance is to me akin to thinking of tigers as merely having stripes." This book is a unique window into adult Pathological Demand Avoidance (PDA), exploring the...

Developing a Relational Model of Care for Older People

by The Reverend Canon Dr. James Woodward & Jenny Kartupelis

Care of the elderly is a major issue in the UK, crossing the boundaries between emotion, practical issues and economics. Yet many current concerns, and much conventional planning, are based on outdated assumptions...

The Parents’ Practical Guide to Resilience for Preteens and Teenagers on the Autism Spectrum

by Jeanette Purkis & Emma Goodall

This book empowers parents of autistic young people aged 11 to 20 to help them promote resilience in their child. Full of suggestions and simple activities, this easy-to-use resource will help guide parents...

Teaching From the Wisdom of Pain

by Matthew J. Taylor & John Kepner

Supporting yoga therapists to create a programme of care for those living with chronic pain, this guide brings pain science, creativity and yoga together for the first time. It includes the emotional, cognitive,...

A Pocket Guide to Understanding Alzheimer's Disease and Other Dementias, Second Edition

by James Warner & Nori Graham

If you or a loved one are worried about Alzheimer's disease or other types of dementia, this pocket guide will help you to better understand the conditions, and how they are diagnosed and treated. Written by...


by Al Washington

This is the only book that shows how to eliminate ingrown facial hair and razor bumps forever. It presents an easy procedure to prevent ingrown hair from forming which causes razor bumps. Using this procedure, you...

Bounce Back

by Dr. Bridgette R Jenkins

Bounce Back will encourage you to be intentional about facing adversity and challenges while staying positive about your situation. With practicality, wisdom and experience, Dr. Bridgette shares strategies and...

Inspiration for Living

by Judy Tatelbaum

Thank you my readers for your willingness to be inspired. We never know where our answers might lie. Our most important insights may come from a sentence in a book. I hope this is true for you.

Creating this...

Juliet's Kiss

by P.L. Harris

Ava Jenkins never imagined landing the dream role of Juliet in the Shakespearean classic Romeo and Juliet would turn her world upside down. She sacrificed everything to pursue her love of the stage, and she...


by James Attrell

Start living a life full of love, joy and peace today as you follow James’s life story and learn how he is leaving a legacy while squeezing every ounce of juice out of his life and overcoming the many challenges...

Hey Loser, What’s for Lunch?

by Michelle Barbieri

Hey Loser, What’s for Lunch? is an entertaining yet serious and educational story for all ages to relate to and learn from. It also features a guide to help identify if your child is being bullied or is bullying...

Picking Up My Shattered Pieces

by Gina Pastore, Mike Yorkey & Dennis Prager

Gina Pastore's life changed in an instant! She never dreamed the title of her husband's book Shattered would happen to her. After all, she and Frank were childhood sweethearts whose lives unfolded like a Hollywood...