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The Science of Talent

by Kate O’Loughlin

Lots of people know that ‘talent happens’ in their organisation, but many are not quite sure what ‘talent’ is or how ‘it’ happens. It can be difficult for anyone who wants to know more, to really...

From Surviving to Thriving: A Mother's Journey Through Infertility, Loss and Miracles

by Fabiana Bacchini

After living through an emotionally turbulent journey of infertility and the birth of one son, Fabiana was thrilled to discover that she was pregnant again, this time with twins. She did not expect to encounter...

The Brain Boost Diet Plan: The 30-Day Plan to Boost Your Memory and Optimize Your Brain Health

by Christine Bailey

Use the power of food to optimize your brain health, boost your memory, 

enhance your mood and reduce the risk of cognitive decline through a 

revolutionary 4-week diet plan.

What you fuel your body with is at...

Southern Folk Medicine: Healing Traditions from the Appalachian Fields and Forests

by Phyllis D. Light, Rosemary Gladstar & Matthew Wood

This book is the first to describe the history, folklore, assessment methods, and remedies of Southern and Appalachian Folk Medicine—the only system of folk medicine, other than Native American, that developed...

Her Body, Our Laws: On the Front Lines of the Abortion War, from El Salvador to Oklahoma

by Michelle Oberman

With stories from the front lines, a legal scholar journeys through distinct legal climates to understand precisely why and how the war over abortion is being fought.

Drawing on her years of research in El Salvador—one...

DIY Rules for a WTF World: How to Speak Up, Get Creative, and Change the World

by Krista Suh

From the creator of the Pussyhat Project comes a manifesto for every woman to create her own distinct and original path to joy, success, and impact.

On January 21, 2017, millions of protestors took part in the...

Stem Cell Revolution: Discover 25 Disruptive Technological Advances to Stem Cell Activators

by Joseph Christiano

This book will help me lose weight, balance hormones, relieve pain, and improve my overall health.

Happy Together: Using the Science of Positive Psychology to Build Love That Lasts

by Suzann Pileggi Pawelski & James O. Pawelski

How do you get to “happily ever after”?

In fairy tales, lasting love just happens. But in real life, healthy habits are what build happiness over the long haul. Happy Together, written by positive psychology...

How to Be Single and Happy: Science-Based Strategies for Keeping Your Sanity While Looking for a Soul Mate

by Jennifer Taitz

Single, less stressed, and free

If you’re tired of swiping through dating apps, ghosting, and hearing well-meaning questions about why you’re still single, it’s hard not to feel “less-than” because...

With the End in Mind: Dying, Death, and Wisdom in an Age of Denial

by Kathryn Mannix

For readers of Atul Gawande and Paul Kalanithi, a palliative care doctor's breathtaking stories from 30 years spent caring for the dying.

Modern medical technology is allowing us to live longer and fuller lives...

Timeless Truths for Modern Mindfulness: A Practical Guide to a More Focused and Quiet Mind

by Arnie Kozak

An introductory guide to mindfulness: what it is, how to put it into action, and how to deepen the practice of mindfulness to transform your life.

Entrepreneur Voices on Effective Leadership

by The Staff of Entrepreneur Media, Inc.

Turn Ordinary Responsibility Into Extraordinary Leadership Whether you were born with a talent for leadership or had leadership thrust upon you, the success of your business depends on you. With insights from...

Grief Works

by Julia Samuel

An instant bestseller in the UK, Grief Works is a profoundly optimistic and compassionate handbook for anyone suffering a loss—from the expected death of a parent to the sudden death of a child or spouse—as...

HBR's 10 Must Reads on Leadership Lessons from Sports (featuring interviews with Sir Alex Ferguson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Andre Agassi)

by Harvard Business Review, Alex Ferguson, Bill Parcells & Kareem Abdul-Jabbar et al.

If you read nothing else on leadership lessons from sports, read these selected articles from Harvard Business Review.

  • Improve your weaknesses, not just your strengths
  • Hold everyone to high standards--especially...

The Thompson Method of Bodywork

by Tara Thompson Lewis, Cathy Thompson & Ohashi

An illustrated manual for using physical movement and alignment to resolve chronic pain and tension and work with the emotions

• Includes 90 exercises to work with emotions through the body and support the...

Giving Birth to Motherhood: How to Write Your Birth Story

by Amie McCracken

Motherhood is an impossible balancing act between love and fear.

Giving Birth to Motherhood will heal your birth story through writing. A mixture of essays and writing prompts break the process down into baby...

Giving Birth to Motherhood

by Amie McCracken

Motherhood is an impossible balancing act between love and fear.

Giving Birth to Motherhood will heal your birth story through writing. A mixture of essays and writing prompts break the process down into baby...

The Joy of Minimalism: A Beginner's Guide to Happiness with Less

by Zoey Arielle Poulsen

Minimalism and the simple life


It's natural to love stuff! More than that, it's natural to love your stuff. That notebook from 8th grade, your Disney VHS', mismatched socks. They all have sentimental...

The Restaurant Diet

by Fred Bollaci & Dick Smothers

Restaurant Diet Plan

The ultimate guide for people who want to dine out guilt-free! The Restaurant Diet, offers a diet plan that takes the pressure off of dieters who love to eat out. In The Restaurant Diet,...

8 to Great

by MK Mueller

With over 60,000 copies sold, it's no surprise that 8 to Great is changing lives. Giving you the tools for connecting with your unique greatness - in your relationships, your career, and your destiny!