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Tommies: The British Army in the Trenches

by John Sadler & Rosie Serdiville

The Casemate Short History Series presents readable and entertaining introductions to military history topics.

British soldiers have been known as Tommies for centuries, but the nickname is particularly associated...

Fighter Aces: Knights of the Skies

by John Sadler & Rosie Serdville

The Casemate Short History Series presents readable and entertaining introductions to military history topics.

Just over a decade after the first successful powered flight, fearless pioneers were flying over...

Big Guns: Artillery on the Battlefield

by Angus Konstam

The Casemate Short History Series presents readable and entertaining introductions to military history topics.

Over seven centuries the artillery piece has evolved from a status symbol to one of the most deadly...

Tanks: A Century of Tank Warfare

by Oscar E. Gilbert & Romain Cansiere

The Casemate Short History Series presents readable and entertaining introductions to military history topics.

Today tanks are synonymous with the modern army; imposing, essential pieces of high-technology equipment,...

Secret Weapons of World War II

by Gerald Pawle

"This was a secret war, whose battles were lost or won unknown to the public … No such warfare had ever been waged by mortal men."


The Second World War, Vol. II

A New History of Yachting

by Mike Bender

This book, by a leading expert in the field, is the first major history of yachting for over a quarter of a century. Setting developments within political, social and economic changes, the book tellsthe story...

Alternative War

by J.J. Patrick

In Alternative War, former police officer turned investigative journalist James Patrick tackles Russian interference in the UK's Brexit referendum and the US election of President Donald Trump head-on, exposing...

Inclusion in the American Military: A Force for Diversity

by Michael D. Matthews, Morten G. Ender, David Rohall & Judith E. Rosenstein et al.

This book provides an updated overview of the ways that diversity has been addressed in the military over the last 200 years by taking a closer look at particular forms of diversity including race, ethnicity,...

Command Missions

by Lucian K. Truscott

Command Missions is a fascinating account of Truscott’s journey through the Second World War, in which he recounts his fellow soldiers’ exploits, the co-operation and at times tense relationships between...

LIGHT ON A DARK SECRET - Interracial love and relationships under the repressive regime of Apartheid

by Glynnis Hayward

Insightful, Revealing and Shocking!

A glimpse of what it was truly like to live and love across the colour bar  under the repressive regime of Apartheid.

 In 1982, Fran Walker was born in California and given...

The Masters of the Revels and Elizabeth I's Court Theatre

by W. R. Streitberger

The Masters of the Revels and Elizabeth I's Court Theatre places the Revels Office and Elizabeth I's court theatre in a pre-modern, patronage and gift-exchange driven-world of centralized power in which hospitality,...

The Development of Glass Industry in America since Columbus

by Charles H. Henderson

This book deals with the history of Glass Industry Development in America since Columbus. "The progress of the glass industry in America has been far from constant. It has suffered severe and violent fluctuations,...

The Deluge in Human History

by History and Civilization Collection, William R. Harper & William J. Sollas

This book deals with the stories of the deluge found in history and literatures. Deluge is the name given to a submersion of the world, related by various nations as having taken place in a primitive age, and...

On the Evolution of the Family

by History of Scientific Knowledge & Herbert Spencer

This book based on the work of Herbert Spencer and published by the collection “History of Scientific Knowledge”, deals with the evolution of the family and analyses the contrast between the principle of...

History of the Principles of Taxation

by David A. Wells & History and Civilization Collection

This book deals with the History of Taxation and the struggle against arbitrary system of taxation. What is the place of taxation in ancient civilizations and how has it evolved in our present countries (United...

Invisible Worlds

by Peter Marshall

How did traditional beliefs about the supernatural change as a result of the Reformation, and what were the intellectual and cultural consequences?

Following a masterly interpretative introduction, Peter Marshall...

Memory in Early Modern Europe, 1500-1800

by Judith Pollmann

For early modern Europeans, the past was a measure of most things, good and bad. For that reason it was also hotly contested, manipulated, and far too important to be left to historians alone. Memory in Early...

Simon V of Montfort and Baronial Government, 1195-1218

by G. E. M. Lippiatt

Dissenter from the Fourth Crusade, disseised earl of Leicester, leader of the Albigensian Crusade, prince of southern France: Simon of Montfort led a remarkable career of ascent from mid-level French baron to...

The End of Outrage

by Breandán Mac Suibhne

South-west Donegal, Ireland, June 1856. From the time that the blight first came on the potatoes in 1845, armed and masked men dubbed Molly Maguires had been raiding the houses of people deemed to be taking...

A Brave Black Regiment

by Captain Luis F. Emilio

In January 1863 the Union War Department authorized the creation of "a special corps" composed of "persons of African descent"—the 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry, commanded by Col. Robert Gould Shaw....