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The Secret History of RDX

by Colin F. Baxter

During the early years of World War II, American ships crossing the Atlantic with oil and supplies were virtually defenseless against German U-boats. Bombs and torpedoes fitted with TNT barely made a dent in...

Renegotiating French Identity

by Jane F. Fulcher

In Renegotiating French Identity, Jane Fulcher addresses the question of cultural resistance to the German occupation and Vichy regime during the Second World War. Nazi Germany famously stressed music as a marker...

A Ray of Light

by Russell Phillips

This is the inspiring true story of what happens when ordinary people unite to make a stand against evil.

Lidice was a peaceful and vibrant community in Czechoslovakia with a rich mining heritage. But an act...

Doomed Destroyer

by Ron Cope

On March 1st 1940, Adolf Hitler ordered Operation Weserubung: the invasion of Norway. Having swept across Europe, the Nazi assault on Scandinavia was designed to secure the valuable iron ore being delivered...

Searchlights, Slate Pencils, and Suspicions

by Pamela Davenport

These memoirs record life in Brisbane, Australia during the Second World War, as seen through the eyes of a child. Pamela Davenport was two and a half when the war began. She has vivid memories of this time....

The Escape Line

by Megan Koreman

Of all the resistance organizations that operated during the war, about which much has been written, one stands out for its transnational character, the diversity of the tasks its members took on, and the fact...

World War II at Sea

by Craig L. Symonds

Author of Lincoln and His Admirals (winner of the Lincoln Prize), The Battle of Midway (Best Book of the Year, Military History Quarterly), and Operation Neptune, (winner of the Samuel Eliot Morison Award for...

Deposition 1940-1944

by Léon Werth & David Ball

Historians agree: the diary of Léon Werth (1878-1955) is one of the most precious--and readable--pieces of testimony ever written about life in France under Nazi occupation and the Vichy regime. Werth was a...

Destroyer Squadron 23 (Illustrated)

by Ken Jones

Destroyer Squadron 23 is the epic account of Commodore Arleigh Burke and the men and ships under his command in the South Pacific in World War II. Burke's leadership skills and innovative tactics, described...

The YMCA at War

by Yan Xu, Jeffrey C. Copeland, John Moremon & Ugo Pavan Dalla Torre et al.

The Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA) is best known for its athletic and youth programs, a heritage that draws on its origins in 1844 to provide wholesome recreation to urban youth away from the moral...

Coral Comes High (Illustrated)

by George P. Hunt

Coral Comes High is Captain George P. Hunt's account of what happened to himself and his company during the initial stages of the Peleliu invasion by the US Marines during World War 2. The company sustains...

Against All Odds

by Mitchell Mark Topal & Katherine Ward

This book recounts the history of Raymond A. Firmani – from his humble beginnings as the son of poor Italian immigrants, to earning his wings as a B-17 pilot, completing twenty-five bombing missions and earning...

America's Information Wars

by Colin B. Burke

This book narrates the development of science, sci/tech, and intelligence information systems and technologies in the United States from the beginning of World War II to the second decade of our century. The...

Churchill's Spy Files

by Nigel West

The Second World War saw the role of espionage, secret agents and spy services increase exponentially as the world was thrown into a conflict quite unlike any that had gone before it. At this time, no one in...

Aaron's War

by Richard McMaster

Aaron Vanko enlists to fight the Nazis, but the Iowa farm boy is conflicted over whether he can kill another human. Hours before being deployed, Aaron discovers he is a Jew, further disrupting his sense of...

SAS Operation Galia

by Robert Graham Hann

Two Days after Christmas 1944, during the harshest winter in living memory, 33 SAS troops parachuted into the valley of Rossano, Northern Italy. Carried out in broad daylight, the parachute drop was intended...

German Campaign in Russia: Planning and Operations (1940-1942)

by U.S. Department of Defense

The aim of this edition is to present in a comprehensive way the strategy and military operations of the German army in the attack on Russia in World War 2. The narrative starts with Hitler's initial plans for...

Sink ’Em All (Illustrated)

by Charles A. Lockwood

Sink ’Em All by Vice Admiral Charles A. Lockwood, the U.S. Navy commander of the Pacific submarine fleet during World War 2, is the exhaustive and definitive account of submarine warfare between the US and...

Operation Barbarossa

by Nigel Askey

Operation Barbarossa: the Complete Organisational and Statistical Analysis, and Military Simulation includes full analyses of the Axis and Soviet armed-forces organisation, weapons, equipment, personnel, transport,...

Joey Jacobson's War

by Peter J. Usher

In the spring of 1940 Canada sent hundreds of highly trained volunteers to serve in Britain's Royal Air Force as it began a concerted bombing campaign against Germany. Nearly half of them were killed or captured...