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by Laura C Cantu

A mysterious forest near the cozy town of Herogate, England is more than what it seems. The gnarled trees appear to breathe, gloomy storms follow you around, and prowling shadows come to life before your very...

The Eldridge Conspiracy

by Don M. Winn & Dave Allred

Kaye’s father is in danger! The young Knight, Kaye, and his friends Reggie, and Beau enter Eldridge in search of the only man who can save his father.  During their journey they encounter and make a powerful...

The Day Dreamers

by R. D. Karl, Michael Wall & Ariel Jensen

As summer begins, a group of friends finds their lives drifting apart. When one of the group is injured in a traffic accident, they find that they are drawn back together as they seek for a way to help him come...

Hot Chocolate Underpants to the Rescue

by Rafael Jacimin & Van der Saim

Caspian tries to catch a frisbee. He misses. The  frisbee gets stuck in a tree. Caspian isn't good at climbing trees. He doesn't have to be.  He puts on his Hot Chocolate Underpants. He pours cocoa on himself....

Sheesh off the Leash!

by Carlene Mahanna & Austin Eustice

Sheesh off the Leash! is  a fun and exciting adventure, for children of all ages,  as Sheesh leads the reader on in this humorous dog story. What an adorable heroI With broad appeal and reach beyond the urban-based...


by Marita Smith

For scientist Robyn Greene, her laboratory is a second home. Here she searches for the ancient gene that is supposed to enable humans to communicate with animals. After years of failure, she’s beginning to...

Ralphy the Rabbit

by David L Wallace & Lorian Dean

Ralphy goes on a journey where he discovers what he thought was a flaw in himself is actually something unique that makes him special.

Poor Ralphy the Rabbit always felt he was different. He hated his ears and...

Tragedy's Endurance

by Erika Fischer-Lichte

This volume sets out a novel approach to theatre historiography, presenting the history of performances of Greek tragedies in Germany since 1800 as the history of the evolving cultural identity of the educated...

Lola Levine and the Vacation Dream

by Monica Brown

The Levines are jetting off on a family vacation to Peru in the fifth book in this heartwarming chapter book series by acclaimed author Monica Brown.

Lola is named after her tía Lola, who lives in Lima, Peru....

Respect Your Ghosts

by John Bemelmans Marciano & Sophie Blackall

The fourth book in an exciting new chapter book series by John Bemelmans Marciano and Caldecott medalist Sophie Blackall

Welcome to Benevento, an ancient town famous for its witches!

The children of Benevento...

Stick Cat: Cats in the City

by Tom Watson

Join Stick Cat and his incomparable sidekick Edith on another dangerous, epic, and hilarious rescue mission in Tom Watson’s Stick Cat: Cats in the City!

With over-the-top fun and humor, this scrumptious story...

Darkmouth #3: Chaos Descends

by Shane Hegarty

Watch out! Finn faces more monsters than ever in Darkmouth: Chaos Descends, the third book in the tween fantasy series that Kirkus Reviews called “Ghostbusters meets Percy Jackson as written by Terry Pratchett.”...

Fart Squad #6: Blast from the Past

by Seamus Pilger & Stephen Gilpin

It’s the sixth adventure from the crack of the crop, the wild at fart, the first in gas, the fart-astic four . . . the fearless FART SQUAD!

Here ye, here ye, good sirs and ladies! The magnificent Fart Squad...

Hello Stars

by Alena Pitts & Wynter Pitts

Lena Daniels never thought she’d get the chance star in a movie. Headstrong and determined, she has her life planned out to the minute. But when her best friends, Savannah and Emma, tell her about an audition,...

Project Best Friend

by Chrissie Perry & Hardie Grant Egmont

Penelope Kingston tries to convince the new girl in town to become her best friend in this charming start to the brand-new Penelope Perfect chapter book series.

Penelope Kingston wants to be perfect. And most...

Private List for Camp Success

by Chrissie Perry & Hardie Grant Egmont

Penelope Kingston goes on a camping trip with her classmates in the second book in the charming new Penelope Perfect chapter book series.

Penelope Kingston is determined not to feel anxious about going on a school...

FORTY-FOUR TURKISH FAIRY TALES - 44 children's stories from Turkey

by Ignaz Cunos

This volume is appropriately titled Fairy Tales because something definitely ‘fairy’ occurs. There are forty four children’s stories of talking animals, flying horses, birds that magically change into...

TIBETAN FOLK TALES - 49 Tibetan children’s stories

by Various

Every country has its folk-lore tales that have always been a joy and pleasure to the children, not only of their own land, but of other lands as well. The 49 children’s stories in this book were told as the...

INDIAN FAIRY TALES - 27 children’s tales from India

by Various

Soils and national characters differ, but fairy tales are often the same in plot and incidents, if not in style. Most of the 27 children’s tales in this volume of Indian fairy tales are known in the West in...

JATAKA TALES - 18 children’s Bhuddist Jataka Tales

by Various Authors

Captivate yourself with the charm of these 18 children’s Jataka Tales. Let their quaint humour and gentle earnestness teach your children the wholesome lessons of life, among them the duty of kindness to animals....