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Little Lumpy's Book of Blessings

by L. Carol Lewis & Christopher B Clarke

"Writer L. Carol Lewis and illustrator Christopher B. Clarke have created a picture book of "blessings," designed to impart an "attitude of gratitude" in every reader. The simple story line reminds children...

Vizsla Bible And The Vizsla

by Mark Manfield

"The Vizsla has a rich history and is truly an INCREDIBLE breed; I have always loved them and I can tell the author does too- every page is full of passion for the Vizsla!" S. Sheridan, Minneapolis, MN.


Cyberpunk Fairy Tales

by George Saoulidis

Read more of the Cyberpunk Fairy Tales, a unique twist on the classic stories you grew up with. Sometimes dark and disturbing like the Grimm stories, other times new and relevant to the modern age.

Silly Face Castle

by Bryson Reaume & Anastasiia Ku

Have you ever heard of the Silly Face Castle? It is a majestic place guarded by the green Boggled Borisames and there is only one way to enter: show off your very best silly face! See all of the animals and...

The Ghosts of Blackbottle Rock

by Martyn Beardsley

In a small Cornish fishing village, Charlie spots a man destroying old genealogical records and he suspects the stranger's activity might be linked to a bigger crime than simple vandalism. Later, when he meets...

Mostly, Happily Ever After

by Dr. Leith Krakouer & Khan Wilson

Mostly, Happily Ever After is the first installment in the "Little Big Deals" series - big deals that impact children. This book focuses on the most devastating challenge that children are frequently confronted...

Scary Echoes:

by L A Smith

This little book is quite different from other children’s books. I have combined fact with fiction. The story takes us back to the 1950’s, and focuses on two young boys living on a farm in outback Australia....

Shadow of the Rogue

by T.J. Knight & Victoria Foxxe

doubt this is the last of Silverclaw’s deterrents.”

A Magnificent Treasure

by Ricky Cassford & Jody Eklund

The story of a young maiden, in a tower, guarded by an enchanted dragon.  Only this time the maiden is not held against her will.  The dragon, defends, protects, and provides for her, "For dragons are well...

New Treasure Seekers

by E. Nesbit

'Endlessly surprising and inventive ... She is also simply the funniest writer we have ever had' Frank Cottrell-Boyce

'Nesbit belongs with those writers of children's books who are successful because of their...

I Wonder What it's Like To Be a Raindrop: The Rainmaking Bacteria

by Keith Bell, Brent Bludworth & Michelle White

This is the story of a boy and girl who wonder what it’s like to be a raindrop. They discover bacteria living inside raindrops and learn how bacteria in soil and on plants float up into clouds where they make...

Adventures in Oz

by Ruth Plumly Thompson & L. Frank Baum

Ruth Plumly Thompson was hand picked by L. Frank Baum’s estate to continue on the wonderful stories from the Land of Oz because of her delightful and lively writing style. Collected here together are three...

Oliver Twist (Illustrated)

by Charles Dickens

The story is about an orphan, Oliver Twist, who endures a miserable existence in a workhouse and then is placed with an undertaker. He escapes and travels to London where he meets the Artful Dodger, leader of...

Master Humphrey's Clock (Illustrated)

by Charles Dickens

Master Humphrey is a lonely man who lives in London. He keeps old manuscripts in an antique longcase clock by the chimney-corner. One day, he decides that he would start a little club, called Master Humphrey's...

Alice´s Adventures in Wonderland

by Lewis Carroll

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderlandnovel by Lewis Carroll, published in  is one of the best-known and most popular works of English-language fiction.

The story centres on Alice, a young girl who falls asleep...

Katie Watson and the Painter's Plot: Katie Watson Mysteries in Time, Book 1

by Mez Blume

Journey to the past with Katie Watson on this first 'Mystery in Time' Adventure!

Eleven-year-old Katie is sure her summer is doomed. Sheltered because of her injuries from a horse riding accident, she longs...

Channel Your Inner Superstar

by Jennifer Butler Ellis

Samantha Sage has a big secret. She has found a way to find fun in difficult situations. Find out what makes Samantha Sage so special!

The main character in this story (Samantha Sage) is a child with special...


by Ernest Thompson Seton

Old Lobo, an incredibly strong and cunning wolf, was the leader of a pack of gray carnivores that terrified the shepherds of Currumpaw, a large cattle-breeding district in Mexico. On what only tricks people...

Hadara's Hijab

by Irene Okoronkwo-Obika & M. Ridho Mentarie

Journey with Hadara and her father as they migrate to the United States from South Sudan for a new life. Hadara is ecstatic to embark on her new life and gain meaningful friendships in a new land, but soon...

The Little Bun

by Anonymous

ONCE time ago, there lived an old man and old woman. The old man said, "Old woman, make me a little bun." "What can I make it from? I have no flour."

"Eh, eh, old woman! Scrape the cupboard, sweep the flour bin,...