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by Lea Nolan

Things aren't always as they appear…

New school. Cross-country move. Broken heart. If only these were Emma Guthrie's worst problems. Instead, she must battle a trio of enemies--human and spectral--who may or...

Japan Folktales The Beautiful Story of Princess Hase-Hime

by Muham Taqra

Many, many years ago there lived in Nara, the ancient Capital of Japan Empire, a wise State minister, by name Prince Toyonari Fujiwara. His wife was a noble, good, and beautiful woman called Princess Murasaki...

The Scroungers: Plight of the Hidden

by Max B Hundkopf

Pirate, a half-blind stray dog, has always had a nose for things, whether it be searching for the next place to get something to eat, or finding a shelter where he could rest safely. However, time comes for...

The Evolution of Glory Loomis

by Michael Bassen & Tho Dinh

On a Friday afternoon in early spring, Glory Eleanor Loomis, 13, of Sackatucket, Long Island makes a shocking discovery in a second-hand bookstore. She finds a novel called Invasion Earth! set in Roswell, New...

Inkapus On the Move

by Kristen Maxwell & Kevin Sabino

Sometimes, you have to leave your comfort zone.

Iggy’s long time home, Crystal Cove, becomes polluted. So, Iggy and a few of his friends set out to find a clean place to live. This proves to be more challenging...

Once Upon a Zombie: Book One The Color of Fear

by Billy Phillips & Jenny Nissenson

Meet Caitlin Fletcher, age fourteen. When Caitlin's mom disappeared (or left? ) four years ago, so did all the oxygen on earth-or so it seemed to Caitlin. She's been suffering from breathless bouts of anxiety...

The Keepsake: An Empress Chronicles Book

by Suzy Vitello




In this second Empress Chronicles Series book, Liz and Sisi continue their intertwined journey through time. On the heels of discovering a magical locket in the empress diary,...

Whatever Next Mr. Wallace

by Sue Whitaker

Mr. Wallace would be the first to admit that the life of a teddy bear is not always easy. Even though he has never asked for more than a safe window sill where he can peacefully sit and watch the world go by,...

Cordelia Codd: 3: It's Alive!

by Claire O'Brien

One day, I, Cordelia Codd, will be a world-famous fashion designer adored by millions.

But for now, I'm stuck with:

Living in a MICRO-TINY cottage stuck to the side of a pub

A pair of BONKERS parents who are...

Sammael's Wings

by Hilton Pashley

Jonathan is the only half angel and half demon in the world. Having discovered his heritage, he must now continue the battle against the demonic forces that are hellbent on ruling creation. The Archdemon Baal...

Mr Sparks

by Danny Weston

After his father goes missing in the Great War, Owen is abandoned to live with his cruel aunt, and wishes he could escape his life of drudgery in her small seaside guesthouse. There he meets a mysterious guest,...

Nine Magic Wishes

by Shirley Jackson

It begins on a most unusual day, when a blue sun rises in a green sky and dozens of balloons fly from every tree. And when a magician in a long black coat and a starry hat turns up, the sights become even stranger....

Tales of Wise and Foolish Animals: Retellings of Traditional Fables

by Valery Carrick

"The younger children like all of Valery Carrick's stories. They are clearly and simply told and the vigorous black-and-white drawings by the author make the tale dramatic even to children who cannot read it...

Johnny Crow's Picture Book

by L. Leslie Brooke

A lively group of animal friends gather for hijinks in this compilation of three classic picture books. Brimming with simple but charming rhymes, pen-and-ink drawings, and luminous watercolor illustrations,...

Asia FairyTales The Story of Beautiful Wise Princess Kwan-Yin

by Vandestra Dragon

Once upon a time in ancient China there lived a certain king who had three daughters. The fairest and best of these was Kwan-yin, the youngest. The old king was justly proud of this daughter, for of all the...

Silver Shoes 6: Lights, Camera, Dance!

by Samantha-Ellen Bound

Ash is a true hip hop girl, but it seems a reggae-inspired dance style may have stolen her heart! When an agent comes to Silver Shoes looking for the best junior dancers, everyone wants to strut their stuff....

Silver Shoes 5: Broadway Baby

by Samantha-Ellen Bound

Ellie has a new love - musical theatre! She is determined to become a 'triple threat', but can she really sing, dance and act? Jazz has always been Ellie's thing, but since taking singing lessons at Silver Shoes,...

VeggieTales SuperComics: Where's God When I'm S-Scared?

by Big Idea Entertainment, LLC, Cory Jones & Mike Nappa

VeggieTales® SuperComics offer you all the zaniness and fun you've come to expect from VeggieTales—in a popular new format! In Where's God When I'm S-Scared? you'll laugh while you learn a lesson about...

VeggieTales SuperComics: LarryBoy and the Rude Beet

by Big Idea Entertainment, LLC, Cory Jones & Aaron Linne

VeggieTales® SuperComics offer you all the zaniness and fun you've come to expect from VeggieTales—in a popular new format! In LarryBoy and the Rude Beet, you'll laugh while you learn a lesson in kindness...

VeggieTales SuperComics: MacLarry and the Stinky Cheese Battle

by Big Idea Entertainment, LLC, Cory Jones & Aaron Linne

VeggieTales® SuperComics offer you all the zaniness and fun you've come to expect from VeggieTales—in a popular new format! In MacLarry and the Stinky Cheese Battle, you'll laugh while you learn a lesson...