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Rainbows and Peaches: Aliyah's Story

by Gail Ann Gagnon

Come join Aliyah as her imagination takes you on an adventure with shooting stars and rainbows that leave the scent of peaches in her bedroom forever more.

Balloons in Heaven

by Marti Coleman-Veach

Have you ever wondered where your balloon floats to when it goes up so high? Or if it's okay to feel hurt when a love one has to go far, far away, and you can't see them anymore? Join a little boy on an adventure...

Frogs Don't Have Teeth

by Anita Ross Houston

Explore the world around you through the Nita Mop Adventures. Anita Annette has an unusual nickname, but it fits her. She is Nita Mop. You will learn to love her wild, wispy hair, her big smile, and her happy-go...


by Wendy Lynn Burden

Have you wondered what heaven is like? Imagine playing and running with lions, swinging with monkeys, or swimming with a whale. Picture being face-to-face with Jesus and having the comfort of His love every...

The Easter Hamster

by Darrin Jon Johnson

Tallahassee Roy is back to try to take over another holiday, and this time, he's not taking no for an answer. Join Roy on his trip to Easter Island for the fictional history of the Easter Bunny. Will Easter...

Izzy's Pancake Surprise

by Kristy Marie Orozco

Izzy is a determined little girl, who will stop at nothing to make the perfect surprise for her grandparents. With globs of curiosity, a few messy ideas, and loads of help from her favorite dog, parents, and...

Stuck in the Middle

by Kelly Kelbly

Although raised as the baby of the family, Kelly is mother to three children. As she watched her "struggling" middle child, Kelly decided to put out a book that addresses the issue from a kid's perspective....

Then Came Samuel

by Lesa Stafford

Life seems to be going along well for two young sisters until a baby brother comes into their family. Suddenly, they have to make adjustments. Many of the activities they enjoyed together are not the same now....

Love My Nana

by Isabel Galassi

Join in the fun with Kirsten as she plays and has a great time with her sweet Nana. Grandmas have special bonds with their grandchildren, and none is more evident than this loving tale. Watch how her grandma's...

The Brave Bald Knight

by Brianne Banning

How does a young farm boy become The Brave Bald Knight? By fighting the fierce dragon that scorched his hair and burned down the kingdom! The boy will never be prepared for such a battle without putting on the...

A Wall of White: The True Story of Heroism and Survival in the Face of a Deadly Avalanche

by Jennifer Woodlief

One of the most amazing survival stories ever told -- journalist Jennifer Woodlief's gripping account of the deadliest ski-area avalanche in North American history and the woman who survived in the face of incalculable...

Phoenix Rising

by Karen Hesse

Nyle's life with her grandmother on their Vermont sheep farm advances rhythmically through the seasons until the night of the accident at the Cookshire nuclear power plant. Without warning, Nyle's modest world...

My Mother the Cheerleader

by Robert Sharenow

Acts of courage come in all shapes and sizes.

In the tumultuous New Orleans of 1960, thirteen-year-old Louise Collins finds her world turned upside down when a stranger from the North arrives at her mother's...


by Joseph Bruchac & Sally Wern Comport

As a member of the Mohawk Bear Clan, Baron has always been fascinated by bears—their gentle strength and untamed power. But the Bearwalker legend, passed down by his ancestors, tells of a different kind of...


by Alethea Eason

Deborah is starting to notice things about her best friend, Willy—like how cute he looks in his Halloween costume and the adorable way his red hair curls just above his collar. He's the coolest boy in sixth...

Finn's Going

by Tom Kelly

Take Finn. He may be the burping champion of the universe. He may be the demon farter of the planet—capable of mind-boggling impressions (a hissing cat, a creaking door in a haunted house, a boiling egg).Or...


by Ann Coburn

Ellie and her little brother Danny spend their lonely days making up stories about a young girl in a world of dragons and shape-shifters, a girl as brave and cunning as they would like to be.

Five years later...

The Temptress Four

by Gaby Triana

Four best friends, one graduation cruise, a week of partying.

Eight days of strife and storms . . .

It's supposed to be the best eight days of their lives.

Bonds will be broken...

But when a fortune-teller predicts...


by Terri Clark

The swaying Palms Hotel late-night room-service menu

Tuck-Me-In Tuna Salad on Rye


Catch-Some-ZZZs Cheeseburger and Fries


Up-All-Night Chocolate-Chip Cookies with Milk


Bedtime Banana Split


The Neddiad: How Neddie Took the Train, Went to Hollywood, and SavedCivilization

by Daniel Pinkwater

The old powers try to come back, and the planet is plunged into chaos, and civilization is destroyed, and it gets all violent and evil...the old legends tell that a hero...with the sacred turtle, always...