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Snared: Escape to the Above

by Adam Jay Epstein

Chopping blades, scorpion nests, giant spiderwebs—no one makes traps better than Wily Snare.

He has never seen the sun, or blue sky, or even his parents. Wily Snare lives underground, creating traps to keep...

The Seismic Seven

by Katie Slivensky

This action-packed, science-infused adventure from the critically acclaimed author of The Countdown Conspiracy follows a group of seven kids racing to save the world from a deadly supervolcano. Perfect for fans...

Soldier Dogs #1: Air Raid Search and Rescue

by Marcus Sutter & Pat Kinsella

The paw-biting start to a thrilling new adventure series perfect for fans of Max and the I Survived books, inspired by the brave military dogs who helped our troops win World War II.

When Matt’s older brother...


by Carey Fessler

The trek has begun, and the trail will show no mercy.

After escaping a rogue submarine, twelve-year-old cousins Emma and Scott wash ashore on the beach of a remote tropical island lurking with jungle dragons...


by Shawn P. B. Robinson

Beware the Chicken!

It's been two months since Liam was in Arestana. Life was pretty much back to normal, aside from Harry.

As he set out for the zoo with Harry and his class in the morning, he didn't expect to...

THE VIRGIN OF THE SUN - An Adventure in the land of the Inca

by H Rider Haggard

Late 14th C.

Hubert of Hastings, a subject of Richard II of England (1367 – 1400), is shipwrecked upon a foreign shore. He discovers he is in a land the natives call TtahuatinSuyu, pronounced Tavantinsuyu,...

Wings of the Pirate

by Eric H. Heisner

In the years immediately following World War II, the influence of the western world hangs heavy on the islands in the South Pacific. A harvest of new economic resources provides a wealth of prosperity to those...


by Laura Martin

From the critically acclaimed author of the Edge of Extinction series comes this fast-paced, action-packed, and heartfelt adventure about a group of kids with uncontrollable abilities, perfect for fans of Gordon...

A story to kill time

by Laurent Peyronnet & Godo

A dreamlike travel in the Vikings and Lapps land !

Magnus, a ten-year old Norwegian boy, discovers a magic bookcase which enables him to travel in time through Scandinavian history. In the company of Rognetide...

Eugene the Mouse at the Big Farmhouse

by Lynn C Skinner & Pharis Davis

Eugene, the mouse, likes to drive his go-kart. On a recent ride, he makes an interesting discovery and then must make an important decision.

Other books by this author:

Eugene at the Christmas Ball with Christine:...

Legend of The Silver Dawn

by Vaanathi Chonachalam

Safra and her brother Ridan take a daunting risk when they sneak onto a ship that takes them to the legendary Silver Island, rumored to hold magic to grant wishes. They soon realize something is amiss when a...

The World Without

by Glenn Ric

Persuaded by Adam’s older brother Mason, Adam and Tom climb the gigantic tree that grows in the bush of Edgars Valley. Unknowingly they cross the Gateway into the fourth dimension, ‘The World Without’,...

Journey to the Center of the Earth

by Jules Verne

When Professor Lidenbrock discovers a 16th-century manuscript that reveals a route to the earth's core, he can't resist the chance to investigate. Together with his whiz-kid nephew and an Icelandic guide, the...

The Guitar Wizard

by Zena Shapter & Northern Beaches Writers' Group

Fifteen-year-old Emerald O’Shea and her mother, Catherine, make a living wrangling their lion, Dhoruba, who’s been hired to appear at a rock concert. But when an anti-music group, the Aletheia, send Jack...

Bailey's Big Family

by Jazz J & H Bayramoglu

Bailey always wanted a big family! She was an only child to parents that were only children, so she always begged her parents for another sibling. But it never happened!

Be careful what you ask for, because you...

Guardian of Giria

by June Molloy

Felix is in a bad mood. An intruder has visited his private clearing. The only traces are a strange scent and an even stranger set of footprints. A few days later, a young fox cub goes missing and her frantic...

The Owly Trilogy

by Orla Kelly

These short animal action and adventure stories set in a magic forest capture the very essence of childhood. Set in the world of forest animals who start off as strangers and enemies but who learn: to recognize...

Renae and Her Magical Wellingtons

by Adenike Jones & Jason Lee

When Renae is given a pair of wellington boots for her 9th birthday, she always had an idea that they were not just your typical wellingtons. But she never imagined they would take her to a magical place full...

Perky Emigrates

by Janet Simmonds & Sonja Koster

Perky the Tortoise is a real life tortoise, who loves getting into lots of mischief. and lives for adventure.  The Adventures of Perky the Tortoise follows Perky through his adventures, beginning with Perky...

The Company of Eight

by Harriet Whitehorn

When Ravellous's Circus Ship comes to Minaris, Cass is determined to audition despite her guardian Mrs Potts's disapproval. But when her chance is snatched away from her, Cass refuses to give up. She sets out...