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Playing with Fire

by Paul Heiney

The blaze of a log fire on a cold night speaks to the heart in a way no other flame can. It has character and ever-changing form; it has vibrant colour and a balletic movement. Indeed, it was the flame that...

Heart of Oneness

by Jennifer Kavanagh

Our screens and newsfeeds are full of violent images; our world is full of poverty, inequality and injustice. We find it hard to live together, in our families, communities, or in the world at large. At the...

The Garden Farmer

by Francine Raymond

A punnet of plums from your tree, a handful of gooseberries; home-grown nuts and herbs, and a few freshly laid eggs from your hens - all enjoyed in your own small plot. What could be more satisfying?

The Garden...

Following Fifi: My Adventures Among Wild Chimpanzees: Lessons from our Closest Relatives

by John Crocker & Jane Goodall

An exhilarating quest into a remote African forest to examine chimpanzees and understand the roots of human behavior.

As a young student, John Crocker embarked on the adventure of a lifetime, spending eight...

Leaving the Wild: The Unnatural History of Dogs, Cats, Cows, and Horses

by Gavin Ehringer

A thought-provoking and surprising book that explores the ever-evolving relationship between humans and domesticated animals. The domestication of animals changed the course of human history. But what about...

Garden Insects of North America

by Whitney Cranshaw & David Shetlar

This second edition of Garden Insects of North America solidifies its place as the most comprehensive guide to the common insects, mites, and other “bugs” found in the backyards and gardens of the United...

Gerard Kenney 3-Book Bundle

by Gerard Kenney

Treacherous and remote, the Arctic and the fabled Northwest Passage have long been elusive goals for explorers. Gerard Kenney shares stories of exploration in the Arctic region. This three-book bundle includes:...

Weather in Texas: The Essential Handbook

by George W. Bomar

Only in Texas could a snowstorm pelt the Panhandle at the very moment abrasive dust is scouring the Permian Basin while searing heat is wilting the Winter Garden region in the south. The state's large size and...

Wildlife Photography

by Jack Ballard

Viewing wildlife in action is always a pleasure–capturing that action with your camera is one of the most rewarding and challenging ways to become even closer to Nature. Birders, hikers, national-park visitors,...

Into the Sound Country

by Bland Simpson

Into the Sound Country is a story of rediscovery--of two North Carolinians returning to seek their roots in the state's eastern provinces. It is an affectionate, impressionistic, and personal portrait of the...

In Time Of Emergency

by Department of Defense

In Time of Emergency: A Citizen's Handbook on Nuclear Attack, Natural Disasters provides individuals and families with information on what can and should be done to enhance survival in the event of a natural...

Fannye Cook

by Dorothy Shawhan, Marion Barnwell & Libby Hartfield

Conservationist Fannye Cook (1889-1964) was the most widely known scientist in Mississippi and was nationally known as the go-to person for biological information or wildlife specimens from the state. This biography...

The Pug Who Bit Napoleon: Animal Tales of the 18th and 19th Centuries

by Mimi Matthews

From elaborate Victorian cat funerals to a Regency era pony who took a ride in a hot air balloon, Mimi Matthews shares some of the quirkiest—and most poignant—animal tales of the eighteenth and nineteenth...

A History of Birds

by Simon Wills

Even the most well-informed wildlife enthusiast will be entertained by the stories and fascinating facts in the beautifully illustrated book.

Our ancestors hunted, tamed, worshipped and depicted birds, and even...

100 Things to See in the Night Sky: From Planets and Satellites to Meteors and Constellations, Your Guide to Stargazing

by Dean Regas

A handy field guide for the best stargazing experience whether in your own back yard, camping, or travelling—including information showing you which planets, constellations, stars, and manmade objects you...

Over the Hills and Far Away

by Rob Collister

‘The whole trail has been orchestrated to make it possible for each one of us, in different ways, to be “touched” by wilderness’

Over the Hills and Far Away is a collection of essays that demonstrates...

See It with a Small Telescope

by Will Kalif

Have Fun Exploring the Stars with Close-up Views of Space Objects Right from Your Own Backyard

It doesn’t take an astronomy degree to feel like an astronaut and explore space with a small telescope. See It...

Environmental Problem-Solving – A Video-Enhanced Self-Instructional e-Book from MIT

by Lawrence Susskind, Bruno Verdini, Jessica Gordon & Yasmin Zaerpoor

The book is divided into four sections: The first section focuses on how certain environmental problems can only be solved through active government effort to implement policies that effectively take science...

HBO's Treme and the Stories of the Storm

by Robin Andersen

This book analyses the HBO program Treme from multiple perspectives and argues that the series’ depictions of music, culture, cuisine, and identity are innovative and represent unique televisual storytelling...

Amazing Animals

by Scientific American Editors

Humans tend to think that we are unique in our intelligence, social skill and depth of emotion. We tend to forget that we are animals too, and if we’re paying attention, we might see a bit of ourselves in...