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Fulfilled: How the Science of Spirituality Can Help You Live a Happier, More Meaningful Life

by Anna Yusim & Eben Alexander

Are you living the life you thought you always wanted but feel that something is still missing? Do you think you should be happier than you are, considering all that you have? Have you achieved your professional...

Book of Meditations for Every Day in the Year

by James Allen

James Allen may truly be called the Prophet of Meditation. In an age of strife, hurry, religious controversy, heated arguments, ritual and ceremony, he came with his message of Meditation, calling men away from...

Motivational Tips for Success

by Anthony Udo Ekanem

Motivation is literally the desire we have to do things. It is the difference between waking up before dawn to get started on a particular project and lazing around the house all day watching TV. It's the crucial...

The Mouth-Body Connection: The 28-Day Program to Create a Healthy Mouth, Reduce Inflammation and Prevent Disease Throughout the Body

by Gerald P. Curatola & Diane Reverand

Acclaimed oral health expert and wellness pioneer, Dr. Gerry Curatola, explores the bi-directional relationship between the health of your mouth and your body, and provides a groundbreaking program for creating...

Deciphering Your Dreams

by 50MINUTES.Com

Change is only 50 minutes away! Find out everything you need to know about deciphering your dreams with this straightforward guide.

We have all suffered from the occasional nightmare or two during our lives....

Happiness Matters

by Fran Macilvey

In Happiness Matters, bestselling author Fran Macilvey (Trapped: My Life with Cerebral Palsy) explores how we can make our lives joyful, whatever our circumstances.

Despite forty years of walking the wrong way,...

Memory's Journey

by Janae Luick Place

Past life personalities continue to live...

Memory’s Journey revises our concepts of karma. It shows through past life memories that what we experience as karmic changes over our many lifetimes, and teaches...

The Spiritual Guidance of Man and of Mankind

by Rudolf Steiner

In the following pages are reproduced the contents of some lectures delivered by me at Copenhagen in June last, in connection with the General Meeting of the Scandinavian Theosophical Society. What is here set...

Wild Talents

by Charles Fort

Like Fort's previous works Wild Talents deals with a number of anomalous phenomena and Fort's ongoing attack on scientific dogma. Though not as well-known as some of his other works, Wild Talents is arguably...

When Prophecy Fails

by Leon Festinger

The study reported in this volume grew out of some theoretical work, one phase of which bore specifically on the behavior of individuals in social movements that made specific (and unfulfilled) prophecies. We...

Soul Awakening Practice: Prayer, Contemplation and Action

by James O'Dea

This is a prayer book for evolutionaries and activists, for deep ecologists, for spiritual seekers engaged in passionate renewal and for all those thirsty for a spiritually coherent worldview. The Soul Awakening...

Alchemical Active Imagination: Revised Edition

by Marie-Louise von Franz

Although alchemy is popularly regarded as the science that sought to transmute base physical matter, many of the medieval alchemists were more interested in developing a discipline that would lead to the psychological...

A Year and a Day

by Michaela Mills & Elixir Edits

Cass expected the one year anniversary of Johnny's death would be hard; at least as hard as her attempts have been to move on in life without her husband. She didn't expect to be haunted by him, seeing him everywhere....

Modern Tarot

by Michelle Tea

The beloved literary iconoclast delivers a fresh twenty-first century primer on tarot that can be used with any deck.

While tarot has gone mainstream with a diverse range of tarot decks widely available, there...

Martinus Cosmology and Spiritual Evolution

by Anton Jarrod

Martinus Cosmology and Spiritual Evolution provides an innovative, authoritative, comprehensive and readable introduction to the works and ideas of the Danish spiritual writer Martinus (1890-1981), as applied...

Inspired by the Passion Test: The #1 Tool for Discovering Your Passion and Purpose

by Janet Bray & Geoff Affleck

What does a passionate life truly look like and how is it achieved? Based on the incredible success of The New York Times bestseller, The Passion Test: The Effortless Path to Discovering Your Life Purpose, co-author...

How to Interpret Your Dreams

by Anthony Udo Ekanem

The dream world is fascinating, full of speculation, hope, and sometimes even fear.  We can wake up from a good dream feeling refreshed and hopeful.  On the other hand, we can wake up from a bad dream feeling...

Ainslie Meares on Meditation: Dissolve tension, anxiety and pain. Tap your inner wealth.

by Ainslie Meares, Owen Bruhn & Pauline McKinnon

Ainslie Meares (1910-1986) was an eminent psychiatrist of international reputation who made major contributions to medical hypnosis. He melded mental homeostasis with the essence of mysticism. Dissolving tension,...

Hunting Concrete Lions

by Michael Cannan

A boy’s enchanted childhood in a coastal town on the Isle of Man – one of rabbit hunts, darkened church naves and lessons in ancient Viking heritage – is about to disappear forever. Boyhood dreams of football...

Banish Your Inner Critic

by Denise Jacobs

Amazon Hot New Release!

Silence the Voice of Self Doubt Are you ready to boost your personal productivity — minus the fear and loathing? Are you ready to Banish Your Inner Critic and unleash the creative ideas...