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For Love of the Clydesdale Horse

by Heidi Sands

Scotland's only native heavy horse, the Clydesdale, has been exported all over the world. The Clydesdale is recognized as having influenced heavy horse-use across the globe. For Love of the Clydesdale Horse...

Living with Chickens

by Jay Rossier, American Poultry Association, Geoff Hansen & Lisa Steele

A revised and updated bestseller

  • Revised in coordination with the American Poultry Association
  • Covers all the essentials of raising and keeping chickens.
  • More than 75 color photographs and illustrations.


by Pam Osbourne

Connections is a book for people whose lives have been touched by Alzheimer’s Disease and Other Dementias (ADRD). A guide for health care professionals, Animal Assisted Therapy teams, family members, friends...

Walking with Peety: The Dog Who Saved My Life

by Eric O'Grey & Mark Dagostino

Eric was 150 pounds overweight, depressed, and sick. After a lifetime of failed diet attempts, and the onset of type 2 diabetes due to his weight, Eric went to a new doctor, who surprisingly prescribed a shelter...

The Dog Lover Unit

by Rachel Rose

"Enter the intense world of both the dogs and people who form the K9 corps. Every dog has its own unique personality." —Temple Grandin, author of Animals in Translation and Animals Make us Human

An acclaimed...

The Butterfly Boy

by James E. Aarons

After discovering a connection between the death of many tribe members and certain animals on their land, Katie Reynolds leaves her Navajo reservation to attend a veterinary school in Davis, California. There...

The Structure of the Horse's Foot and the Principles of Shoeing

by George T. Brown

"The Structure of the Horse's Foot and the Principles of Shoeing" is a concise but comprehensive guide to farriery, with a special focus on the anatomy of the horse's foot and its common ailments. With large,...

Sporting Terriers - Their History, Training and Management

by Pierce O'Conor

This book contains a detailed guide to terriers as used for sport, with chapters on their history, selection, breeding, training, general management, and more. Profusely-illustrated and full of timeless, practical...

Pathological Horse-Shoeing: A Theory and Practice of the Shoeing of Horses by Which Every Disease Affecting the Foot of the Horse May be Absolutely Cu

by Joseph Brine Coleman

"Pathological Horse-Shoeing" is a comprehensive guide to the diseases and ailments common to the feet and limbs of the horse. It contains chapters on the detection, prevention, curing, correcting, etc., of a...

The Bloodhound and its use in Tracking Criminals

by E. Brough

This vintage book contains a fascinating treatise on the use of Bloodhounds as tracking animals in the police force. It provides a wealth of information on the breed in general, as well as hints, tips, and instructions...

A Treatise on the Foot of the Horse and a New System of Shoeing by One-Sided Nailing, and on the Nature, Origin, and Symptoms of the Navicular Joint L

by James Turner

First published in 1832, this is a detailed treatise on farriery, with a particular focus on the nature, origin and symptoms of navicular joint lameness. Written by a member of the Royal Veterinary College and...

The Science of Birdnesting

by H. T. Gosnell

First published in 1947, "The Science of Bird nesting" is a comprehensive guide to the wild birds of England, with ornithological notes and hints on nest finding. There are descriptions for each bird treated,...

Horses and Roads or How to Keep a Horse Sound on His Legs

by Free Lance

First published in 1880, this vintage book contains a series of papers on the subject of riding horses on roads, with chapters on avoiding accidents, proper care and maintenance of both horse and carriage, trips...

The Sealyham Terrier

by Winifred Barber

This is a detailed handbook on the Sealyham terrier, a rare Welsh breed of small to medium-sized terrier originating as a working dog in Wales. With chapters on breeding, selection, rearing, and exhibition,...

Breaking a Bird Dog - A Treatise on Training

by Horace Lytle

This vintage book contains a complete guide to training a dog for hunting birds, with chapters on selection and breeding, breaking, psychology, equipment, and much more. Interspersed with personal anecdotes,...

A Treatise on the Horse and His Diseases

by B. J. Kendall

"A Treatise on the Horse and His Diseases" is a detailed handbook on the various ailments an diseases common to horses, with information on their preventative and curative treatments. Designed for non-professional...

The Master of Game - The Oldest English Book on Hunting

by Edward of York

First published in the early 15th century and reprinted with a foreword by American President and hunting fan Theodore Roosevelt. Considered the very first book in English on hunting. Full of information on...

Doggie Paddlin'

by David Mullally & Linda Mullally

That first moment you learn to paddle is almost as much fun as the first time you take your dog along with you. Whether on a canoe or kayak, surf board or stand up paddle board, dogs can’t get enough of the...

Gun Dogs

by Frank Townend Barton

This fantastic and comprehensive handbook on gun dogs contains chapters on everything from breeding and selection to breaking, training, and beyond. Interspersed with photographs and useful information, "Gun...

The Trinity Foot Beagles - An Informal Record of Cambridge Sport and Sportsmen During the Past Fifty Years

by F. Claude Kempson

First published in 1912, this is a humorous recollection of the highlights and shenanigans that occurred within the world of Cambridge countryside sport, including fox hunting, shooting and horse racing. This...