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Obscene Pedagogies

by Carissa M. Harris

As anyone who has read Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales knows, Middle English literature is rife with sexually explicit language and situations. Less canonical works can be even more brazen in describing illicit...

Dislocated subject

by Lorena Preta

“The time is out of joint”. This famous line from William Shakespeare’s Hamlet helps to describe the impression of de-centering, of deconstruction, which we currently live and experience. This phenomenon...

The Ego and the Id

by Sigmund Freud

In what is considered one of his most prominent ideas, Austrian psychiatrist, Sigmund Freud explains the dynamic of the human psyche in terms of the roles and conflicts produced by the id, ego, and super-ego....

Cognition Switch: Mind #1

by Gaia Vince, Michael Regnier, Jenny Diski & Geoff Watts et al.

Cognition Switch: Mind

An Artefact for the Transmission of New Ideas on Mind and Mental Well-Being

Issue #1: December 2018

Featuring Articles by: Gaia Vince, Michael Regnier, Jenny Diski, Geoff Watts, Lucy Maddox,...

Ethics and Research with Children

by Eric Kodish & Robert M. Nelson

Fundamental questions about the morality of pediatric medical research persist despite years of debate and the establishment of strict codes of ethics. Is it ever permissible to use a child as a means to an...

Dealing with Anxiety Attacks

by 50MINUTES.Com

Change is only 50 minutes away! Find out everything you need to know about dealing with anxiety attacks with this straightforward guide.

Between 4 and 7% of the population suffers from anxiety, meaning a generalised...

Assertiveness Made Easy

by 50MINUTES.Com

Change is only 50 minutes away! Find out everything you need to know about developing your assertiveness with this straightforward guide.

Virtually all of us have struggled with assertiveness at one point or...

Transactional Analysis

by 50MINUTES.Com

Change is only 50 minutes away! Find out everything you need to know about transactional analysis with this straightforward guide.

Transactional analysis was developed by the Canadian-born psychiatrist Eric Berne...

Smart but Scattered--and Stalled

by Richard Guare, Colin Guare & Peg Dawson

Living at home can be a lifesaver for 20-somethings struggling to make it on their own--but it can also feel like a dead end. Now the authors of the hugely popular Smart but Scattered books on kids and teens...

Intimacy On the Plate (Extra Trim Edition)

by Olga Petrenko

Intimacy On The Plate: Extra Trim Edition contains the same 200+ elegant, erotic recipes as the original, but has been reformatted for a smaller size and lower price. Snack on the convenience of this new smaller...

Habit Stacking And Some Tips To Improve Your Mind

by Marcela Gutiérrez Bravo

The enormous library that the internet represents in our times has made people in favor of and against its effects in our habits, behavior, and even brain structure. The fact is that they will never agree if...

Effective Universal Instruction

by Kimberly Gibbons, Sarah Brown & Bradley C. Niebling

This accessible volume helps school leadership teams accomplish the crucial yet often overlooked task of improving universal instruction--Tier 1 within a multi-tiered system of support (MTSS). Strong universal...

Homelessness Among U.S. Veterans

by Jack Tsai

The challenges facing military veterans who return to civilian life in the United States are persistent and well documented. But for all the political outcry and attempts to improve military members' readjustments,...

LGBTQ Divorce and Relationship Dissolution

by Abbie E. Goldberg & Adam P. Romero

What unique challenges face LGBTQ individuals in relationships or who are separating or divorcing, especially now that same-sex couples may marry? What issues might complicate the ending of relationships when...

The Oxford Handbook of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology

by Thomas H. Ollendick, Susan W. White & Bradley A. White

At the founding in 1896 of the first psychological clinic dedicated to children and adolescents, the study of the psychological treatment of young people lagged behind that of adults, and the basic psychopathology...

Social Work Practice with Children, Fourth Edition

by Nancy Boyd Webb & Luis H. Zayas

A leading course text and practitioner resource for over 20 years--now revised and updated--this book presents developmentally and culturally informed methods for helping children in family, school, and community...

Origin of Why?

by Vito Grigorov

Can it be that you only have 5 years left to live?    

Studies show only 1 hour daily is free to do what you want to do, and the rest you must do: Sleep, work, eat, email. On average, only 12% of our lifetime...

Treating OCD in Children and Adolescents

by Martin E. Franklin, Jennifer B. Freeman & John S. March

From foremost experts, this authoritative work offers a framework for helping children overcome obsessive–compulsive disorder (OCD) using the proven techniques of cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). Therapists...

Parenting Children with Mental Health Challenges

by Deborah Vlock

Parenting Children with Mental Health Challenges: A Guide to Life with Emotionally Complex Kids offers overwhelmed readers guidance, solidarity, and hope. The author, a “mental-health mom” who’s survived...

Treating Adult Survivors of Childhood Emotional Abuse and Neglect

by Marla Zucker, Joseph Spinazzola, Elizabeth K. Hopper & Frances K. Grossman et al.

Grounded in 40 years of clinical practice and research, this book provides a systematic yet flexible evidence-based framework for treating adult survivors of complex trauma, particularly those exposed to chronic...