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Heretics and Orthodoxy

by Gilbert Keith Chesterton

G. K. Chesterton’s Heretics was first published in 1905, with Orthodoxy following in 1908.  Chesterton viewed them as companions to one another, as Orthodoxy was written as a response to criticism he had...

Judges and Ruth

by Mary Evans

The book of Judges presents Israel’s frailty, the nation’s need for deliverance, and God’s use of flawed leaders to guide his chosen people through a dark period of their history. The book of Ruth tells...

Unearthly Beauty

by Magdalen Smith

‘Saints are people of unearthly beauty who show us a deep understanding of the fluid nature of divine grace.’

This warm-hearted book is for those of us who enter Advent longing for spiritual sustenance to...

Reformation Myths

by Rodney Stark

What has the Reformation ever done for us?

A lot less than you might think, as Rodney Stark shows in this enlightening and entertaining antidote to recent books about the rise of Protestantism and its legacy....

I Thought There Would Be Cake

by Katharine Welby-Roberts


Growing up, Katharine Welby-Roberts imagined that being an adult was one big party. But depression, anxiety and crippling self-doubt led her to alienate...

In Touch With God

by Michael and Rosemary Green

Abraham, Moses, Hannah, David, Isaiah, Mary. . . This sequence of twenty-five meditations looks at how great biblical heroes of faith turned to God in times of need and in times of joy, showing how a better...

Biblical Citations from A Course in Miracles

by Emmanuel Virina

In 1965 Dr William Thetford, former Professor of Medical Psychology at Columbia University's College of Physicians and Surgeons in New York City expressed his frustrations to his colleague Dr Helen Schucman...

Thirsty for God

by Bradley P. Holt

A landmark text on the history of Christian spirituality embarks on the journey afresh. This accessible and engaging history provides an excellent primer on the two-millennium quest for union with God, a "thirst"...

Prayer, Peace and the Presence of God

by Dr. David Butts

“I’m sorry, Mr. Butts, but you have lymphoma and you are already in stage four.”

Those words would rattle anyone. Those are the words Dave and Kim Butts heard just 10 days into Dave’s beginning to write...

Was It a Crucifixion or Rather a Cross Fiction?

by Alejandro Cuevas-Sosa

Reduced-updated version of the tenth book (Authorized biography…), important new data. This book is not on religions, but about whom the religious figures and many more persons were and are. Patriarchs, prophets,...

Eucharistic Body

by Frank C. Senn

Building on his previous work on embodied liturgy, Frank C. Senn explores the relationship between the sacramental body and blood of Christ, the ecclesial body of Christ, and the body of the communicant. Drawing...

The Absence of God in Biblical Rape Narratives

by Leah Rediger Schulte

In this groundbreaking work to identify and address God’s absence in three key rape narratives in the Hebrew Bible, Leah Rediger Schulte finds a pattern that indicates a larger community crisis. With a careful...

Cross Vision

by Gregory A. Boyd

Renowned pastor-theologian Gregory A. Boyd tackles the Bible’s biggest dilemma.

The Old Testament God of wrath and violence versus the New Testament God of love and peace—it’s a difference that has troubled...

Protect Your Purity 101: Six Strategies to Help You Stay the Course of Celibacy and Abstinence

by Briana G Whitaker & Jacqueline Thompson

In this crazy, sex-driven world we live in it may not seem like it, but your purity is worth fighting for! And fight you must because you have an adversary whose sole purpose is to steal your peace, kill your...

Myanmar's Enemy Within

by Francis Wade

For decades Myanmar has been portrayed as a case of good citizen versus bad regime – men in jackboots maintaining a suffocating rule over a majority Buddhist population beholden to the ideals of non-violence...

Representations of the Blessed Virgin Mary in World Literature and Art

by Elena V. Shabliy, Karen O'Donnell, Anna Hamling & Gwyn McClelland et al.

This interdisciplinary study explores Marian imagery and representations in world literature and art throughout the centuries. This book demonstrates the widespread deep veneration of the image of the Blessed...


by Swami B.P. Puri

This publication commemorates the completion of Swami B. P. Puri's Samadhi Mandir in Mayapur, India and was released in conjunction with the inauguration of the temple.


This publication commemorates the completion...

American Misfits and the Making of Middle-Class Respectability

by Robert Wuthnow

How American respectability has been built by maligning those who don't make the grade

How did Americans come to think of themselves as respectable members of the middle class? Was it just by earning a decent...

Consecrating Science

by Lisa H. Sideris

Debunking myths behind what is known collectively as the new cosmology—a grand, overlapping set of narratives that claim to bring science and spirituality together—Lisa H. Sideris offers a searing critique...

In Search of Soul

by Alejandro Nava

In Search of Soul explores the meaning of “soul” in sacred and profane incarnations, from its biblical origins to its central place in the rich traditions of black and Latin history. Surveying the work of...