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The Story of the Jews Volume Two

by Simon Schama

In the second of two volumes of this magnificently illustrated cultural history—the tie-in to the PBS and BBC series The Story of the Jews—Simon Schama details the story of the Jewish people, spanning from...

Meetings with Remarkable Manuscripts: Twelve Journeys into the Medieval World

by Christopher de Hamel


An extraordinary and beautifully illustrated exploration of the medieval world through twelve manuscripts, from one of the world's leading experts...


by Christine Caine

 “All of creation will be shaken and removed, so that only unshakable things will remain.”

–Hebrews 12:27 NLT


Everything in our world that can be shaken will be shaken. And yet, the Bible assures us it...

Food of Sinful Demons

by Geoffrey Barstow

Tibetan Buddhism teaches compassion toward all beings, a category that explicitly includes animals. Slaughtering animals is morally problematic at best, and, at worst, completely incompatible with a religious...

100 Days to Brave

by Annie F. Downs

You were always meant to be brave.

Whether you’re making a major decision, dealing with a difficult transition, or facing a fear, 100 Days to Brave will give you courage and confidence to move forward.


Dance, Stand, Run Study Guide

by Jess Connolly

Have you ever considered what really inspires you to action?

If the collision of YOU and God's commission peaks your interest, this is the study for you. Redefine what grace, holiness, and living on mission really...

Dance, Stand, Run

by Jess Connolly

Grace is always good news. But it's not cheap—true grace compels us to change.  That’s where holiness comes in.

Beloved writer, speaker, and bestselling coauthor of Wild and Free Jess Connolly will be the...

Four Views on the Church's Mission

by Jonathan Leeman, Christopher J. H. Wright, John R. Franke & Peter J. Leithart et al.

This book articulates various evangelical views regarding the church's mission and provides a healthy, vigorous, and gracious debate on this controversial topic. In a helpful Counterpoints format, this volume...


by Michael Allen & Scott R. Swain

New Studies in Dogmatics seeks to retrieve the riches of Christian doctrine for the sake of contemporary theological renewal. Following in the tradition of G. C. Berkouwer's Studies in Dogmatics, this series...

Gracious Uncertainty

by Jane Sigloh

Gracious Uncertainty: Faith in the Second Half of Life reflects on issues concerning everyone but which intensify as we grow older: loving more fully, dealing with loss, finding consolation, and having the courage...

Whispers of the Himalaya

by Ajayan Borys

In 1996 meditation teacher Ajayan Borys journeyed to the source of the Ganges River high in India’s Himalayas. Intent on Self-realization, he discovered a deserted cave in a Himalayan forest and for two months...

Not Alone

by Miriam Neff

The powerful testimonies of 11 widows of the Bible are brought to narrative life in lyrical, visceral prose that brings readers deep inside the women's grief, strength, and faith. Full of both haunting and hope,...

Bumblebees Can Fly!

by Ph.D. Oscar Dowdell Underwood

Despite its heavy and large body, the bumblebee is able to fly - defying

the law of aerodynamics. The bumblebee flies because its inherent power

is greater than its challenges, aerodynamics included. Like the...

Appraisal of the Growth of the Christian Faith in Igboland

by Bartholomew Okere

The Igbo people in Nigeria continue to make some movements toward Christianity, but many fail to practice the faith properly. Tribal traditions and old beliefs continue to be mixed with Christian concepts. By...

Sri Chaitanya’s Life and Teachings

by Steven Rosen & Jeffery D. Long

Tucked away in ancient Sanskrit and Bengali texts is a secret teaching, a blissful devotional (bhakti) tradition that involves sacred congregational chanting (k?rtana), mindfulness practices (japa, smara?am),...

Christian Peace Principles

by David Brattston

What were the “peace principles” of the early Christian Church?  What did believers view as the proper response to unprovoked personal attacks and disputes among themselves?  How did Christians view violence...

De Valera Volume 1

by David McCullagh

Éamon de Valera was the single most consequential Irish figure of the twentieth century. He was a leader in the Easter Rising, the figurehead of the anti-Treaty rebels during the dark days of the Civil War...

Walking West on the Camino--Encore Une Fois

by Johnna Studebaker

This tale of faith and triumph spans a period of six years.  The author persuades her reluctant twin sister to accompany her on the Camino for a spiritual quest and the adventure of a lifetime. Beginning...

The Santillana Codes

by Dan E. Stigall

This book examines the Santillana Codes, legal instruments which form a distinct class of uniquely African civil code and are still in force today in a legal arc that extends from the Maghreb to the Sahel. Stigall...

Priests and Their Books in Late Medieval Eichstätt

by Matthew Wranovix

This book analyzes the acquisition and use of texts by the parish clergy in the diocese of Eichstätt between 1400 and 1520 to refute the amusing, but misleading, image of the lustful and ignorant cleric so...