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An Ark on the Nile

Theology and the University in Nineteenth-Century Germany

God, Help Me Rebuild My Broken World: Fortifying Your Faith in Difficult Times

by Michael Youssef

How does a believer construct secure barriers in a world full of discouragement and danger? Respected ministry leader Michael Youssef takes you through the book of Nehemiah to help you discover the keys to godly...


by Osho

In Zen: The Path of Paradox, Osho suggests Zen as a possible bridge between East and West, and between the scientific and the spiritual. "Without science," Osho said, "the East has lost much; without meditation,...

Swami in a Strange Land: How Krishna Came to the West

by Joshua M. Greene

Discover the man behind the movement in this intimate biography of A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, founder of the International Society of Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON).

In 1965, a seventy-year-old man—soon...

Great Doubt: Practicing Zen in the World

by Boshan, Jeff Shore & Brad Warner

The greater the doubt, the greater the awakening.

“In this brief but remarkably thorough book, Boshan puts into words what it means to truly doubt. Not just to be skeptical—but to push all the way to the...

Sacred Reading: The 2017 Guide to Daily Prayer

by Apostleship of Prayer & Douglas Leonard

This powerful and inspiring prayer book from the Apostleship of Prayer--"the pope's prayer group"--engages readers with the Church's daily scripture readings and introduces Catholics and other Christians to...

You Just don't know my Struggle

by Michael Burton

"You Just Don't Know My Struggle" is a compilation of journals entries and self-talks with Michael Burton, a guy from the south that struggled for over 20 years with alcohol and drug addiction. Along with thoughts...

Conquest and the Life of Rest - A Devotional Study of Joshua

by Warren A Henderson

In Moses' day the Israelites failed to obtain God's rest in Canaan because of disbelief (Heb. 4:4-6). Under Joshua's leadership, the Israelites did enter the land and after seven years of conquest obtained God's...

Be Holy and Come Near  - A Devotional Study of Leviticus

by Warren A Henderson

In Exodus, God's covenant people had been redeemed by the blood of the Passover lamb and delivered from both bondage and Egypt. The book of Leviticus then reveals two central truths concerning Jehovah's new...

The Bible: Myth or Divine Truth?

by Warren A Henderson

Every religion claims divine authorship for its "holy book." But when one asks whether the claims to divine authorship are supported by history, archeology and sound scholarship, the answer is usually a resounding...

Cross the Line

by Ollie Baines & Liam Flint

Twenty high-profile footballers share their faith and reveal how it influences their lives, both on and off the pitch. The book offers a range of information and insights into strictly football matters, while...

The Tabernacle Dwells In You

by Anton L Seals Sr, Jennifer J Seals & James & Joshua Nelson

“The Tabernacle Dwells In You”

Authors Anton & Jennifer Seals

Brief Description:

Our Mission is to: Spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ through teaching, preaching, writing and publishing Christian education...

Encounter With God

by Sally Nelson & Fiona Barnard

Encounter with God is Scripture Union's daily Bible reading guide designed to lead you to a deeper understanding about what God is saying to you and to his world today. You’ll find its thorough and energetic...

Daily Bread

by Penny Boshoff & Mark Greene

Daily Bread is the Bible reading guide that aims to help you hear from God as you read the Bible. If you've ever asked the question, 'What possible relevance can this verse have for me today?' or 'What difference...

The Power of Love

by Osho

One of the most important life events is falling in love, yet we never learn about it in school. Societies and religions force us into models and thought-forms that are often in opposition to an organic model...

The Synoptic Problem: Four Views

by Stanley E. Porter & Bryan R. Dyer

Leading scholars articulate and debate the major views of the Synoptic Problem, one of the most contested topics in Gospel studies.

Becoming a Woman of Excellence 30th Anniversary Edition

by Cynthia Heald

Society beckons us to succeed—to achieve excellence in our appearance, our earning power, our family life. God Himself also beckons us to be women of excellence. But what exactly is He asking? If you’re...

Sacramental Preaching: Sermons on the Hidden Presence of Christ

by Hans Boersma & Eugene Peterson

A leading theologian offers a primer on the ministry of preaching that demonstrates the implications of theological exegesis for sermon preparation and delivery.

Religion et politique dans le Caucase post-soviétique

by Various

Au carrefour des mondes turc, iranien et russe qui l’ont façonné à travers les siècles, le Caucase resurgit sur la scène internationale et focalise les attentions à bien des égards depuis que la dernière...