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Railroads and American Political Development: Infrastructure, Federalism, and State Building

by Zachary Callen

America’s founders envisioned a federal government of limited and enumerated powers. What they could not envision, of course, was the vast and complex infrastructure that the growing nation would demand—a...

The New Minority

Politics, Theory, and Film

Community, Scale, and Regional Governance

Bind Us Apart

Public Administration: A Very Short Introduction

Richard Posner


by Ugo E. M. Fabietti, Michela Badii, Silvia Barberani & Marinella Carosso et al.

Nutrition appears as one of those elements of human actions and thoughts through which human beings express ways and forms of collective existence. What we commonly refer to as the economic, political and symbolic...

Dictators, Democrats, and Development in Southeast Asia

The Right's Road to Serfdom: The Danger of Conservatism Unbound: From Hayek to Trump

by Christopher Favrot Arndt

Some political commentators have started to say that the American Right acts on its id, not on its ego of “principled” conservatism. But what does this mean? In The Right’s Road to Serfdom, first-time...

In Trump We Trust: E Pluribus Awesome!

by Ann Coulter

Donald Trump isn't a politician -- he's a one-man wrecking ball against our dysfunctional and corrupt establishment. We're about to see the deluxe version of the left's favorite theme: Vote for us or we'll...

We're Still Right, They're Still Wrong: The Democrats' Case for 2016

by James Carville

Every politico and pundit has tried to explain the 2016 presidential race, but James Carville – the multiple best-selling Ragin’ Cajun and grand strategist of Bill Clinton’s rise to the White House –...