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The Matter of High Words

by Robert Chodat

In a world of matter, how can we express what matters? When the explanations of the natural sciences become powerfully precise and authoritative, what is the status of our highest words, the languages that articulate...

Emotive Writing.

by Giovanni Tommasini

My story, a writer by chance. 

A deep reflection on the readers comments. Its pages touched me My writing, your reading, routes covered together. A journey inside ourselves from our daily experiences always...

Unbelievable Errors

by Bart Streumer

Unbelievable Errors defends an error theory about all normative judgements: not just moral judgements, but also judgements about reasons for action, judgements about reasons for belief, and instrumental normative...

Challenging the Modern Synthesis

by Philippe Huneman & Denis M. Walsh

Since its origin in the early 20th century, the Modern Synthesis theory of evolution has grown to become the orthodox view on the process of organic evolution. Its central defining feature is the prominence...

Brentano's Mind

by Mark Textor

Mark Textor presents a critical study of the work of Franz Brentano, one of the most important thinkers of the nineteenth century. His work has influenced analytic philosophers like Russell as well as phenomenologists...

Choosing Normative Concepts

by Matti Eklund

Theorists working on metaethics and the nature of normativity typically study goodness, rightness, what ought to be done, and so on. In their investigations they employ and consider our actual normative concepts....

Towards Corporeal Cosmopolitanism

by Anjana Raghavan

An articulation of any kind of global understanding of belonging, or ways of cosmopolitan life, requires a constant engagement with vulnerability, especially in a world that is so deeply wounded by subjugation,...

Beyond ADHD: Overcoming the Label and Thriving

by Jeff Emmerson & Robert Yehling

ADHD has become a common diagnosis among children, and is now being more frequently diagnosed in adults. Jeff Emmerson offers his story alongside expert accounts of what constitutes ADHD, the problems with current...

The American Presidency and Entertainment Media

by Thomas Gallagher

The need for American presidential candidates and sitting presidents to connect with citizens has led to the adoption of diverse media strategies that include traditional news initiatives with established journalists,...

The hurt(ful) body

by Tomas Macsotay, Cornelis van der Haven & Karel Vanhaesebrouck

This book offers a cross-disciplinary approach to pain and suffering in the early modern period, based on research in the fields of literary studies, art history, theatre studies, cultural history and the study...

The Woman Question in Plato's Republic

by Mary Townsend

In this book, Mary Townsend proposes that, contrary to the current scholarship on Plato's Republic, Socrates does not in fact set out to prove the weakness of women. Rather, she argues that close attention to...

Ricoeur's Personalist Republicanism: Personhood and Citizenship

by Dries Deweer

This book explores Ricoeur’s philosophical anthropology and political philosophy. It is unique in its emphasis on the personalist perspective in the work of Paul Ricoeur and on the existence of a distinct,...

Text, Don't Call: An Illustrated Guide to the Introverted Life

by Aaron Caycedo-Kimura

An illustrated guide to the challenges and pleasures of the introverted life

Introversion is "in." But there are still many misconceptions about introverts in the world. They're shy. Anti-social. They don't want...

A Three-Factor Model of Couples Therapy: Projective Identification, Couple Object Relations, and Omnipotent Control

by Robert Mendelsohn

In A Three-Factor Model of Couples Therapy the author presents a new schema of psychodynamic couples therapy that includes a three-factor model for understanding and treating couples. These three factors are:...

Notes on a Foreign Country

by Suzy Hansen

Suzy Hansen left her country and moved to Istanbul and discovered America

In the wake of the September 11 attacks and the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq, Suzy Hansen, who grew up in an insular conservative town in...

An Introduction to Human Operations Psychotherapy

by Steve Davidson

In this book, Steve Davidson offers an innovative approach to psychotherapy and to personal development that builds upon operations theory and the idea that by methodically building operational competence, by...

The Library Staff Development Handbook

by Mary Grace Flaherty

The Library Staff Development Handbook: How to Maximize Your Library’s Most Important Resource provides practical tips, suggestions for resources, and concrete examples for addressing the multiple and varied...

The Omnibus <i>Homo Sacer</i>

by Giorgio Agamben

Giorgio Agamben's Homo Sacer is one of the seminal works of political philosophy in recent decades. A twenty-year undertaking, this project is a series of interconnected investigations of staggering ambition...

Who Are You, Really?: The Surprising Puzzle of Personality

by Brian R. Little

This fun, smart read for anyone eager to better understand (and improve) themselves argues that personality is driven not by nature nor nurture—but instead by the projects we pursue, which ultimately shape...


by Aristotle

Metaphysics is one of the principal works of Aristotle and the first major work of the branch of philosophy with the same name. It is considered to be one of the greatest philosophical works and its influence...