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Byron and Italy

by Alan Rawes & Diego Saglia

Byron in Italy - Venetian debauchery, Roman sight-seeing, revolution, horse-riding and swimming, sword-brandishing and pistol-shooting, the poet's 'last attachment' - forms part of the fabric of Romantic mythology....

Lie There and Lose Weight

by John J. Ordover

For over a year John Ordover documented his struggle to lose weight, in the process creating a battlefield journal of the physical and emotional challenges he faced and how he worked past them. Here Ordover...

Old Haunts

by Craig Hallam

Alan Shaw is at it again.

From homeless urchin to world-class adventurer, Alan has tackled magic, myths and machines, lost love and made one fatal mistake. In an effort to come to terms with what he has done,...

The Four-Year Olympian

by Jeremiah Brown

Improbable, funny, and heart-wrenching, Jeremiah F. Brown’s journey from novice to Olympic rower in under four years is a story about chasing a goal with everything you’ve got.

After nearly being put behind...

The Old English Baron

by Clara Reeve

The Old English Baron is an early Gothic novel by the English author Clara Reeve. The story follows the adventures of Sir Philip Harclay, who returns to medieval England to find that Arthur Lord Lovel, the friend...

FOLKLORE AND LEGENDS OF GERMANY - 30 German folk and fairy tales

by Anon E. Mouse & Retold By Charles John Tibbits

A great read for children and great for reading around a fire on a cold winter night!

Herein you will find 30 old legends and from Germany. Some will be familiar but most less so, and may even seem to be a new...

The Complete Collection of William MacLeod Raine

by William MacLeod Raine

22 Complete Works of William MacLeod Raine

A Daughter of Raasay

A Daughter of the Dons

A Man Four-Square

A Texas Ranger

Brand Blotters

Bucky O'Connor

Crooked Trails and Straight

Gunsight Pass

Man Size


Oh, You...

The Complete Collection of William le Queux

by William Le Queux

23 Complete Works of William le Queux


Hushed Up

Mademoiselle of Monte Carlo

Number 70 Berlin

Sant of the Secret Service

Spies of the Kaiser

The Count's Chauffeur

The Czar's Spy

The Doctor of Pimlico

The Four Faces


The Best Collection of William Harrison Ainsworth

by William Harrison Ainsworth

The Best Works of William Harrison Ainsworth


Jack Sheppard

Old Saint Paul's


The Lancashire Witches

The Star-Chamber, Volume 1

The Star-Chamber, Volume 2

Windsor Castle

LEGENDS OF NORSELAND - 24 Illustrated Norse and Viking Legends

by Edited and Retold by Mara L. Pratt & Anon E. Mouse

Herein are 24 illustrated easy-to-read Norse and Viking legends, including the Song of the Valkyries, rewritten with young adults in mind. Here you will find the legends of the Norse and Viking inhabitants of...

Tracing the path of Giambattista Vico’s universal right

by Fabrizio Lomonaco

This volume offers a close analysis and textual study of Vico’s complex intellectual trajectory before the Scienze Nuove. Particular attention is devoted to the three books of Diritto Universale, as they mark...

The rise of the european self-employed workforce

by Sergio Bologna

Sergio Bologna has long been one of the sharpest analysts and critics of the changing structures in the contemporary labour market. In this new volume, the Italian thinker focuses on the phenomenon of ‘freelance...

Applied Economic Forecasting using Time Series Methods

by Eric Ghysels & Massimiliano Marcellino

Economic forecasting is a key ingredient of decision making both in the public and in the private sector. Because economic outcomes are the result of a vast, complex, dynamic and stochastic system, forecasting...

Kafka's The Trial

by Espen Hammer

Kafka's novel The Trial, written from 1914 to 1915 and published in 1925, is a multi-faceted, notoriously difficult manifestation of European literary modernism, and one of the most emblematic books of the 20th...

The Choice

by Jake Cross

‘You’ve got to help me,’ she pleads.

On a wet road in the black of night, Karl Seabury is driving home to his pregnant wife. Suddenly, caught in his headlights in the middle of the road is a woman shaking...


by Ruth Figgest

Mother and daughter Caroline and Erica are best of friends and worst of enemies.

Set in the American mid- and south-west, their story unfolds over more than 50 years against a backdrop of sweeping social change....

Healing from Hate

by Michael Kimmel

“By the time Matthias was in 7th grade, he felt he’d better belong to some group, lest he be alone and vulnerable. A man needs a posse. It was the skinheads who captured his imagination. They had great parties,...

Bay Tree Cottage

by Anna Jacobs

Book 4 in the Peppercorn series.

The Complete Collection of William Dean Howells

by William Dean Howells

82 Complete Works of William Dean Howells


A Belated Guest

A Boy's Town

A Chance Acquaintance

A Fearful Responsibility and Other Stories

A Foregone Conclusion

A Hazard of New Fortunes

A Likely Story

A Little Swiss...

The Complete Collection of O. Henry

by O. Henry

14 Complete Works of O. Henry

Cabbages and Kings


Roads of Destiny

Rolling Stones

Sixes and Sevens

Strictly Business

The Best American Humorous Short Stories

The Four Million

The Gentle Grafter

The Gift of the...