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Indian Cinema: A Very Short Introduction

Bloomsbury South: The Arts in Christchurch 1933 - 1953

by Peter Simpson

For two decades in Christchurch, New Zealand, a cast of extraordinary men and women remade the arts. Variously between 1933 and 1953, Christchurch was the home of Angus and Bensemann and McCahon, Curnow and...

Indian-Made: Navajo Culture in the Marketplace, 1868-1940

by Erika Bsumek

Ralph Emerson Twitchell Award

New Mexico Book Award

In works of silver and wool, the Navajos have established a unique brand of American craft. And when their artisans were integrated into the American economy...

Summary of  Tribe: by Sebastian Junger | Includes Analysis

by . Instaread

Summary of Tribe by Sebastian Junger | Includes Analysis


Tribe by Sebastian Junger is a scientific and journalistic consideration of the correlation between societies with egalitarian tribal structures...

Japanese Tattoos: History * Culture * Design

by Brian Ashcraft & Hori Benny

Thinking of getting a Japanese-style tattoo? Want to avoid a permanent mistake? Japanese Tattoos is an insider's look at the world of Japanese irezumi (tattoos).

Japanese Tattoos explains the imagery featured...

Sound in Cinema

by Murray Stiller

Sound and visual are independent elements brought together to become the  audiovisual of modern cinema. Sound in cinema and moving pictures juxtapose each other to represent a conversation. However, they speak...

Projections of Memory

Mouse Guard: Art of Bricks

by Alice Finch & David Petersen

What's to Love: This takes two things we absolutely love and mashes them together: David Petersen's Mouse Guard series and toy bricks! We can't begin to fathom the imagination, time, and resources it must have...

Painting the Southern Coast: The Art of West Fraser

by West Fraser, Martha R. Severens & Jean Stern

The beauty and spirit of coastal landscapes and waterways captured and celebrated during a lifetime

The Material Culture of German Texans

by Kenneth Hafertepe

German immigrants of the nineteenth century left a distinctive mark on the lifestyles and vernacular architecture of Texas. In this first comprehensive survey of the art and artifacts of German Texans, Kenneth...

Rendezvous with Death: The Americans Who Joined the Foreign Legion in 1914 to Fight for France and for Civilization

by David Hanna

They volunteered for the French, but they were fighting for the future of civilization.

Before America joined World War I, a small group of Americans volunteered for the French Foreign Legion to help defeat the...

Operation Agreement

by John Sadler

The Special Interrogation Group (SIG) was the most exceptional of Special Forces. Created to raid behind enemy lines posing as German troops, the SIG was largely made up of German Jews who were all too aware...

INSIGHT: MOGADISHU: After 30 years of civil war

by Lemmi Pfeiffer & Mohammed Hadi

The disturbing and depressing scenes of Europe’s refugee crises have pointed out one thing with no doubt: Conflicts in the world, even in remote areas far away, also affect the people’s life in Europe. Who...

Threaded Journeys: Fishing, Hunting, Conservation, Adventure...and America's Future

by Tom Johnson, Karin Johnson & Katie Johnson

Threaded Journeys  is a compilation of fly fishing and bow hunting stories ‘interwoven’ with discussions on various issues regarding conservation, preservation, and healthy living.  The author, Tom Johnson,...


by Stik

The first collected volume of work from feted street artist Stik, fully illustrated and beautifully presented

“Social change is what art does. I don’t know what else there is, to be honest. Social change...

50 Museums to Blow Your Mind

by Lonely Planet & Ben Handicott

Thank the stars for the world's eccentric collectors; hoarders of objects beautiful, strange or downright odd. It is these documentors of the great and trivial - who want to show us all something wonderful about...

The Discovery of El Greco: The Nationalization of Culture versus the Rise of Modern Art (1860-1914)

by Eric Storm

Originally published in Dutch and translated to Spanish for the fourth centenary celebration of the death of El Greco in 2014, this book is a comprehensive study of the rediscovery of El Greco - seen as one...

Watching Jazz

Ramadi Declassified: A Roadmap to Peace in the Most Dangerous City in Iraq

by Anthony E. Deane

"Take Back Ramadi... but don't make it another Fallujah." This was the order Lt. Col. Tony Deane, commander of Task Force Conqueror, received in May of 2006. By then Ramadi, the capital of Anbar province, had...

Heaven, Hell, and Everything in Between: Murals of the Colonial Andes

by Ananda Cohen Suarez

Examining the vivid, often apocalyptic church murals of Peru from the early colonial period through the nineteenth century, Heaven, Hell, and Everything in Between explores the sociopolitical situation represented...