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by Jane Austen

Emma Woodhouse is one of Austen's most captivating and vivid characters. Beautiful, spoilt, vain and irrepressibly witty, Emma organizes the lives of the inhabitants of her sleepy little village and plays matchmaker...

House of Saturno and Gardens of Opi

by Fausto Presutti

A journey to discover the Mediterranean, greek-Roman culture and traditions which still remain and are renewed in a new vision of the XXI century, so as to build a community of people united by spiritual affinities...

Architecture, Modernity, Modernization

by Jean-Louis Cohen

The history of architecture constantly combines two perspectives: one is panoramic and turned towards urban ensembles so as to reveal social or technical policies, while the other looks in close shot at buildings,...

New York Artists

by Henry Theodore Tuckerman

This article, "New York Artists," written by Henry Theodore Tuckerman and published in the July 1856 issue of The Knickerbocker magazine, talks about the working conditions and lives of artists who were at mid-19th...

Memory of Empires: Ancient Egypt - Ancient Greece - Persian Empire - Roman Empire - Byzantine Empire

by Elie Faure

Empires are born. Empires reach their peak. Empires die, but leave their mark through their architecture and artistic achievements. From these specks of dust of memory, 40 centuries of history shape our world...

Medieval Art in the Christian West

by Victoria Charles

September 4, 476 A. D. marked the end of the Western Roman Empire. After several centuries of prosperity, Europe sank into chaos. With Charlemagne, a new dynamic begins that of a civilising reconstruction. The...

Tadao Ando's Church of the Light

by Valeriy Bagrintsev

What do we look at? The wall or the cross, which is not really there?

Former professional boxer, Tadao Ando, though self-taught, is acknowledged as one of the most important Japanese architects and one of the...

Digital Cities

by Maurizio Forte & Helena Murteira

The onset of digital archaeology and its subsequent remarkable development has had a crucial impact on the study of cultural heritage. Presently, researchers are able to manipulate and reinvent digital and historical...

Vermeer and His Time

by Philip L. Hale

Johannes Vemeer, a 17th century artist, is recognised primarily for his genre scenes. Through meticulous precision in his paintings and drawings he achieves perfection and maximum impact. Unlike his predecessors,...

Vincent van Gogh by Vincent van Gogh - Volume 2

by Victoria Charles

This paradox - the sadness and health of the country - reflects van Gogh’s own situation: nature always was a kind of home for him - a home that he could never share with anyone else. In Saint-Rémy, van Gogh...

Vincent van Gogh by Vincent van Gogh - Volume 1

by Victoria Charles

Vincent van Gogh’s life and work are so intertwined that it is hardly possible to see his pictures without reading in them the story of his life, a life which has been described so many times that it is by...

The Art of the Shoe

by Marie-Josèphe Bossan

What is more common than a pair of shoes? In a world where shoes have become an object of mass consumption, these accessories are now rid of any significance. The industry has accomplished its duty: producing...

Western European Illuminated Manuscripts

by Anrdei Sterligov & Tamara Voronova

Anyone fortunate enough to have actually held a medieval manuscript in his hands must have felt excited at this immediate contact with the past. Both famous and unknown authors wrote philosophical, natural scientific...

The Renaissance Engravers

by Jp Calosse

This ambitious work allows the reader to discover the art of engraving in Europe from the 15th to the 16th century. The engravings of the Renaissance masters are considered models of artistic perfection, often...

Marc Chagall - Vitebsk -París -New York

by Mikhaïl Guerman, Sylvie Forestier & Donald Wigal

Chagall loved blue. “The blue of the sky which ceaselessly combats the clouds which pass, which pass…” (Baudelaire). Marc Chagall’s journey began in his native Russia and concluded with his Parisian...

Erotic Art

by Hans-Jürgen Döpp

When asked about Picasso, towards the end of his life, what was the difference between art and eroticism, he replied meditatively and dreamily: “But there is no difference.” others feared eroticism, Picasso...

Robert Delaunay

by Vicky Carl

The French painter Robert Delaunay (1885-1941) revolutionised the use of colour in art. Influenced by the French master Paul Cézanne (1839-1906), close friends with the French poet Apollinaire (1880-1918) and...

Egyptian art

by Jean Capart, Elie Faure & Victoria Charles

Egyptian art is perhaps the most impersonal that exists. The artist effaces himself. But he has such an innate sense of life, a sense so directly moved and so limpid that everything of life which he describes...


by G. Appolinaire & Victoria Charles

Dada shocked the world between the years 1916 and 1922. Dada was not an art movement in the normal sense. It was a storm that broke over the art scene of the time, as the war upon the peoples. They consciously...

Greek art

by Elie Faure & Klaus H. Carl

Greek art, at the very moment that it was breaking up in depth, was scattering over the whole material surface of Hellenic antiquity. After the movement of concentration that had brought to Athens all the forces...