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The Story of the Goths

by Henry Bradley

The Story of the Goths by Henry Bradley is a fascinating history of the people that brought down the Romans.

Intelligent Infrastructure: Zip Cars, Invisible Networks, and Urban Transformation

by T. F. Tierney

While many of its traditional elements, such as roads and utilities, do not change, urban infrastructure is undergoing a fascinating and necessary transformation in the wake of new information and communication...

Collectors, Scholars, and Forgers in the Ancient World

by Carolyn Higbie

Collectors, Scholars, and Forgers in the Ancient World focuses on the fascination which works of art, texts, and antiquarian objects inspired in Greeks and Romans in antiquity and draws parallels with other...

Caught In A Rip: A personal history of Mandurah Surf Life Saving Club

by Warwick Webb

This is a personal account of a decade spent developing a surf life saving facility in Mandurah Western Australia. A few volunteers overcame the odds when dealing with the local council and the organisation’s...

Making it Modern: The History of Modernism in Architecture of Design

by Aaron Betsky

Traces the astonishing opening up of a brave new world of open empty space, the arrival of the beauty and terror of the machine into daily life, and the attempts to represent them in the construction of a modernist...

Medieval Heresy and the Inquisition: How the Vatican Got Away with the Murders of Millions of Innocent People

by Arthur S. Turberville & William Garner

Arthur S. Turberville details the Vatican's doctrine underlying the violent Roman Inquisition, which was used to suppress all opponents to the Roman Catholic Church's well-established religion. This book is...

Discourse on Voluntary Servitude: Why People Enslave Themselves to Authority

by Etienne de La Boétie & William Garner

While short in words, Discourse on Voluntary Servitude speaks volumes to all those who value liberty on all levels, but who are currently trapped in the yoke of oppression by the many tyrants in every government...

Sacred Consumption: Food and Ritual in Aztec Art and Culture

by Elizabeth Moran

Aztec painted manuscripts and sculptural works, as well as indigenous and Spanish sixteenth-century texts, were filled with images of foodstuffs and food processing and consumption. Both gods and humans were...

Historical Dictionary of Contemporary Art

by Ann Lee Morgan

The Historical Dictionary of Contemporary Art details the history of contemporary art through a chronology, an introduction, and an extensive bibliography. The dictionary section has over 900 cross-referenced...

First in the Homes of His Countrymen: George Washington's Mount Vernon in the American Imagination

by Lydia Mattice Brandt

Over the past two hundred years, Americans have reproduced George Washington's Mount Vernon plantation house more often, and in a greater variety of media, than any of their country's other historic buildings....

SME and Entrepreneurship Policy in Israel 2016

by Collectif

This report examines Israel’s performance in stimulating SMEs and entrepreneurship and makes recommendations for government policy. A dual economy has gradually emerged in Israel, in which high rates of successful...

City of Refuge: Separatists and Utopian Town Planning

by Michael J. Lewis

The vision of Utopia obsessed the nineteenth-century mind, shaping art, literature, and especially town planning. In City of Refuge, Michael Lewis takes readers across centuries and continents to show how Utopian...

NATØ: Narrative Architecture in Postmodern London

by Claire Jamieson

Chronicling the last radical architectural group of the twentieth century - NATØ (Narrative Architecture Today) - who emerged from the Architectural Association at the start of the 1980s, this book explores...

The Recovery of Natural Environments in Architecture: Air, Comfort and Climate

by C. Alan Short

The Recovery of Natural Environments in Architecture challenges the modern practice of sealing up and mechanically cooling public scaled buildings in whichever climate and environment they are located. This...

Queer Difficulty in Art and Poetry: Rethinking the Sexed Body in Verse and Visual Culture

by Jongwoo Jeremy Kim & Christopher Reed

Augmenting recent developments in theories of gender and sexuality, this anthology marks a compelling new phase in queer scholarship. Navigating notions of silence, misunderstanding, pleasure, and even affects...

Robin Boyd: Spatial Continuity

by Mauro Baracco & Louise Wright

Australian architect Robin Boyd (1919-1971) advocated tirelessly for the voice of Australian architects so that there could be an architecture that might speak to Australian conditions and sensibilities.His...

What is Wrong with Us?: Essays in Cultural Pathology

by Eric Coombes & Theodore Dalrymple

Can any of us entirely banish from our hearts and minds grave misgivings about the condition of the culture we now inhabit? Expressions of those misgivings are mostly unheard in public forums, ignored in the...

Vertical: The City from Satellites to Bunkers

by Stephen Graham

A revolutionary reimagining of the cities we live in, the air above us, and what goes on in the earth beneath our feet

Today we live in a world that can no longer be read as a two-dimensional map, but must now...

Slave Narrative Six Pack 5

by Various Artists

“Whenever I hear anyone arguing for slavery, I feel a strong impulse to see it tried on him personally.” ― Abraham Lincoln. Recollections of life on a plantation, a thrilling slave escape story, Fifty...

Strategy Six Pack 10

by George Alfred Townsend

“The first method for estimating the intelligence of a ruler is to look at the men he has around him.” - Niccolò Machiavelli. A study of legendary Russian military force The Cossacks, an essay on Thomas...