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The BIM Manager's Handbook

by Dominik Holzer

The BIM Manager's Handbook: Guidance for Professionals in Architecture, Engineering, and Construction

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a design and construction software that manages not just graphics,...

Digital Design Exercises for Architecture Students

by Jason S. Johnson & Joshua Vermillion

Digital Design Exercises for Architecture Students teaches you the basics of digital design and fabrication tools with creative design exercises, featuring over 200 illustrations, which emphasize process and...

The BIM Manager's Handbook, Part 6

by Dominik Holzer

ePart 6: Excelling your BIM Efforts: In this final ePart, BIM is taken to the next level by outlining what is required to truly excel as a BIM Manager. It highlights how BIM Managers acquire the necessary communication...

The BIM Manager's Handbook, Part 5

by Dominik Holzer

ePart 5: Day-to-Day BIM Management: How do you go about mastering hands-on support BIM for your team? ePart 5 introduces the operational tasks a BIM Manager is expected to accomplish. Depending on an organisation’s...

Architectural Design with SketchUp: 3D Modeling, Extensions, BIM, Rendering, Making, and Scripting

by Alexander C. Schreyer

Go beyond the basics: making SketchUp work for you

Architectural Design with SketchUp, Second Edition, is the leading guide to this incredibly useful tool for architects, interior designers, construction professionals,...

Obama Foundation Center

by richärd+bauer architecture

The Obama Presidential Center

Expanding opportunity in the global age, improving the health of our communities, protecting our children from the dangers of climate change, and looking beyond military force to...

The BIM Manager's Handbook, Part 3

by Dominik Holzer

ePart 3: Focus on Technology: How do you ensure your organisation gets the most out of the BIM technology available? Dedicated to the main technology-related aspects of a BIM Manager’s role, this ePart explains...

The BIM Manager's Handbook, Part 4

by Dominik Holzer

ePart 4: Building up a BIM Support Infrastructure: Addressing the ‘back of house’ aspect of BIM Management, this ePart outlines how to go about developing a range of in-house BIM standards and guidelines....

Beyond BIM: Architecture Information Modeling

by Danelle Briscoe

Beyond BIM explores the vast and under-explored design potential undertaken by information modeling. Through a series of investigations grounded in the analysis of built work, interviews with leading practitioners,...

The Tectonics of Structural Systems: An Architectural Approach

by Yonca Hurol

The Tectonics of Structural Systems provides an architectural approach to the theory of structural systems. The book combines:

  • structural recommendations to follow during the architectural design of various...

What Architecture Means: Connecting Ideas and Design

by Denise Costanzo

What Architecture Means introduces you to architecture and allows you to explore the connections between design ideas and values across time, space, and culture. It equips you to play an active and informed...

The BIM Manager's Handbook, Part 2

by Dominik Holzer

ePart 2 Change Management: A BIM Manager might be hired for their technical skills, but their success relies heavily on their ability to be an agent of change within their organisation, facilitating transition...

The BIM Manager's Handbook, Part 1

by Dominik Holzer

ePart 1 Best Practice BIM: Seeking to get BIM right? This ePart provides a touchstone for good practice by introducing a number of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), which represent benchmarks for successful...

Digital Vernacular: Architectural Principles, Tools, and Processes

by James Stevens & Ralph Nelson

Digital Vernacular addresses the why and how of digital fabrication in hundreds of step-by-step color images, illuminating a set of working principles and techniques that join theory with practice. Authors James...

Altruism by Design: How To Effect Social Change as an Architect

by Adam R. Wilmes

Altruism by Design: How to Effect Social Change as an Architect is meant to prepare the individual designer - whether a student or practicing professional - for a career dedicated to serving communities in need...

1000 Monuments of Genius

by Christopher E.M. Pearson

Since the mythical Tower of Babel, humans have continuously tried to erect monuments to match their oversized egos. With ancient ziggurats, the Taj Mahal or the Empire State Building, man has for centuries demonstrated...

Allure of the Incomplete, Imperfect, and Impermanent: Designing and Appreciating Architecture as Nature

by Rumiko Handa

Architects have long operated based on the assumption that a building is 'complete' once construction has finished. Striving to create a perfect building, they wish for it to stay in its original state indefinitely,...

Sustainable Timber Design

by Michael Dickson & Dave Parker

This new resource covers the material selection, structural design and connections detailing of truly sustainable timber buildings through:

  • consideration of the nature of wood and the heritage of timber construction,...

Heating, Cooling, Lighting: Sustainable Design Methods for Architects

by Norbert Lechner

Sustainable environmental control through building design

Heating, Cooling, and Lighting is the industry standard text on environmental control systems with the emphasis on sustainable design. By detailing the...

Cognitive Architecture: Designing for How We Respond to the Built Environment

by Ann Sussman & Justin B Hollander

In Cognitive Architecture, the authors review new findings in psychology and neuroscience to help architects and planners better understand their clients as the sophisticated mammals they are, arriving in the...