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Stanislav Zhukovsky: Selected Paintings

by Desislava Marinova

Stanislav Yulianovich Zhukovsky (1873–1944) was a Polish-Russian painter, and a member of Mir iskusstva.

Zhukovsky was born in Yendrikhovtsy (J?drzychowice), Grodno Province. He was a student of Isaac Levitan...

Carl Larsson:  Selected Paintings

by Siana Bhatt

Carl Larsson (1853 - 1919) was a Swedish painter and interior designer, representative of the Arts and Crafts Movement. His many paintings include oils, watercolors, and frescoes. He considered his finest work...

Lev Lagorio: Selected Paintings

by Biliana Kostova & Georgieva

Lev Feliksovich Lagorio (1826 - 1905) was a Russian painter and watercolorist, known primarily for his seascapes and maritime scenes. He was associated with the "Cimmerian" school of painting, composed of artists...

Ivan Shishkin: Selected Paintings

by Georgi Lazarov

Ivan lvanovich Shishkin (1832 - 1898) was a Russian landscape painter closely associated with the Peredvizhniki movement.

Shishkin was born in Yelabuga of Vyatka Governorate (today Republic of Tatarstan), and...

Bogdanov-Belsky: Selected Paintings

by Boriana Dimitrova

Nikolay Petrovich Bogdanov-Belsky (1868–1945) was a Russian painter. Bogdanov-Belsky was born in the village of Shitiki in Smolensk Governorate in 1868. He studied art at the Semyon Rachinsky fine art school,...

Julius Klever: Selected Paintings

by Nikolai Ivanov

Julius Sergius von Klever (1850 - 1924) was a Russian landscape painter of Baltic-German ancestry. His father was a chemist who taught pharmacology at the Veterinary Institute. He displayed artistic talent at...

Konstantin Gorbatov: Selected Paintings

by Vanya Evsatieva

Konstantin Ivanovich Gorbatov (1876–1945) was a Russian post-impressionist painter.

He was born in Stavropol in the Samara province. Gorbatov lived in Riga from 1896 to 1903, and studied civil engineering before...

Ivan Aivazovsky: Selected Paintings

by Vladimir Stoyanov

Ivan Aivazovsky (1817 -1900) was Russian world-renowned painter living and working in Crimea, most famous for his seascapes, which constitute more than half of his paintings. Aivazovsky is widely considered...

Viktor Vasnetsov: Selected Paintings

by Galina Peeva

Viktor Mikhaylovich Vasnetsov (1848 -1926) was a Russian artist who specialized in mythological and historical subjects. He is considered the co-founder of Russian folklorist and romantic modernist painting...

Valentin Serov: Selected Paintings

by Venelin Kaloyanov

Valentin Alexandrovich Serov (1865 -1911) was a Russian painter, and one of the premier portrait artists of his era. He was born in St. Petersburg, son of the Russian composer Alexander Serov, and his wife Valentina...

Ilya Repin:  Selected Paintings

by Ivan Petrov

Ilya Yefimovich Repin (1844 – 1930) was a leading Russian painter and sculptor of the Peredvizhniki artistic school. An important part of his work is dedicated to his native country, Ukraine. His realistic...

Nikolai Ge:  Selected Paintings

by Rumen Vitchev

Nikolai Nikolaevich Ge (1831 – 1894) was ? Russian realist painter famous for his works on historical and religious motifs.

He was born in Voronezh City, to a Russian noble family of French origin. His grandfather...

Isaac Levitan:  Selected Paintings

by Katerina Ivanova

Isaac llyich Levitan (1860 -1900) was a classical Russian landscape painter who advanced the genre of the "mood landscape". Isaac Levitan's hugely influential art heritage consists of more than a thousand paintings,...

Grasping Shadows

by William Chapman Sharpe

What's in a shadow? Menace, seduction, or salvation? Immaterial but profound, shadows lurk everywhere in literature and the visual arts, signifying everything from the treachery of appearances to the unfathomable...

Thoughts On Art and Life

by Leonardo Da Vinci & Maurice Baring (Translator)

Thoughts On Art and Life by Leonardo Da Vinci; translated by Translated by Maurice Baring, english edition 1906.

A fascinating collection of writings from the great polymath of the Italian Renaissaince, Leonardo...

Traces of Vermeer

by Jane Jelley

Johannes Vermeer's luminous paintings are loved and admired around the world, yet we do not understand how they were made. We see sunlit spaces; the glimmer of satin, silver, and linen; we see the softness of...

Artistic Research in the Future Academy

by Daniel Butt

The rapid growth of doctoral-level art education provides both a challenge to traditional conceptions of university knowledge and, Danny Butt argues, a blueprint for the university’s future. Synthesizing institutional...

Mahlon Blaine's Blooming Bally Bloody Book

by Roland Trenary & Mahlon Blaine

A one-eyed Jazz Age artist evades suicide (unlike his perfect model) and, haunted by his muse, clings to a 50-year rollercoaster of successes and failures. From big timber Oregon to silent Hollywood to New...

Nitrogeno 04

by Aa. Vv.

Nitrogeno is intended as a powerful tool to pursue the worldwide diffusion of alchemic principles and practices, since is the opinion of the founding crew that the current moment in history is the right time...

Cinema is a dream

by Andrea Rabbito, Lucia De Vanna & James Butler

The emergence and spread of new images – photography, film, television and audiovisual – have brought about an important epistemological revolution that has encouraged contemporary man to have a new attitude...