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THE DRAWINGS OF LEONARDO DA VINCI - 49 pen and ink sketches and studies by the Master

by Illustrated By Leonardo Da Vinci & Introduced by Charles Lewis Hind

This volume is intended for all art-lovers and students of art anywhere in the world. Words are not required to describe the beauty of these drawings, their splendour speaks volumes instead.

Herein you will find...

Byzantine Art

by Robin Cormack

The opulence of Byzantine art, with its extravagant use of gold and silver, is well known. Highly skilled artists created powerful representations reflecting and promoting this society and its values in icons,...

Addressing the other woman

by Kimberly Lamm

This book analyses how three artists - Adrian Piper, Nancy Spero and Mary Kelly - worked with the visual dimensions of language in the 1960s and 1970s. These artists used text and images of writing to challenge...

Blick Mead: Exploring the 'first place' in the Stonehenge landscape

by Tom Phillips, David Jacques & Tom Lyons

The Stonehenge landscape is one of the most famous prehistoric places in the world, but much about its origins remains a mystery and little attention has been paid to what preceded, and thus may have influenced,...

Rites aux portes

by Patrick Maxime Michel

Le colloque organisé les 2-3 mai 2014 à l’Université de Genève avait pour but de donner une vue d’ensemble des connaissances sur les rites liés aux portes ou la ritualisation des passages à travers...

Healing Angels

by Nami James Nesterowicz

Do you believe in angels? Are they cutesy and pretty, or are they powerful energetic beings? This book of artwork will help you get a glimpse of angels and other luminous beings through the eyes of Nami Nesterowicz,...


by Michael Abraham Falugi

In his new collection of poetry and abstract paintings, Michael Falugi, evokes poetic images through his words and paintings, where fantasy and reality intertwine in a seamless fashion.

His poetry and paintings...

Black Box

by Martin Gantman & Lise Patt

In her foreword to the book, Black Box: Decoding the Art Work of Martin Gantman, the noted art historian and artist, Dr. Lise Patt, writes the following:


Martin Gantman grew his artistic bones during the last...

One Hundred Years of Futurism

by John London

One hundred years after the publication of the founding manifesto of Futurism, there is a need to reassess the whole movement from its Italian roots to its international ramifications. In wide-ranging essays...

Australian Film Theory and Criticism Vol 3

by Deane Williams & Constantine Verevis

The third part of a three-volume work devoted to mapping the transnational history of Australian film studies, Australian Film Theory and Criticism, Volume 3 concludes the project by gathering together the 'Documents'...

Bringing a Picture to Life

by Katie Madison & Giuliana Devivo

Katie Madisons role as an art educator is to mentor and inspire students creatively. Bringing a Picture to Life breaks down the layers of a picture, so that each element is recognizable by itself. All seven...

Life Is Beautiful .. with Jackpot Around ...

by Phiew’s Collections

Life is beautiful ... with Jackpot around a story between Jackpot, a happy and fun-loving little red poodle, with his human, reflected through his human's drawings.

This book is all about Jackpot, his fun...

Hollywood Deco Fashions of the 1920S

by Marianne Dunat & Roland J. Bain

This book, Hollywood Deco Fashions of the 1920s, traces the experiences of a young French woman along the path she followed in 1919 from a very small village in the south of France to the grandeur of Hollywoods...

Let’S Face It

by Janeil Smith

This book is written by the author after many years of studying and working as an art therapist. It is written for ordinary people to understand the benefits for many of us to engage in art therapy. The book...

Falling for Gravity

by Catherine James

This book begins with the observation that contemporary artists have embraced and employed gravity as an immaterial readymade. Necessarily focusing on material practices – chiefly sculpture, installation,...

The Art of War

by Barbara McCloskey & Deborah Ascher Barnstone

War and trauma are fundamental human experiences and central to German history, especially in the twentieth century. Since the First World War, which some Germans celebrated as the chance to annihilate the old...

A Knight Without His Lovers

by Jamel Gross

Book Summary

A Knight Without His Lovers is a set poetries where readers will feel falling in love all over again. I feel compelled to talk about the dark ages in that time to love and not to love and to love...


by Nigar Çelik, Bilge Isik & MUSTAFA AYDIN


The international journal A+ArchDesign is expecting manuscripts worldwide, reporting on original theoretical and/or experimental work and tutorial expositions of permanent reference value are welcome. Proposals...


by Reşat M. Başar, Nigar Çelik & MUSTAFA AYDIN


“There can be no words without images.” (Aristotle)

We all live in a visually surrounded world. We are intensively surrounded by exciting and motivating images. This is visual communication, which doesn’t...


by Nigar Çelik & MUSTAFA AYDIN

The international journal A+ArchDesign is expecting manuscripts worldwide, reporting on original theoretical and/or experimental work and tutorial expositions of permanent reference value are welcome. Proposals...