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Painter of Pedigree

by Lawrence Trevelyan Weaver

The industrial and agricultural revolutions transformed the face of Britain. Fiery blast furnaces, pit-head steam engines and fuming lime-kilns scarred a landscape cut across by canals, turnpikes and railways....

Color Birdz: Creative Inspiration of the Feathery Sort

by Amarilys Henderson

Amarilys Henderson paints through Dr Ph Martin's Radiant Water Colors Sets A, B, and C with a different bird to showcase each! What began as a social media challenge--#colorbirdz--is now compiled in this small,...

David Sedaris Diaries: A Visual Compendium

by Jeffrey Jenkins & David Sedaris

A remarkable illustrated volume of artwork and images selected from the diaries David Sedaris has been creating for four decades

In this richly illustrated book, readers will for the first time experience the...

The Imaginary Geography of Hollywood Cinema 1960–2000

by Christian Long

The Imaginary Geography of Hollywood Cinema 1960-2000 combines digital cartography with close readings of representative films to write a history of twentieth century Hollywood narrative cinema at the intersection...

Film Studies in China

by Contemporary Cinema

Film Studies in China is a collection of specially selected articles chosen from issues of the Contemporary Cinema journal published throughout the year. Contemporary Cinema is one of the most prestigious academic...

Teufel the Terrier; Or the Life and Adventures of an Artist's Dog

by Charles Morley & J. Yates Carrington

First published in 1890, "Teufel the Terrier; Or the Life and Adventures of an Artist's Dog" is a collection of wonderful illustrated stories recounting the various antics of the author's dog, 'Teufel'. These...

The Fabric of Cultures: Systems in the Making

by Eugenia Paulicelli

The Fabric of Cultures: Systems in the Making is a groundbreaking multidisciplinary, pedagogic and research project that reflects on the art of making, craftsmanship and technology in a globalized world. The...

The ideals of the East - with special reference to the  art of Japan

by Kakuzo Okakura

This treatise is a brief but very concise introduction to Asian art. Writing from a Japanese perspective and focusing on Japanese art, one of the most important themes is the relationship between spirituality,...

Beechwood Review 3: Fall 2017

by Richard J Heby

Beechwood Review 3, featuring minimalist writing & art from 52 talented writers and artists.

The contributors to this edition are: Al Ortolani, Barbara A Meier, Bette Pesetsky, Brendan Zietsch, Casey Romaine,...

Ivan Kulikov:  Selected Paintings

by Bogdan Vasilev

Ivan Semyonovich Kulikov (1875 - 1941) was a Russian painter, primarily of portraits and genre scenes.

He was born to a peasant family that had recently moved to Murom from a rural village. His father was a roofer...

Gavril Kondratenko:  Selected Paintings

by Kiril Gerginov

Gavril Kondratenko (1854 -1924) was born to a peasant family. He studied in the Imperial Academy of Arts in 1873–1882; at first as a noncredit student in the class of historical painting under the guidance...

Lev Kamenev:  Selected Paintings

by Gergana Minkova

Lev Lvovich Kamenev (1834 – 1886), was a Russian landscape painter.

He was born in 1834. Soon afterwards, his father, a small trader, moved with the family in Astrakhan, where Lev studied at the local grammar...

Ivan Makarov:  Selected Paintings

by Silvia Karaivanova

Ivan Kuzmich Makarov (1822 - 1897) was a Russian portrait painter.

He was born while his father was a student of Alexander Stupin at the Arzamas School of Painting, Russia's first provincial art school. When...

Boris Grigoriev:  Selected Paintings

by Vera Kostadinova

Boris Grigoriev (1886 – 1939) was a famous Russian painter, graphic artist and writer. In the 1910’s Boris Grigoriev was considered to be one of the most highly-paid and impressive Russian portrait-painters....

Vereshchagin:  Selected Paintings

by Georgi Petrov

Vasily Vasilyevich Vereshchagin (1842 -1904) was one of the most famous Russian war artists and one of the first Russian artists to be widely recognized abroad. The graphic nature of his realist scenes led many...

Vasily Polenov:  Selected Paintings

by Kiril Velinov

Vasily Dmitrievich Polenov (1844 – 1927) was a Russian landscape painter associated with the Peredvizhniki movement of realist artists.

A native of St. Petersburg, Polenov studied under Pavel Chistyakov and...

Vasily Surikov:  Selected Paintings

by Bojidar Vaklinov

Vasily Ivanovich Surikov (1848 -1916) was the foremost Russian painter of large-scale historical subjects. His major pieces are among the best-known paintings in Russia. In his canvases Surikov dealt with many...

Nikolai Yaroshenko:  Selected Paintings

by Karina Nikolova

Nikolai Alexandrovich Yaroshenko (1846 – 1898) was a Russian painter. He was born in the city of Poltava, Russian Empire (now Ukraine) to a son of an officer in the Russian Army. Yaroshenko chose a military...

Vladimir Borovikovsky:  Selected Paintings

by Sirma Veneva

Vladimir Lukich Borovikovsky (1757 – 1825) was a Russian painter of Ukrainian origin who dominated portraiture in Russia at the turn of the 19th century.

Vladimir Borovikovsky was born V?l?dymyr Borovyk in...

The Confusion between Art and Design

by Tsion Avital

In the past century the borders have blurred between art and design. Designers, artists, aestheticians, curators, art and design critics, historians and students all seem confused about these borders. Figurative...