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Jel Jel the Melting Jellyfish

by EK Jasmine

The beauty of the ocean is quite fascinating, however, it can also be, to a certain extent, perilous, as one jellyfish will discover.

The story is about Jel Jel a jellyfish that frolicked too close to the shoreline...

Playing the Soprano Recorder

by Lois Veenhoven Guderian

Written for general music classes, group and private instruction, and self-learners, Playing the Soprano Recorder provides teachers and students with a sequential and musical approach to learning Western music...

A New Dictionary of Art: One word - 3000 definitions

by Robert Good & Jane Glennie

A New Dictionary of Art takes a refreshingly alternative approach to the question ‘What is Art?’. Take your pick from over 3,000 definitions compiled from the internet via chat-rooms and discussion forums...

Richard the Third (Serapis Classics)

by Jacob Abbott

THE mother of King Richard the Third was a beautiful, and, in many respects, a noble-minded woman, though she lived in very rude, turbulent, and trying times. She was born, so to speak, into one of the most...

Seven Roman Statesmen (Serapis Classics)

by Charles Oman

THERE WAS A TIME, NOT so very long ago, when the taunt was true that history was written as if it were a mere string of anecdotal biographies of great men. But for the last forty years the pendulum has been...

Over and Out: My Innings of a Lifetime with Test Match Special

by Henry Blofeld

For over half a century, Henry Blofeld has conveyed his unfailing enthusiasm for the game of cricket as a much loved broadcaster and journalist. His characteristically patrician tones, overlaid with those of...

The 50 Francis Street Photographer

by Suzanne Behan

From the 1950s to the 1990s, John Walsh ran his photography business out of a small shop on 50 Francis Street in inner city Dublin. For over forty years, he took thousands of photos on all aspects of Dublin...

See Ya Later: The World According to Arron Crascall

by Arron Crascall

Alright guys? It's me, Arron. Or as some people call me, 'that guy with the phone, the skinny jeans and the really fat head'.

In a world that seems to be freefalling without a parachute towards utter chaos, I'm...

David Busch's Canon EOS 6D Mark II Guide to Digital SLR Photography

by David D. Busch

David Busch's Canon EOS 6D Mark II Guide to Digital SLR Photography is your all-in-one comprehensive resource and reference for the long-awaited Canon EOS 6D Mark II camera, the company’s most affordable full-frame...

Jorge Tacla: Sign of Abandonment

by Candace Moeller & Paula Barría

"His paintings register the upheavals big and small that all cities and cultures are both enduring and sliding toward, unable to halt the passage of time and history." John Yau Includes texts by: John Yau; Francesca...

Pyrrhus (Serapis Classics)

by Jacob Abbott

PYRRHUS, King of Epirus, entered at the very beginning of his life upon the extraordinary series of romantic adventures which so strikingly marked his career. He became an exile and a fugitive from his father's...

Ponce de Leon (Serapis Classics)

by Frederic Ober

Ponce de León was a Spanish explorer and conquistador. He became the first Governor of Puerto Rico by appointment of the Spanish crown. He led the first known European expedition to La Florida, which he named...

Richard I (Serapis Classics)

by Jacob Abbott

King Richard the First, the Crusader, was a boisterous, reckless, and desperate man, and he made a great deal of noise in the world in his day. He began his career very early in life by quarreling with his father....

Nero (Serapis Classics)

by Jacob Abbott

Antium was situated on the sea-coast about thirty miles south of the Tiber. A bold promontory here projects into the sea, affording from its declivities the most extended and magnificent views on every side....

The Real Diddy

by Harris Rosen

Behind the Music Tales is a series which captures the mood and feel of the energy that surged through music and pop culture in the 90s and 2000s. It presents exclusive original interviews as an honest record...

The Beatles - Quiz Book

by Joanna Wild

Are you good at doing quiz? Could you take part in TV programs? Are you ready to take the challenge to test you intelligence?

How much do you know about the Beatles? Here are 200 questions to test you knowledge...

Under My Thumb: Songs That Hate Women and the Women That Love Them

by Rhian Jones, Eli Davies & Tamar Shlaim

Discussions and analyses of music – whether on TV, in books or in the music press – have always been full of the stories of men. When female fans appear in these stories it is often through the eyes and...

The Crown: The Official Companion, Volume 1: Elizabeth II, Winston Churchill, and the Making of a Young Queen (1947-1955)

by Robert Lacey

The official companion to the Emmy-winning Netflix drama chronicling the reign of Queen Elizabeth II, and starring Claire Foy and John Lithgow, The Crown by Peter Morgan, featuring additional historical background...

Unseen: Unpublished Black History from the New York Times Photo Archives

by Dana Canedy, Darcy Eveleigh & Damien Cave

Hundreds of stunning images from black history have long been buried in The New York Times archives. None of them were published by The Times--until now. UNSEEN uncovers these never-before published photographs...

Upside-Down Dogs

by Serena Hodson

Celebrated pet photographer Serena Hodson's silly, drooly, whimsical, and fun Upside-Down Dogs is sure to bring a smile to every dog lover's face. Her unique perspective brings these sweet, full color photos...