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Photographing the Aurora Borealis

by Andy Long

Award-winning photographer and accomplished instructor Andy Long provides a comprehensive guide to photographing the Aurora Borealis. It, readers will learn everything they need to know about photographing this...

The Beaver Hall Group 2-Book Bundle

by Evelyn Walters

From the vanguard of Modernism in Montreal, the Beaver Hall Group included painters who are now ranked among Canada's most distinguished artists. Evelyn Walters brings her extensive knowledge of the group to...

Profitable Album Design and Sales

by Andrew "Fundy" Funderburg

Andrew Funderburg discusses how to build a richer experience for your clients and your business by creating an experience through storytelling across a sequence of images, rather than in isolated portraits that...

Inspire Yourself

by Mark Campbell

Every professional photographer finds him or herself in a bit of a creative rut at some point in their career.

In this unique book, award-winning photographer and digital artist Mark Campbell (Wheeling, WV) shares...

William Faulkner at Twentieth Century-Fox

by Sarah Gleeson-White

William Faulkner at Twentieth Century-Fox is a scholarly edition of the five screenplays that Faulkner wrote while under contract to Twentieth Century-Fox during the mid-1930s, and another he wrote in the early...

Theatre: Its Art and Craft

by Cynthia M. Gendrich & Stephen Archer

The seventh edition of an introductory text, this book explains how theatre happens, who makes it happen, and what they do. Aimed at beginning theatre majors, minors, or non-majors, the book covers playwrights,...

Connecting The Wire: Race, Space, and Postindustrial Baltimore

by Stanley Corkin

Critically acclaimed as one of the best television shows ever produced, the HBO series The Wire (2002-2008) is a landmark event in television history, offering a raw and dramatically compelling vision of the...

Intimate Violence

by David Greven

Intimate Violence explores the consistent cold war in Hitchcock's films between his heterosexual heroines and his queer characters, usually though not always male. Decentering the authority of the male hero,...

The Snow Blossom Princess

by Alexander Lopez

A young Princess goes on a great adventure to a distant country. There, she meets a charming Prince, who spoils and reveres her. The two fall in love and get married, but suddenly the Princess becomes melancholic...

Calligraphies of Love

by Hassan Massoudy

Inspired by timeless poems from around the world, Hassan Massoudy's calligraphy takes us on a visual journey through love in its many forms. Through his signature broad strokes and vibrant colours, this master...

Calligraphies of Love

by Hassan Massoudy

Inspired by timeless poems from around the world, Hassan Massoudy’s calligraphy takes us on a visual journey through love in its many forms. Through his signature broad strokes and vibrant colours, this master...

Pattern: & the secrets of lasting design

by Emma Bridgewater

This is the black and white paperback ebook edition of Pattern, published in hardback in 2016 by Saltyard Books.

If you would like the original colour illustrated version of Pattern it is available in hardback...

Gig Posters Volume 2: Rock Show Art of the 21st Century

by Clay Hayes

Readers gave the first Gig Posters anthology a standing ovation—so for your viewing pleasure, here’s one heck of an encore: 700 more incredible posters from the archives of, the Internet’s...

A Simple Story: The Last Malambo

by Leila Guerriero & Frances Riddle

Obsession and mastery in their purest states: the story of one dancer’s attempt to win the biggest contest of his life. Every year, at the height of summer, the remote Argentine village of Laborde holds the...

You Don't Look Fat, You Look Crazy: An Unapologetic Guide to Being Ambitchous

by Ashley Longshore

Carpe diem, bitches.” —Ashley Longshore

Pour a glass of champagne, slip off your designer heels, pull up your big girl panties and enjoy pop-artist extraordinaire Ashley Longshore’s unapologetic, raw,...

Shades—Of Painting at the Limit

by John Sallis

"[Sallis’s] ideas are presented in a singular, scholarly, remarkable, captivating, conceptually rigorous, dense, and deep manner.... Highly recommended." —Choice

"This fascinating book by one of the more...

In the Process of Becoming

by Janet Schmalfeldt

With their insistence that form is a dialectical process in the music of Beethoven, Theodor Adorno and Carl Dahlhaus emerge as the guardians of a long-standing critical tradition in which Hegelian concepts have...

Teaching Music Improvisation with Technology

by Michael Fein

Incorporating technology in music classrooms can take the mystery out of improvisation. What music technology does is establish a strong foundation for chord, scale, phrase, ear training, and listening exercises,...

Rogues' Gallery: A History of Art and its Dealers

by Philip Hook

Philip Hook takes the lid off the world of art dealing to reveal the brilliance, cunning, greed and daring of its practitioners. In a richly anecdotal narrative he describes the rise and occasional fall of the...

The Virtuoso Teacher

by Paul Harris

By considering The Virtuoso Teacher and how a teacher might attain virtuoso status, renowned educator and writer Paul Harris delves into the core issues of being a teacher and the teaching process. A fascinating...