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The Artful Sketch

by Mary Phan

Handmade Artwork to Inspire Your Creative Life

Take your love for hand lettering, coloring, and doodling to the next level with this easy guide to creating gorgeous sketches by hand. Artist Mary Phan has toured...

Let the Good Times Roll

by Kenney Jones

The long-awaited memoir of the legendary drummer's life and times in the bands Small Faces, Faces, and The Who.

From the Mod revolution and the British Invasion of the 1960s, through the psychedelic era of the...

Jarmila Novotná

by Jarmila Novotná, William V. Madison & Brian Kellow

A legendary beauty, hailed as one of the greatest singing actors of her time, Jarmila Novotná (1907--1994) was an internationally known opera soprano from the former Czechoslovakia. Best known for her performances...

Watercolor Lettering

by Jessica Park

  • Hand lettering books continue to sell well, and watercolor is an increasingly popular niche
  • Author is a modern calligrapher with an Instagram following of over 150,000
  • Features over 200 full color, step-by-step...

  • Now I'm Here

    by Jim Provenzano

    “It’s people like Mama and me, I guess, who like to make the regular happenings in our town—like what happened to Joshua and David—sound like myth. There are those who doubt the veracity of my words....


    by Cristina Baldacci & Marco Bertozzi

    Montage, today, is a widespread procedure that doesn’t concern just artistic production, but also our daily lives and the use everyone makes of that huge visual archive that contemporary media place at our...

    The Relentless Pursuit of Tone

    by Robert Fink, Melinda Latour & Zachary Wallmark

    The Relentless Pursuit of Tone: Timbre in Popular Music assembles a broad spectrum of contemporary perspectives on how "sound" functions in an equally wide array of popular music. Ranging from the twang of country...

    Big Tom

    by Tom Gilmore

    This biography is a tribute to Big Tom McBride and his extraordinary career as an Irish Country Music Legend. Big Tom was the undisputed King of Irish country music with a singing career spanning over 60 years....

    A Not-So-Savage Land

    by Peter Johnson

    A richly illustrated exploration of the art, life, and historical impact of artist Frederick Whymper, who documented the landscape of the North American west.

    Before the advent of photography, the topography...

    The Essential Films of Ingrid Bergman

    by Constantine Santas & James M. Wilson

    Ingrid Bergman was not only an incomparable beauty but one of the finest actresses of cinema’s Golden Age. She made her start in modest productions in Sweden before Hollywood beckoned and soon became one of...

    100 Greatest Film Scores

    by Matt Lawson & Laurence MacDonald

    The background music on a film can make or break the audience experience. Imagine the shower scene in Psycho without the shrieking violins or Jaws without the ominous notes that portend the shark’s attack!...

    Star Trek

    by M. Keith Booker

    First airing in 1966, with a promise to “boldly go where no man has gone before,” Star Trek would eventually become a bona fide phenomenon. Week after week, viewers of the series tuned in to watch Captain...

    Saving Mona Lisa

    by Gerri Chanel

    In August 1939, curators at the Louvre nestled the world’s most famous painting into a special red velvet-lined case and spirited her away to the Loire Valley. So began the biggest evacuation of art and antiquities...

    Ready, Set, Improvise!

    by Suzanne Burton & Alden Snell

    Improvisation - the creation of a unique combination of musical content within a musical context - is core to musicianship. As authors Suzanne L. Burton and Alden H. Snell II demonstrate, students already build...

    Disruptive Play

    by Shepherd Siegel & Colleen Sheehan

    Disruptive Play: The Trickster in Politics and Culture journeys from ancient folkloric appearances of Tricksters such as Raven and È?ù-Elegba, to their confined role in Western civilization, and then on...

    Music Assessment for Better Ensembles

    by Brian P. Shaw

    Assessment is central to ensemble music. Yet, teachers do not always have the expertise to harness its potential to improve rehearsals and performances, and promote and document student learning. Written specifically...

    Make Arts for a Better Life

    by Kathleen Van Buren & Brian Schrag

    Make Arts for a Better Life: A Guide for Working with Communities provides a ground-breaking model for arts advocacy. Drawing upon methods and theories from disciplines such as ethnomusicology, anthropology,...

    Identities and Audiences in the Musical

    by Raymond Knapp, Mitchell Morris & Stacy Wolf

    Issues of identity have always been central to the American musical in all its guises. Who appears in musicals, who or what they are meant to represent, and how, over time, those representations have been understood...

    Media and Performance in the Musical

    by Raymond Knapp, Mitchell Morris & Stacy Wolf

    For the past several years, the American musical has continued to thrive by reflecting and shaping cultural values and social norms, and even commenting on politics, whether directly and on a national scale...

    Histories of the Musical

    by Raymond Knapp, Mitchell Morris & Stacy Wolf

    The American musical is a paradox. On stage or screen, musicals at once hold a dominant and a contested place in the worlds of entertainment, art, and scholarship. Born from a mélange of performance forms that...