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Renegotiating French Identity

by Jane F. Fulcher

In Renegotiating French Identity, Jane Fulcher addresses the question of cultural resistance to the German occupation and Vichy regime during the Second World War. Nazi Germany famously stressed music as a marker...

To Play Again

by Carol Rosenberger

At age twenty-one, while she was working with the legendary Nadia Boulanger in France, concert pianist Carol Rosenberger was stricken with paralytic polio—a condition that knocked out the very muscles she...

Remote Capture

by Jody Butterworth, Andrew Pearson, Patrick Sutherland & Adam Farquhar

This is a must-read how-to guide if you are planning to embark on a scholarly digitisation project. Tailored to the specifications of the British Library’s EAP (Endangered Archives Programme) projects, it...

Sense and Sadness

by Tala Jarjour PhD

Sense and Sadness is a study of music modality in relation to human emotion and the aesthetics of perception. It is also a musical story of survival through difficulty and pain. Focusing on chant at St George's...

The Notebooks of Alexander Skryabin

by Simon Nicholls & Michael Pushkin

Russian composer Alexander Skryabin's life spanned the late romantic era and the momentous early years of the twentieth century, but was cut short before the end of the first world war. In a predominantly conservative...

eBook Cover Design - A Case Study About Improving Book Covers

by Miguel Marques

A case study with a complete and detail view of all the design process to design an eBook cover series.

From initial objectives and briefing to the final eBook cover design, you can learn how the eBook cover...

Inside Aviation Photography

by Chad Slattery

  • Enjoy over 120 images of aviation crafts in the sky, in near space, and on the ground
  • Find out how images are captured: in flight, lighting, equipment, and special techniques
  • Learn about amazing aircraft and spacecraft...

  • Show Cats

    by Larry Johnson

  • Find out how Larry Johnson photographs cats that enter into cat shows
  • See images of cat that show a variety of breeds, characteristics, poses, groups,and kittens
  • Enjoy over 180 images that portray the essence...

  • Shakespeare on Theatre

    by William Shakespeare & Nick de Somogyi

    A unique collection of Shakespeare's every reflection on the theatre, offering fascinating insights into the man, his work, and the world of the Jacobean stage.

    Shakespeare was a man of the theatre to his core,...

    Tackling Text [and subtext]

    by Barbara Houseman

    An intensely practical handbook for actors on how to cope with text, subtext, character and situation. Preface by Kenneth Branagh.

    Having helped the actor with basic vocal technique in her enormously successful...

    Percy Moore Turner

    by Sarah A. M.  Turner

    Grudgingly acknowledged as the main mentor for the Courtaulds in building their art collections, the London and Paris art dealer, Percy Moore Turner, is now largely forgotten in this country. Yet, in France,...

    Stranger Than Paradise

    by Jamie Sexton

    A low-budget breakout film that wowed critics and audiences on its initial release, Stranger than Paradise would prove to be a seminal film in the new American independent cinema movement and establish its director,...

    Show Trial

    by Thomas Doherty

    In 1947, the Cold War came to Hollywood. Over nine tumultuous days in October, the House Committee on Un-American Activities held a notorious round of hearings into alleged Communist subversion in the movie...

    Magnets and miracles. Loneliness and nostalgia in Pink Floyd’s lyrics

    by Jacopo Caneva

    Following 10 songs you should listen to before you die and the books on Tim Burton and Hayao Miyazaki, Jacopo Caneva’s latest work carries out a short, but in-depth study on the concepts of loneliness and...

    Screen Stories

    by Carl Plantinga

    The way we communicate with each other is vital to preserving the cultural ecology, or wellbeing, of a place and time. Do we listen to each other? Do we ask the right questions? Do we speak about each other...

    The Language of Ruins

    by Patricia A. Rosenmeyer

    A colossal statue, originally built to honor an ancient pharaoh, still stands today in Egyptian Thebes, with more than a hundred Greek and Latin inscriptions covering its lower surfaces. Partially damaged by...

    Something Wonderful

    by Todd S. Purdum

    A revelatory portrait of the creative partnership that transformed musical theater and provided the soundtrack to the American Century

    They stand at the apex of the great age of songwriting, the creators of the...

    So You Want to Sing CCM (Contemporary Commercial Music)

    by Matthew Hoch

    So You Want to Sing CCM (Contemporary Commercial Music) presents a compendium of approaches to non-classical singing with an emphasis on vocal technique and function. Over the past twenty years, approaches to...

    Little Book of Tokyo

    by Ben Simmons

    Take a photographic journey through the modern marvels and historical treasures of Tokyo in this informative, portable Japan travel guide.

    The Little Book of Tokyo is the perfect introduction to this enchanting,...

    Building Anglo-Saxon England

    by John Blair

    A radical rethinking of the Anglo-Saxon world that draws on the latest archaeological discoveries

    This beautifully illustrated book draws on the latest archaeological discoveries to present a radical reappraisal...