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Royal Renegades

by Linda Porter

Publishers Weekly called Katherine the Queen Rich, perceptive, and creative.” In Royal Renegades, Porter examines the turbulent lives of the children of Charles I and the English Civil Wars.

The fact that...

A Dangerous Woman

by Susan Ronald

A revealing biography of Florence Gould, fabulously wealthy socialite and patron of the arts, who hid a dark past as a Nazi collaborator in 1940’s Paris.

Born in turn-of-the-century San Francisco to French...

The $20,000 T-Shirt

by Devon Weaver

Have you ever felt like you were failing as a parent?  Me too.

At a random moment together in the kitchen, my wife asked me what I was teaching our two kids.  The question ran through me like a 12-gauge shotgun...

No Dancing, No Dancing

by Denis Dragovic

What happens to aid projects after the money is spent? Or the people and communities once the media spotlight has left?

No Dancing, No Dancing follows the return journey of a former aid worker back to the site...

Just Another Kid

by Torey Hayden

"Just Another Kid is not just another book. This remarkable teacher's memoir reminds us that love takes many forms." -The New York Times

From the bestselling author of One Child comes the true story of six children...

Murphy's Boy

by Torey Hayden

When Torey Hayden first met fifteen-year-old Kevin, he was barricaded under a table. Desperately afraid of the world around him, he hadn’t spoken a word in eight years. He was considered hopeless, incurable,...

One Child

by Torey Hayden

Six-year-old Sheila never spoke, she never cried, and her eyes were filled with hate. Abandoned on a highway by her mother, unwanted by her alcoholic father, Sheila was placed in a class for emotionally disturbed...

Somebody Else's Kids

by Torey Hayden

"A heartwarming book full of tenderness." --Library Journal

From the bestselling author of One Child, the true story of four problem children and one extraordinary teacher.

They were all "just somebody else's...

Hiding Out

by Tina Alexis Allen

“A writer candidly confronts her personal truth in her quest for transformation, transcendence, and redemption.” –Kirkus Review

Actress and playwright Tina Alexis Allen’s audacious memoir unravels her...

Spiritual Trilogy

by Stephen W. Hiemstra

This trilogy combines three books published previously: A Christian Guide to Spirituality, Life in Tension, and Called Along the Way. Together they chronicle a spiritual journey during the period from 2013 through...


by John Robinson

From Humble beginnings to becoming a millionaire twice in his lifetime, John Robinson weaves the story of his life. Born in the deep south, reared by a mother living the life of a migrant worker, John endures...

Black Sheep

by Gabriel Hershman

Once hailed by John Osborne as ‘the greatest actor since Brando’, latterly known as a ruined genius whose unpredictable , hellraising behaviour was legendary, Nicol Williamson always went his own way. Openly...

Witnessing Romania's Century of Turmoil

by Nicolae Margineanu, Calin Cotoiu & Dennis Deletant

Nicolae Margineanu's journey started in 1905 in the village of Obreja in Transylvania and ended in 1980 in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. He began his life under Austro-Hungarian rule, was witness to the 1918 Union,...

Eleanor Cameron

by Paul V. Allen & Gregory Maguire

Eleanor Cameron (1912-1996) was an innovative and genre-defying author of children's fiction and children's literature criticism. From her beginnings as a librarian, Cameron went on to become a prominent and...

Phyllis Tickle

by Jon M. Sweeney

• Authorized text, initiated with Phyllis Tickle’s active involvement • Covers the full range of her life and work By the time of her death in 2015, Phyllis Tickle was one of the most beloved and respected...

There's Always the Hills

by Cameron McNeish & Sam Heughan

From his home in the Cairngorms of Scotland, Cameron McNeish reflects on a life dedicated to the outdoors. Following his career as an international long jump athlete, he has for almost forty years written and...

Thunderbolt! (Illustrated)

by Robert S. Johnson & Martin Caidin

Thunderbolt! The Extraordinary Story of a World War II Ace is the incredible true life story of Robert S. Johnson, one of America’s leading fighter pilot aces in World War II. His memoir is an action-packed...

Carlo Acutis, the Servant of God

by Francesco Occhetta & Carly Andrews

In the face of death, the hope of every man is put to the test. When one is dealing with the illness and death of a young boy, one seems to oscillate on the edge of incomprehensibility. Yet there are testimonies...

The Reminiscences of a Marine

by Major General John A. Lejeune

John Archer Lejeune (1867 – “Although there have been many men who have left their mark on the United States Marine Corps, few have created such a lasting impression as John Archer Lejeune."

Historical Studies...

Radhe Krishna

by Sandeep Sharma

Jai shri Krishna