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Gutenberg to the the Flash of a Prairie Lifetime

by Howard C Barlow


From Gutenberg to the Internet is only one story in this book. This is a story of this pivot point for many people who, like me, lived through the changes and challenges of this transitional era in the newspaper...

When the Killer Man Comes

by George Galdorisi, Paul Martinez & Nicholas Irving

The thrilling combat memoir by special operations sniper Paul Martinez, who spent seven years in Special Operations and was a sniper assigned to 3rd Ranger Battalion.

America has one force with the single mission...

Boho Days

by J. Collis

“I’m writing one great song before I…”

When Jonathan Larson died, he left behind a musical poised to become a world-spanning phenomenon. When RENT struck, Larson became a legend - and his work legendary....

Margaret Wise Brown

by Leonard S. Marcus

"Leonard S. Marcus... has masterfully written about a fascinating woman who in her short life changed literature for the very young. I was throroughly enchanted."--Eric Carle

Nearly fifty years after her sudden...


by Octavio Solis

Octavio: Selling and Marketing Points


Accessible writing that is a mix of memoir and flash fiction.   Stories quickly lead readers to dramatic, emotional moments, and each vignette builds upon the next.


A Rebel in Gaza

by Asmaa al-Ghoul, Sélim Nassib & Mike Mitchell

Asmaa al-Ghoul is a Palestinian journalist, now exiled in France, who grew up in the Rafah refugee camp in Gaza. Her book offers a rare view of a young woman coming into her own political and secular beliefs...

Once You Go In

by Carly Gelsinger

Carly Gelsinger is an awkward and lonely thirteen-year-old when she stumbles into Pine Canyon Assemblies of God, the cracked stucco church on the outskirts of her remote small town. She assimilates, despite...

The Buddha at My Table

by Tammy Letherer

KEY SELLING POINTS: • The first chapter of The Buddha at My Table was posted on and picked up by the Huffington Post. It was syndicated to Germany and Australia and received more than 4,000...

Play by Play

by Verne Lundquist

One of America's most beloved sportscasters turns the spotlight on his own life, chronicling his incredible life covering Southeastern Conference football and some of the most iconic moments in sports history...

Jackie Robinson

by Joe Schuster

The year was 1947. A talented young minor-league baseball player was called up to the majors to join the Brooklyn Dodgers. But this was no ordinary man, nor any simple achievement. This was Jackie Robinson:...

Great Second Acts

by Marlene Wagman-Geller

Antony said of Cleopatra, “Age cannot wither her, nor custom stale/Her infinite variety.” Shakespeare’s sentiment can be applied to the women profiled in Great Second Acts who refused to be defined by...

Wally Funk's Race for Space

by Sue Nelson

In 1961, Wally Funk was among the Mercury 13, the first group of American pilots to pass the ‘Women in Space’ programme. Wally sailed through a series of rigorous physical and mental tests, her scores beating...

Linda McCartney Conversations

by Ronald Ritter & Sussan Evermore

We began 'Conversations with Linda McCartney' on a quiet Sunday morning in Bath in the United Kingdom. That morning I had the strong emotion to contact her through Sussan. I said to her it might be possible...

Falling for London

by Sean Mallen

  • A memoir of a journalist uprooting his family and trying to adjust to life in London, a crumbling apartment, and his dream job becoming his family's nightmare
  • Unique and humorous look at the "glamorous" life...

An Irrational Hatred of Everything

by Robert Banks

It has been a long fifteen years since cult favourite An Irrational Hatred of Luton took readers on a tortured journey through the world of a committed football supporter. Author and lifelong Hammer’s fan...

Dreaming Out Loud

by Baby Ariel megastar and recording artist Baby Ariel tells the inspiring story behind her empire of more than 35 million fans. Full of revealing personal anecdotes, advice, doodles, and never-before-seen photos! ...


by Jedediah Bila

Have you ever looked at your email, then texts, then Facebook, then Twitter, then email, then Instagram, then Candy Crush, then texts, then Snapchat, then texts again, and now you’ve wasted the time you had...

Old Gimlet Eye

by Lowell Thomas

Smedley Butler joined the Marine Corps at age 16 and took part in critical military actions in Cuba, the Philippines, China, Central America, Mexico, and France. He won renown as a battlefield hero and was the...

William Penn

by Andrew R. Murphy

On March 4, 1681, King Charles II granted William Penn a charter for a new American colony. Pennsylvania was to be, in its founder's words, a bold "Holy Experiment" in religious freedom and toleration, a haven...

A Transcendental Journey

by Stephen Evans

There was no plan. Just an old car, an old map, an old book, and the beginning of a new life.

A Transcendental Journey is the quirky account of one man’s meander across America, encountering natural wonders...