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I Could See Nothing: Settling West Texas

by Mary Lou Crump Koehler & Lou Anna Koehler

"Howdy, folks. This story starts back in 1886, in Henrietta, Texas. My name is Bob and I was six years old back then..." Thus speaks Bob Crump, the author's father, as he begins to describe the family's move...

America's Daughter

by Maria Nhambu

In America’s Daughter, the second book of the trilogy, the author arrives in the United States in the company of Catherine Murray, an American high-school teacher. Her adjustment to a new culture includes...

No Remedy for Love

by Liona Boyd

  • Liona Boyd’s last autobiography, In My Own Key, sold over 30,000 copies
  • Written in Boyd's own words without a ghostwriter
  • New memoir details Boyd's 2004 divorce, uprooting her life, and how she conquered...

In My Own Key

by Liona Boyd

Exotic venues, sold-out concerts, and the companionship of the world’s most powerful people have given Liona Boyd a lifestyle that, like her music, is one in a million.

The internationally acclaimed classical...

The Great Gould

by Peter Goddard

A startling new portrait of Gould, published in co-operation with the Gould estate.

Considered one of the most influential musicians and cultural figures of his time, Glenn Gould remains a fascinating figure....

Emotive Writing. I, writer by chance

by Giovanni Tommasini

My story, a writer by chance. 

A deep reflection on the readers comments. Its pages touched me My writing, your reading, routes covered together. A journey inside ourselves from our daily experiences always...

Moliere : Story of the Greatest French Writer

by Great Authors Collection, Margaret Oliphant & Andrew Lang

This book presents the Story of the Greatest French Writer: Moliere. "Among the many great names which make French literature illustrious, there is scarcely one which is so universally acknowledged and of such...

Connie: The Marvellous Life of Learie Constantine

by Harry Pearson

His father was a first-class cricketer, his grandfather was a slave.

Born in rural Trinidad in 1901, Learie Constantine was the most dynamic all-round cricketer of his age (1928-1939) when he played Test cricket...

The Road to WEXcellence: Leadership with Integrity

by Michael Dubyak

The Road to WEXcellence: Leadership with Integrity is the remarkable story of a company that demonstrates vision, persistence, grit, and the ability to create longstanding partnerships with small and large...

The Road to WEXcellence

by Michael Dubyak

The Road to WEXcellence: Leadership with Integrity is the remarkable story of a company that demonstrates vision, persistence, grit, and the ability to create longstanding partnerships with small and large...

In Search of Nice Americans

by Geoff Steward

How one man's mid-career crisis turned into an odyssey into the weirder side of American life.

Like most of us, Geoff Steward was rocked by 2016's litany of horrors. Unlike most of us, Geoff did something about...

Finding My Badass Self: A Year of Truths and Dares

by Sherry Stanfa-Stanley

Blending humor with self-discovery and inspiration, Sherry Stanfa-Stanley takes on a brave project at age 52 that she calls The 52/52 Project. She takes on the challenge to do one thing a week that pushes her...

Electric October

by Kevin Cook

The story of six ordinary ballplayers whose paths crossed in the 1947 World Series--and the ways that epic October changed their lives

The 1947 World Series was “the most exciting ever” in the words of Joe...

Notes on a Foreign Country

by Suzy Hansen

Suzy Hansen left her country and moved to Istanbul and discovered America

In the wake of the September 11 attacks and the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq, Suzy Hansen, who grew up in an insular conservative town in...

The World Broke in Two

by Bill Goldstein

A revelatory narrative of the intersecting lives and works of revered authors Virginia Woolf, T. S. Eliot, E. M. Forster and D. H. Lawrence during 1922, the birth year of modernism

The World Broke in Two tells...

Beyond the High Blue Air: A Memoir

by Lu Spinney

"Like The Year of Magical Thinking by Joan Didion, Beyond the High Blue Air is a spare, sharp memoir about the speed with which a comfortable existence can be blighted by grief."

-Bee Wilson,

The Sunday Times...

Chopin and His World

by Jonathan D. Bellman & Halina Goldberg

A new look at the life, times, and music of Polish composer and piano virtuoso Fryderyk Chopin

Fryderyk Chopin (1810–49), although the most beloved of piano composers, remains a contradictory figure, an artist...

A Sinner in Mecca

by Parvez Sharma

This is the Islam you’ve never been allowed to see. Daringly reported from its frontlines and forbidden to most of humanity for centuries. 

The Hajj pilgrimage is a journey every Muslim is commanded by God...

And Your Daughters Shall Prophesy

by Adrian Shirk

  • A thoughtful, complex spiritual quest and narrative revisionist history
  • Written from a female perspective, contextualized within a feminist history of American religious traditions: And Your Daughters Shall...

  • Beyond the High Blue Air

    by Lu Spinney

  • Beyond the High Blue Air is a gorgeously written and vital literary contribution to the conversation surrounding assisted deaths, the right to die, the ambiguity of loss, and the tenuous nature of consciousness....