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Realizing Our Place

by Catherine Egley Waggoner & Laura Egley Taylor

What does it mean to be from somewhere? Does place seep into one's very being like roots making their way through rich soil, shaping a sense of self? In particular, what does it mean to be from a place with...

The Coach Who Strangled the Bulldog

by Dick Friedman

This book details the life of Percy Haughton, college football’s first modern coach. A true innovator of the game, his Harvard squads went 71-7-5 during his tenure and were deemed national champions three...

An Autobiography

by Anthony Trollope

An Autobiography of Anthony Trollope.

In Stoner's mind: to be John Williams

by Aa.Vv. (a cura di Mario Giudici)

It often happens, at the end of a book which is important to us, to ask ourselves how the idea of that story was born, how and by whom the protagonist that struck us was conceived. Sometimes, when digging up,...

Jeff Bezos: The Force Behind the Brand

by Jr MacGregor

What is it about him that makes him a super achiever?

What about him can turn an idea into a world-changing mega-company?

What about him is like you and what isn’t?

What can you learn from him? 

Read, and find...

Egyptian Gods of a Quantum Universe

by Ronald Ritter

Why are we here? What a question and what an answer.

Are there answers to why cancer exists? The cure is in the cancer, strange answer but revealing and confronting.

If I was to tell you all knowledge comes from...

South Toward Home

by Julia Reed & Jon Meecham

In considering the pleasures and absurdities of her native culture, Julia Reed quotes another Southern writer, Willie Morris, who said, “It’s the juxtapositions that get you down here.” These juxtapositions...

Emily Wilding Davison

by Lucy Fisher

Emily Wilding Davison was the most famous suffragette to die in the battle for women’s rights after she rushed onto the Epsom racecourse in 1913 and collided with the King’s horse.

Her notorious final act...


by Peter Hain

Mandela: His Essential Life chronicles the life and legacy of one of the twentieth century's most influential and admired statesmen. Charting his development from remote rural roots to city lawyer, freedom fighter,...


by Robert Anthony Siegel

Criminals is a brilliant and lovingly told story of one family's progress through the years, from Robert's childhood in NYC in the 1970s to his father's death in 2002.

The Siegels of New York are a singular creation—quirky,...

The King's Assassin

by Benjamin Woolley

An absorbing account of the conspiracy to kill King James I by his handsome lover, the Duke of Buckingham, an historical crime that has remained hidden for 400 years.

The rise of George Villiers from minor gentry...

The Agenda

by Memory Bengesa & Mansa Mneme

As a black person, have you experienced racism in America?

Is your default position to blame others?

How can we change the way we react when faced with the issues around racism?

There is no doubt that racism exists...

The Memoirs of Detective Vidocq (Annotated)

by Eugène François Vidocq

Eugène François Vidocq (1775-1857) was a French criminal who became the founder and first director of the crime-detection Sûreté Nationale as well as the head of the first known private detective agency....

A Transcendental Journey

by Stephen Evans

There was no plan. Just an old car, an old map, an old book, and the beginning of a new life.

A Transcendental Journey is the quirky account of one man’s meander across America, encountering natural wonders...

The Song of a Library

by Maciej Bielawski

This book is a "bibliographic novel" about Raimon Panikkar's library, based on his marginalia and readings.

John Stuart Mill

by Timothy Larsen

John Stuart Mill observed in his Autobiography that he was a rare case in nineteenth-century Britain because he had not lost his religion but never had any. He was a freethinker from beginning to end. What is...


by David Schiff

Elliott Carter (1908-2012) was the foremost composer of classical music in America during the second half of the 20th century. Over the course of a career that spanned seven decades, he consistently produced...

A Man Called Mark

by Tom Linthicum

• Well-known and well-loved bishop of the Episcopal Church and Anglican Communion This official biography tells the compelling story of the Rt. Rev. Mark Dyer: Irish Catholic boy from New Hampshire, U.S. Navy...

Be Careful of This Woman

by Rahayu Rahmat & Brandy M Miller

Treated like Cinderella by a mother who could not love me, I thought my Prince Charming would rescue me from a life I hated and we were soon wed. That was the beginning of a nightmare that took me 15 years to...

Calling the Brands

by Monty McCord

Calling the Brands tells the story of the, "range detectives," "stock detectives," and "inspectors," who usually worked completely alone, courageously capturing or killing livestock rustlers in order to assure...