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My Predicament: A Struggle with HIV

by Jibrin Idris Inuwa


There are various modes of contracting HIV, but the most common one is through sex. People judge HIV carriers differently, most thinking that those who are HIV positive are promiscuous. This way of...

Four Passions: Conversations with Myself

by Wallace Peters


Author Wallace Peters is a renowned medical scientist in his 80s whose main interest is tropical medicine. In 2007, he and his Swiss wife, Ruth, moved into a peaceful retirement village in the English...

Windjamming to China

by Gustav Tjgaard


Windjamming to China sails on the fringes of history. It covers the first half of the twentieth century, a time when almost all wind-driven vessels of the sailing age had been discarded, replaced...

Sergeant Sappho

by Sidney K. Lebhart


"Being gay and being in the Army was a never-ending struggle for me. Nothing, and no one was safe, and being on guard continuously for almost ten years left indelible scars. In spite of everything,...

Through the Eyes of a South African Woman and Other Children

by Andrina D. Abrahamse


In 1958, South Africa was going through one of its most horrendous eras - Apartheid. Andrina Abrahamse writes a riveting, personal account of her experiences growing up and working during this pivotal...

The Modern Voice of an Irish Immigrant

by Imelda Cummins-DeMelkon


The Modern Voice of an Irish Immigrant is author Imelda Cummins-DeMelkon's fascinating account of her experience growing up in Ireland as one of twelve children, and the struggle for autonomy and...

To Cherish Harm: My Story

by Soli Jacques

Synopsis: To Cherish Harm is the intimate, autobiographical story of a severely abused child, bloodied by a disturbed alcoholic mother. Witness what happens to this little girl's psyche as she evolves in hiding,...

And Reality Be Damned...: Undoing America: What media didn't tell you about the end of the Cold War and the fall of communism in Europe

by Robert Buchar

Synopsis: The real danger of Soviet deception during the fall of communism is exposed in this startling account that takes a firsthand look behind the Iron Curtain.---- Learn how the KGB sought world domination,...

These Are Your Endorphins Speaking

by John Spencer

Synopsis: Australians are great travellers, possibly because most Australians are immigrants or the sons and daughters of immigrants. I'm sure there has been a gene selected for the Australian population simply...

A Mom's Wish: Finding the Path through the Autism Maze

by Christina Lee

Synopsis: Spend twenty years on a journey with Christina Lee and her family. A Mom's Wish lets you in on everything Christina wishes she had known before her family learned to cope with her son's autism. ----...

The War Has Ended But The Memory Lingers On

by Christiaan Gutteling & Helen Co-Author Gutteling Atkinson

Synopsis: This fascinating tale of living under German occupation during World War II is told from the unique perspective of a Dutch secret agent. Highlighted by high drama, it is an epic story of life and conflict...

Legacy for Donna : A Palliative Death Full of Blessings  A Plea for Preventive Genealogies

by Denis Rodda R.P.N


In this personal and gripping account of nursing her dying sister, Denise Rodda shares her insight from the experience and presents the concept of a nurturing and comforting Palliative Death process....

Destiny's Waltz, In Step with Giants

by Robert de Warren

Synopsis: In a memoir both fascinating and amazing, Robert de Warren recounts his life and career as a distinguished ballet dancer, director, choreographer and designer. It is a life in which art and a driving...

So Many Hotels, So Little Time

by Kenneth Vincent

Synopsis: Take a wild and bumpy ride through the world of hotel management in the new book So Many Hotels, So Little Time. ---- See the inner workings of a hotel and live the dramas that play out behind the...

The Mosaic

by Gilbert Cretuzberg

Synopsis: The haunting, epic tale, The Mosaic begins when Gilbert is eleven years old and the Nazis invade his country. After Holland capitulates, Gilbert returns to school to find the seat of a Jewish classmate...

The Gypsy Saw Two Lives

by Rodica Mihalis

Synopsis: The Gypsy Saw Two Lives is the memoir of a woman whose life journey takes her from communist Romania to America, the land of freedom, but it also holds many surprises, good and bad. ----- This true...

A Perilous Journey to the Border Patrol

by Martin Kelso

Synopsis: In A Perilous Journey to the Border Patrol, author Martin Kelso offers true, exciting and often humorous short stories that provide snapshots of his extraordinary experiences in life. This highly entertaining...

A Journey On Borrowed Time

by Robert Russell Allen

Synopsis: This is a true story of endurance, survival, and success with the help of Alcoholics Anonymous and God. A journey that begins in innocence, staggers forward through six decades, and ends up teetering...

Me Father Was A Hero And Me Mother Is A Saint Book

by Eamonn Sheridan

Synopsis: Me Father Was a Hero and Me Mother Is a Saint is the true story of a large working-class family from North Dublin. "It begins with the period of my father's service with 'E' company 1st Battalion Dublin...

Fire in my Hands: Through the Land of Colour

by Lesley Ann Eden

Synopsis: Based on a true story, Fire in my Hands Through the Land of Colour depicts the courageous adventure of one woman's battle to challenge herself on an expedition across Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Antigua...