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Rising Wolf, the White Blackfoot: Hugh Monroe's Story of his First Year on the Plains

by James Willard Schultz

Get an inside look at the way of life of North America's Native American tribes in the years before large numbers of white pioneers began to arrive. This fascinating account follows the life of Hugh Monroe,...

Lafayette, We Come!: The Story of How a Young Frenchman Fought for Liberty in America and How America Now Fights for Liberty in France

by Rupert S. Holland

History buffs are well aware that the American Revolution garnered the respect and support of the French, and some historians posit that it may have even helped to inspire the French Revolution. In Lafayette,...

Getting at the Inner Man: And Fifty Years on the Lecture Platform

by Robert Shackleton & Russell H. Conwell

American minister and public speaker Russell Conwell was one of the most fascinating figures of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Among many other accomplishments, Conwell composed one of the most popular...

The Seer of Slabsides

by Dallas Lore Sharp

American naturalist John Burroughs was an important figure in the U.S. conservation movement who extolled the virtue of cutting-edge scientific research, as well as espousing a more traditional view of the wonders...

Why Lincoln Laughed

by Russell H. Conwell

Though he would later achieve widespread acclaim as a popular minister and writer, when he was a young man serving in the Union army, Russell Conwell had a chance encounter with then-President Lincoln. Over...

Seven Wives and Seven Prisons: Or, Experiences in the Life of a Matrimonial Monomaniac. A True Story

by L. A. Abbott

This fantastically entertaining memoir relates the trials and tribulations of a self-described "matrimonial monomaniac" -- a man who is hopelessly addicted to marriage. Rather than wedded bliss and happily-ever-after,...

Beautiful Joe

by Marshall Saunders

Pet lovers will cherish this "autobiography" of a special dog from Maine named Beautiful Joe. Subjected to horrible, sadistic abuse at the hands of his original owner, Joe is eventually adopted by a caring family....

The Silent Isle

by Arthur Christopher Benson

British writer A. C. Benson is best remembered as a contributor to the genre of horror, having produced a series of groundbreaking ghost stories. But hailing from an exceptionally intellectual and well-read...

A First Year in Canterbury Settlement

by Samuel Butler

On the verge of entering the Anglican clergy, Samuel Butler experienced a sudden change of heart and instead decided to set sail for New Zealand, where he established a sheep farm. Butler chronicles his rocky...

Some Reminiscences

by Joseph Conrad

One of the unifying themes that runs through Joseph Conrad's work is the problem of perception: two people can witness the same event and come away with completely diverging impressions of what occurred. Given...

Ned Myers

by James Fenimore Cooper

Quebec-born Ned Myers was a fascinating character who knew he was destined for a life on the sea from an early age. Orphaned as a young boy, Myers ran away to New York City at the tender age of 11 to fulfill...

The Loom of Youth

by Alec Waugh

Hailing from a renowned literary family, the writer Alec Waugh caused a scandal with the publication of his autobiographical novel/memoir, The Loom of Youth. The book treats the subject of homosexual relationships...

The Spirit of Rome

by Vernon Lee

Italy springs to life in the pages of this collection of luminous essays, vignettes and observations from Vernon Lee. Presented as fragments from an old diary kept by an expatriate whose youth was spent in Rome,...

William Ewart Gladstone

by James Bryce

Among his many claims to fame, British statesman William Ewart Gladstone served as prime minister four separate times, more than anyone else in history. In this brief biography, a fellow liberal politician,...

The Notebooks of Samuel Butler

by Samuel Butler & Henry Festing Jones

British author Samuel Butler is today best remembered for his utopian novel Erewhon. However, Butler had a voracious intellect and wide-ranging interests that were not always reflected in his fiction. This volume...

The History of Peter the Great: Emperor of Russia

by Voltaire & Tobias Smollett

French Enlightenment thinker Voltaire saw much to admire in Russian emperor Peter the Great. Most significantly, Voltaire admired Peter's tireless efforts to drag Russia from its medieval mindset and thrust...

Studies in Contemporary Biography

by James Bryce

Get up close and personal with some of the heavy hitters of British history in this engaging volume of brief biographical sketches. With an emphasis on extracting moral lessons from the lives and choices of...

The Life

by John Galt

Painter Benjamin West was an important figure in art history, as he was born in what later became the United States in 1738 and was reaching his creative peak just as the Revolutionary War broke out. As such,...

Stories of the Ships

by Lewis R. Freeman

A journalist with insatiable wanderlust, Lewis R. Freeman spent decades traveling the globe as a war correspondent and as a special embed with the U.S. Navy Fleet. This collection of nautical tales includes...


by Jacob Abbott

Cleopatra, the last pharaoh of ancient Egypt, was a mysterious and beguiling figure who has fascinated historians for thousands of years. In this detailed account of her life and influence, author Jacob Abbott...