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Tribute: Lewis Carroll Author of Alice in Wonderland

by Michael L. Frizell & Mark Stroud

The whimsical, nonsensical stories exploring the fantasy world of Alice started with the simple friendship between young, beautiful Alice Liddell and the kind and creative Lewis Carroll. This books is a tribute...

Female Force: Lady Almina: The Woman behind Dowton Abbey

by Michael Troy & Giuseppe Latanza

Will the real 'Downton Abbey' please stand up? With the success of PBS' steamy series set in yesteryear England, interest has been garnered in the 'real' Downtown Abbey, Lady Almina. Join Bluewater comics as...

Black History: Leaders

by Chris Ward & Azim Akberali

In honor of Black History Month, comic book publisher Bluewater Productions offers a special trade paperback featuring biographies of leading African-American personalities. The 96-page anthology includes the...

FAME: Adele (Spanish Edition)

by Michael Troy & Manuel Diaz

Bluewater Production sigue su popular línea de comics biografía con FAME: ADELE. En este comic biográfica, seguimos a la joven cantante de poderosas baladas desde que era una simple chica de Tottenham hasta...

Tribute: Cory Monteith

by CW Cooke & Beniamino Bradi

In this comic book novella developed with the Official Cory Monteith fan club the " Montourage". The comic book showcase the talent of a life that was cut to short. Tribute: Cory Monteith shows the superstar...

FAME: Nicki Minaj

by Michael Troy & Jill Lamarina

From her humble beginnings in Jamaica to her humble upbringing in Queens New York to her spotlight alongside high profile judges on the Panel of American Idol (including her infamous feuding with Mariah Carey.)...

Twilight Unbound: The Stephenie Meyer Story

by Ryan Burton & Dave MacNeil

From a dream, to a string of best sellers, to a successful movie franchise, Stephenie Meyer has captured the imagination of millions with her stories about a young girl and her vampire lover. Now the tables...

Female Force: Laura Ingraham

by Jerome Maida & Manuel Diaz

Born into a middle-class family, Laura Ingraham has become an American success story. Denounced by many early in her career as a bigot because of her deeply held Christian views, Ingraham has drawn strength...

Female Force: Paula Deen

by Michael Troy & Manuel Diaz

Bluewater Productions proudly announces the addition of Paula Deen to their popular line of Female Force comic books. Written by Troy, Michael with art by Manuel Diaz. Paula Deen has an interesting life with...

Tribute: L. Frank Baum The Wizard of Oz

by Mike Lynch & Manuel Diaz

Tribute: Frank Baum tells the story of one of the greatest childrens authors of the 20th Century. Read about Baum's upbringing in a small town in New York State, his work in the theatre and his move to HollyWood...

Female Force: Gabrielle Giffords

by CW Cooke & Nick Justus

In the face of tragedy is when heroes are born and miracles happen, and Gabrielle Giffords is nothing if not both. A terrible attempt was made on her life and we all stopped and took notice, waiting with baited...

FAME: Adele

by Michael Troy & Manuel Diaz

Bluewater productions continues it's popular line of biography with The Fame: Adele written by Troy, Michael with art by ? Learn the exciting path of the British power balladeer who took the world by storm and...

Female Force: Melinda Gates

by Melissa Seymour & Manuel Diaz

Practicing Catholic, Melinda Gates, has dedicated her life to helping women in third world countries gain access to birth control. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has been recognized over and over for...

Fame: Tom Daley

by Michael Troy & Alex Schumacher

Bluewater Productions introduces a new biography comic featuring Tom Daley. British diver Tom Daley made quite a splash at the 2012 Olympic Games with his winning personality, boyish good looks and impressive...

Female Force: Kylie Minogue

by Steve Stone & Jill Lamarina

The diminutive singing sensation from Down Under's story is told in "FAME: Kylie Minogue." Kylie's colourful experiences are brought to life as we follow the star's ups and downs. From capturing nation's hearts...

Tribute: Frank Capra

by Matthew J. Elliott & David T. Cabera

Frank Capra is an icon of American popular culture. But he is so much more than simply the director of It's a Wonderful Life, the most beloved Christmas movie of all time. Bluewater's comic book biography traces...

Political Power: Donald Trump

by Jerome Maida & Amer Moghrabi

Donald Trump is a billionaire, a real-estate mogul and television star. But does he really want to add President of the United States to his resume? Learn how his Grandfather and father both instilled in him...

Female Force: Julia Child

by Michael Troy & Nathan Girten

Perhaps no single individual has left as indelible an impression on the culinary world as Julia Child. She charmed millions of television viewers worldwide with her infectious passion for cooking and eccentric...

Slow Ball Cartoonist: The Extraordinary Life of Indiana Native and Pulitzer Prize Winner John T. McCutcheon of the Chicago Tribune

by Tony Garel-Frantzen

Slow Ball Cartoonist takes readers on a journey to an earlier era in America when cartoonists played a pivotal role each day in enabling major daily newspapers to touch the lives of their readers. No American...

Orbit: George R.R. Martin: The Power Behind the Throne (Spanish Edition)

by JS Earls & JM Cuellar

Esta es una historia épica de cómo un amante del comic y humilde muchacho de Jersey se convirtió en el rey supremo de una era de fantasía. El es más conocido por su obra, "Juego de Tronos" serie de televisión,...