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The Secret Life of Uri Geller: CIA Masterspy?

by Jonathan Margolis

New Biography Shows Celebrity Spoon Bender, Uri Geller, Secretly Worked for U.S. Intelligence Agencies 


This authorized biography of Uri Geller tells his life story and explores recent claims about his clandestine...

True Genius: The Life and Work of Richard Garwin, the Most Influential Scientist You've Never Heard of

by Joel Shurkin

Richard Garwin was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Barack Obama 

Called a "true genius" by Enrico Fermi, Richard Garwin has influenced modern life in far-reaching ways, yet he is hardly...

Dear Friend, from My Life I Write to You in Your Life

by Yiyun Li

In her first memoir, award-winning novelist Yiyun Li offers a journey of recovery through literature: a letter from a writer to like-minded readers.

“A meditation on the fact that literature itself lives and...

Jack and Norman

by Jerome Loving

This is the story of an author and his apprentice. It is the story of literary influence and tragedy. It is also the story of incarceration in America.

Norman Mailer was writing The Executioner’s Song, his...

Her Name Was Dolores

by Pete Salgado & Gabriel Vázquez Aguayo

ENGLISH EDITION: This book will take us behind-the-scenes of her stardom and inside the music business. Jenni Rivera, a gentle woman often filled with doubt. A spiritual woman who lived in faith. A woman...

The Kingdom of Happiness: Inside Tony Hsieh's Zapponian Utopia

by Aimee Groth

Fearless gonzo journalism—an insider’s look at the enigmatic and successful CEO of Zappos, Tony Hsieh, and his quest to create his own version of utopia in the center of Las Vegas.

In 2010 Tony Hsieh was...

Convergence: The Idea at the Heart of Science

by Peter Watson

A brilliant history of science over the past 150 years that offers a powerful new argument—that the many disparate scientific branches are converging on the same truths.

Convergence is a history of modern science...

Traveling with Ghosts: A Memoir

by Shannon Leone Fowler

From grief to reckoning to reflection to solace, a marine biologist shares the solo journey she took—through war-ravaged Eastern Europe, Israel, and beyond—to find peace after her fiancé suffered a fatal...

The Education of Will: A Mutual Memoir of a Woman and Her Dog

by Patricia B. McConnell

In this powerful, soul-searching memoir, beautifully written in the vein of A Pack of Two and Wild, animal behaviorist Dr. Patricia McConnell recounts for the first time the compelling story of her dark past,...

The Way of Letting Go

by Wilma Derksen

Maybe it was the sting of remarks from a relative or friend. Maybe a miscarriage ended your hopes for a family. For all of your heartbreaks, maybe you wished there was someone to help you through. For Wilma...

Why I Left, Why I Stayed

by Tony Campolo & Bart Campolo

Bestselling Christian author, activist, and scholar Tony Campolo and his son Bart, an avowed Humanist, debate their spiritual differences and explore similarities involving faith, belief, and hope that they...

Rescuing Penny Jane

by Amy Sutherland

What shelter dogs need is obvious—a home. But how do we find all those homes? That question sends bestselling writer and lifelong dog lover Amy Sutherland on a quest to find the answers in her own volunteer...

Don't Look at the Monster

by L.Y. Marlow

Having escaped a life of poverty, teen pregnancy and domestic violence, and put herself through sixteen years of night school to earn three degrees as a single mother, L.Y. Marlow never imagined that she would...

Firing Lines

by Debbie Marshall & Anna Maria Tremonti

Read between the front lines: The stories of three Canadian female journalists stationed in England and France during the First World War.

Europe: 1914–1918. Mary MacLeod Moore, a writer for the Vancouver...

10 Ingobernables

by June Fernández

Por qué ser feliz si puedes ser normal?

Con la excusa de contar la vida o la rutina de gente que le ha fascinado, June Fernández habla en este libro de muchas cosas: celebra las diversidades, critica mandatos...

El mar es tu espejo

by Catalina Gayà

En 2009, la periodista Catalina Gayà Morlà conoció a Faisal, un marinero paquistaní que llevaba más de un año viviendo a bordo de un carguero abandonado en el puerto de Barcelona.

A raíz de aquel encuentro,...


by Noemí López Trujillo & Estefanía S.Vasconcellos

Desde el comienzo de la crisis, decenas de miles de españoles han emigrado en busca de trabajo. 

Un libro no puede contar todas las historias (únicas e irrepetibles) que se esconden detrás de la estadística,...

José Fernández

by Clark Spencer

• Jose’s personal story reads like fiction, growing up in poverty desperate to escape the oppression of Cuba, even rescuing his mother from drowning in one of many failed defection attempts. • Jose Fernandez...

María Zambrano

by Dr Beatriz Caballero Rodríguez

María Zambrano is widely regarded as one of the most original Spanish thinkers of the twentieth century. Her biggest contribution to intellectual history is, without doubt, her poetic reason and unique attempt...

In the Footsteps of John Knox

by Andy Kuo & Macdonald Stuart

John Knox, Scotland’s great sixteenth-century reformer, was a man of fearless faith and unusual experiences. His faith in God turned him from a Catholic priest to a fiery Protestant preacher. His determination...