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The First Merry Widow

by Leann Richards

Born near the docks in Geelong, Carrie Moore was destined to become the queen of the Edwardian stage. From the bright lights of London to the vaudeville halls of Hobart, Carrie captivated audiences around the...

Houdini's Tour of Australia

by Leann Richards

When escapologist Harry Houdini toured Australia in 1910 he brought magic, mystique, his wife and an aeroplane. Houdini conquered crowds and nearly caused riots, he escaped straitjackets and shackles and flew...

The Everyday Superman

by Chad M Granier & David Colin Carr

Born a sickly, left-handed-Piscean-Cajun in a Woman's hospital, Chad had nowhere else to go but up--until it all came crashing down. Divorce and the brutal death of the most treasured family members offered...

Da Grustle

by Eric Alan Cominski Jr

Take this journey with Eric Cominski Jr as he try's to make history by starting his own clothing line and end up making it a company that strives off of branding. Find out how he got to the point he is at now...


by Barrie Lawrence

Licensed to drill! Shots, Killing, Out Cold, Asphyxiated, Agents, Accomplices, Cocaine, the Opposition, The Man with the Golden Tooth, Heroes, Villains and a trip to Russia in the days of the old Soviet Union...

A Pilgrimage in Japan

by Joan D. Stamm

Kannon, the Bodhisattva of Compassion, is the one who “hears the cries of the world” and vows to “assist anyone in distress.” As the author embarks on the pilgrimage route that extends from the Japan...

Peggy to her Playwrights

by Colin Chambers & Peggy Ramsay

Peggy Ramsay (1908-1991) was the foremost play agent of her time. Her list of clients shows her to have been at the centre of British playwriting for several generations from the late 1950s on.

To her remarkable...

Behind The Rank, Volume 2

by Lila Holley

Innumerable women can relate to having both visible and invisible scars from their life’s journey. Yet, too often they are afraid to share how they got those scars and how they healed. That is why Lila Holley...

No One But You

by Tessa Levy & Shelley Cassidy

No One but You is a fictional account of a young girl’s extraordinary life, from the post-war East End of London to the high life of America and back again. It portrays Tessa Levy’s yearning for adventure...

You'll Never Walk

by Phil Reade, Andy Grant, Jamie Carragher & Ronnie O'Sullivan

When Andy Grant's eyes blinked open from a 10-day coma in February 2009 he was alone in a hospital bed in Birmingham. He had a broken sternum, two broken legs, a broken elbow and shrapnel lodged in both forearms....

Ruth Davidson

by Andrew Liddle

In just five years, Ruth Davidson has risen to become one of the most senior Tory politicians in the country. First elected in 2011, she won a surprise leadership victory and is now at the head of the official...

Taking the Rap

by Ann Hansen

“Ann Hansen’s memoir combines a riveting story with a brilliant exposé of the inner workings of the prison industrial complex. Charged with empathy, courage, and an anarchist passion for justice, Taking...

The Truth

by Dee Delaney

A brave and captivating book that takes you into the heart where Love is stronger than death.   

This is the amazing true story of how one young woman, survived the sudden and unexpected deaths of 3 partners,...

The Taste of Cigarettes

by Jon Vreeland

After three decades of living in the sandy beach suburbs of Huntington Beach, Jon Vreeland’s heroin addiction has finally destroyed his once promising music career, and estranged himself from his wife and...

This Road I'm On

by Bill Lee & David Lambert

Bill Lee has experienced success as a Tennessee cattle farmer and businessman, but he has also known his share of tragedy and adversity. This Road I’m On is his story of fostering resilience and developing...

The Odyssey and Dr. Novak

by Ann C. Colley

One summer afternoon in northern England in 1946, when Ann Colley was a child, she met a man from Czechoslovakia named Dr. Novak. This encounter launched her lifelong fascination with Central and Eastern Europe,...

Keeping Doo Wop Alive

by John Cheatdom & Yvonne Rose

Keeping Doo Wop Alive: One Man's Story of Strength, Stamina & Survival as an International Entertainer

There are many stories to be told about many great artists in the music business. Keeping Doo-Wop Alive tells...

A Mill Behind Every Stump

by Marianne Van Osch

The story of one family's settlement in the Cariboo and the culture of early sawmills that developed around them.

In 1922, the Judson family arrived in the Cariboo by covered wagon. The stories of their life...

Rush of a Violent Wind

by Ph.D James E. Gebhart

It wasn’t enough that the intruder murdered Elaine’s husband before her eyes, shot her brother through the 

chest and pistol-whipped her after the gun which he put in her face misfired. He then eluded...

Days On the Road

by Sarah Raymond Herndon

Days on the Road is a trail journal detailing a family's trek west across the Great Plains during the waning days of the Civil War. The colorful travelogue, written on the famed Oregon Trail, is both an important...