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In the Midnight Hour

Big Girls Don't Cry: A True Story, from Catwalk to Prison

by Ivana Ivancakova

Ivana grew up in a small village in Slovakia, thumbing through fashion magazines and dreaming of life as a model. Despite many obstacles, in 2008, she made it to London and began to work her way up in the fashion...

Sacred Love: A Journey of Singleness, Belonging, and Finding True Love

by Claudia Cantrell & Kim P. Davis

Single. Successful. Heartbroken. Sacred Love is the heartfelt story of a successful, independent career woman who found extraordinary victory over loneliness, insecurity, rejection, and bad decisions. A candid...

Courage Over Adversity: A Journey Out of the Occult

by Angie Amuso

There can be serious consequences if you connect with the supernatural in the wrong places. Angie Amuso paid a heavy price for engaging with the occult while on a journey seeking healing and spiritual enlightenment....

"Tape's Rolling, Take One": The recording life of Adrian Kerridge

by Adrian Kerridge

Six Decades of Recording and Producing, from the Rock ‘n’ Roll Years to

TV Scores & Blockbuster Movies!


Adrian Kerridge was part of the British recording industry for the past 50 years. His revolutionary...

Mad About Men: A Menmoir

by Madelyn Morgan


•    A (mostly) true, laugh-out-loud account of a successful executive single mother’s search for love.

•    “Racy, raw, sometimes vulgar, always hilarious,” according to a...

The Chrysalis Journey of Cherre-Ann Crawford: An Inspirational Story of Beyond the Seas

by Cherre-Ann Crawford

First-time author Cherre Ann Joan Crawford has penned her life’s journey in this short story to bring us "The Chrysalis Journey of Cherre-Ann Crawford: An Inspirational Story of Beyond the Seas", in which...

Lessons from Zachary: Turning Disability into Possibility

by Sandy Scott

Sandy Scott had it all: a beautiful country home, a successful husband, and the freedom to be a stay-at-home mom. Then the news crashed down on her like a Tsunami: her infant son Zachary not only had severe...

The Accidental Captain: 20 years of learning to sail by trial & terror

by Glenn Patron

Asthmatic, bookish and timid, young Glenn Patron spent his childhood dreaming of a life of adventure like the  stories he read in the sanctuary of his bedroom in the suburbs of New York City.

As an adult, bumbling...

Gatekeeper to Los Alamos: Dorothy Scarritt McKibbin

by Nancy Cook Steeper

In March 1943 Dorothy Scarritt McKibbin took a position that catapulted her into the center of the Manhattan Project. Her office, 109 East Palace Avenue in Santa Fe New Mexico, was the entry point for all scientists,...

I Am Heaven: A story of self-discovery, acceptance, and faith.

by Jem Okan

Jem was born on the island of Cyprus. This is a mystical island nestled amongst the blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea, but an island bloodied by a civil war between two nations: Turkish Muslims and Greek...

Inspired!: True Stories Behind Famous Art, Literature, Music, and Film

by Maria Bukhonina

Discover the fascinating true stories behind the world's most famous works of art, literature, music and film, complete with historical images. What real-life hero inspired the literary adventures of the Count...

Fired to Inspired: A Woman's Transformation One Brave Step at a Time

by Kimberly Cline & Tracey Lyon

It's tough being human. On the path to discovering our life's purpose, we can easily question whether we are on the right journey. The forks in the road confuse us, the doubts creep in, and we scurry for answers...

Fifty Bales of Hay

by Roger Evans

"Roger Evans faces each day on his dairy farm in Shropshire with a wonderful mixture of dry humour, sharp observation and a delight in the natural world and the animals around him. This latest book of his popular...

The Rabbi's Atheist Daughter

Love of Life: A MIRACULOUS STORY!: The art of survival is a story that never ends...

by Sokhom Prins

Sokhom Prins was born in Cambodia in 1970. Her life was a struggle through civil war, Khmer Rouge genocide & personal tragedies. But she miraculously survived to tell her story. She meets her Prince, travels...

God's Sinful Nature

by Sammie Hooper III

God's  Sinful Nature reveals how GOD spoke through men, prophets, and  kings; of how His Word will, by all means necessary, go forth; never coming  back void. To Christians, it is a direct door to GOD's...

Parties, Pills & Psychosis

by Clare Kenyon, Claudette Pope & Charlotte Kenyon

An overseas trip of a lifetime quickly turned into something terrifying for 22-year-old carefree, party girl Clare Kenyon. Under the influence of a cocktail of drugs, she suffered her second psychotic episode...

The Other Side of the River: Stories of Women, Water and the World

by Eila Kundrie Carrico

The Other Side of the River: Stories of Women, Water and the World is a deep searching into the ways we become dammed and how we recover fluidity. It is a journey through memory and time, personal and shared...

Portrait of Devotion: The Spiritual Life of Alice Coltrane Swami Turiyasangitananda

by Shankari C Adams

Alice Coltrane musician, composer, spiritual leader, and teacher dedicated her life

 to God. After the death of her husband, John Coltrane, she raised their four

children: she also pursued eastern spirituality,...