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Living in Interesting Times

by Morris Herman

This book describes the personal journey of Morris Herman. His parents were Holocaust survivors who were incarcerated in a Ukraine concentration camp from 1941 to 1944. Morris Herman was born in Romania in 1946...

Migrant Nation

by Paul Longley Arthur

The essays in ‘Migrant Nation: Australian Culture, Society and Identity’ work within the gap between Australian image and experience, focusing on particular historical blind spots by telling stories of individuals...

Staging Memory and Materiality in Eighteenth-Century Theatrical Biography

by Amanda Weldy Boyd

“Staging Memory and Materiality in Eighteenth-Century Theatrical Biography” examines theatrical biography as a nascent genre in eighteenth-century England. This study specifically focuses on Thomas Davies’...

What I've Learned

by James F. Ross Ync Usn (Ret.)

What I’ve Learned From . . . is a memoir filled with funny, sad and uplifting stories as well as life lessons from twenty different experiences.  From What I’ve Learned from...Being One of Six Kids, through...

The Hitler Kiss

by Radomir Luza

This gripping autobiography is at once a heart-pounding adventure story, a moving recollection of a larger-than-life father, and an important account of the Czech resistance. Radomir Luza's father was a revered...

This Day in Presidential History

by Paul Brandus

For reference librarians, journalists, history buffs, and more, a treasure trove of information about the US presidency for each day of the year from the popular, award-winning White House journalist Paul Brandus....

Reflections on Liszt

by Alan Walker

"No one knows more about Franz Liszt than Alan Walker."—Malcolm Bowie, Times Literary Supplement

In a series of lively essays that tell us much not only about the phenomenon that was Franz Liszt but also about...

Time to Tell

by Deborah E Wilbrink

How-to-Tips, True Stories and Songs steer you on the road to saving your own life story or family history, from a professional personal historian. Examples are excerpts from various authors' memoirs of life...

The Economics of Emancipation

by Kathleen Mary Butler

The British Slavery Abolition Act of 1834 provided a grant of u20 million to compensate the owners of West Indian slaves for the loss of their human 'property.' In this first comparative analysis of the impact...

Forging the Atomic Shield

by Roger M. Anders

Soon after his appointment as chairman of the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission in 1950, Gordon E. Dean began an office diary composed primarily of notes from his telephone conversations. The diary contains Dean's...

Our Bodies Are Not Broken

by Molly Caro May

liA rallying cry for women who want both to understand the complex mental and physical transformations mothers often undergo after giving birth, and to reclaim their connection to their postpartum bodies

  • 10-15%...

  • Memorable Moments of a Met Copper

    by David Dugmore

    Memorable Moments of a Met Copper – 1967–1997 is the fascinating and absorbing memoir of a Met Copper spanning a thirty year period. Presented as a series of stark, harrowing and often disturbed short anecdotes...

    For the Love of Sister...A Sibling's Story

    by Nancy Seriani

    When cancer walks through your front door, it changes your life forever. And it changes the lives of those around you. It changes people’s attitudes, and it makes hearts grow softer. And sometimes, it doesn’t....

    Do You Mind If I Smoke?

    by Fenella Fielding & Simon McKay

    Fenella Fielding's memoir about her remarkable career spanning seven decades in film, theatre, TV and radio.


    by Theodore Ayrault Dodge

    Dodge here vividly reconstructs every major battle of Alexander's brilliant military career.

    Theodore Ayrault Dodge (1842 – 1909) was an American officer and military historian. He fought as a Union officer...

    Why They Stay

    by Anne Michaud & Bonnie Britt

    "Why They Stay" explores the reasoning and motivation of wives who stay with their politician-husbands after they cheat.

    Hillary Clinton couldn't have known in 1998 how her husband's high-profile philandering...

    "It's Chyckxn!" The Unculinary Way I Made Life Palatable: A Memoir

    by Christina Stramacchia

    When you are born with a congenital facial difference, you spend a lot of your life kicking over boxes and burning a few, too, all in the hope of proving yourself worthy of societal acceptance. The internal...

    Henry Dresser and Victorian Ornithology

    by Henry McGhie

    This book explores the life of Henry Dresser (1838-1915), one of the most productive British ornithologists of the mid-late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, and is largely based on unpublished correspondence...

    Leo Fender: The Quiet Giant Heard Around the World

    by Phyllis Fender & Randall Bell

    Occasionally, the world produces one of those rare thinkers that alter the course of history.

    Disney reinvented entertainment, Einstein revolutionized science, Edison lit up our lives with the light bulb, Bell...

    Blake Edwards

    by Gabriela Oldham

    Blake Edwards (1922-2010) was a multitalented, versatile director constantly exploring who he was, not only in filmmaking but also in life. Often typecast as a comedy director, he also created westerns, thrillers,...