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The Unlounging of Selraybob

by Selraybob

Mid-twenties and already beaten down and hopeless, Selraybob spends his days on his worn out lounger, drinking quarts of Busch and talking to his buddy Herm on the phone. Productivity is a forgotten dream....

Under the Birch Tree

by Nancy Chadwick

A birch tree grows tall and arabesque in the front yard of Nancy Chadwick’s childhood home. Over time the tree becomes her buddy and first learned connection, synonymous with home—and one spring morning,...

Seeking Ecstasy (An Erotic Memoir)

by Anna P.

The frank and explicitly raw sex memoir from a female tech executive in Silicon Valley!

Before leaving for her freshman year at college, Anna spends summer vacation in The Hamptons. Here she meets David, an experienced...

Conversations with Steve Jobs

by Ronald Ritter & Sussan Evermore

I asked Steve what he would want to be remembered for in one hundred years and it wasn’t what you may expect. The answer is like a time traveler from the future talking of the distant past in a very eclectic...

The Letters and Diaries of Colonel John Hart Caughey, 1944–1945

by Roger B. Jeans

Colonel John Hart Caughey, a US Army war plans officer stationed in the Chinese Nationalist capital of Chungking, was an eyewitness to the battle for China in the final months of the war (1944–45) and beyond,...

Gracie's Secret

by Jill Childs

My dearest daughter, I will never forget the day I nearly lost you. The day you learned the secrets that would tear our lives apart…

Time stops for Jen when her beloved daughter, Gracie, is involved in a terrible...

The Man Who Was Never Knocked Down

by Rónán Mac Con Iomaire

Seán Mannion was once ranked the #1 US light middleweight boxer and in 1984 he fought Mike McCallum for the world title, only to fall just short of his dreams. Featuring exclusive interviews with Mannion, this...

Old In Art School

by Nell Irvin Painter

"I was used to juggling my self-perception and other people's views of me as a black person and as a woman, from within and without. But now what I took as me seemed almost inconsequential as my essence shriveled...

Sarah Donohue

by Donohue Sarah

This is the action packed story of a female racing driver and stuntwoman who lives life on the edge and enjoys every extreme moment of it… A thrill-seeker by day and glamorous showgirl by night, Sarah Donohue...


by Vikki Warner

Detouring from the traditional timeline of marriage-kids-house, twenty-six-year-old Vikki Warner skips straight to homeownership. She buys a downtrodden three-story house in Providence, Rhode Island, and suddenly...


by Elizabeth W. Garber

• The interest people have in a memoir featuring a brilliant but disturbed father and a dysfunctional American family is exemplified in the seven years Jeanette Walls’s memoir The Glass Castle has remained...

Famous Father Girl

by Jamie Bernstein

The oldest daughter of revered composer Leonard Bernstein offers a rare look at her father on the centenary of his birth—illuminating a man, a city, and an era that defined modern culture—in a deeply intimate...


by Vicky Beeching

Vicky Beeching, called “arguably the most influential Christian of her generation” in The Guardian, began writing songs for the church in her teens. By the time she reached her early thirties, Vicky was...

Rather His Own Man

by Geoffrey Robertson

In this witty, engrossing and sometimes poignant memoir, a sequel to his best-selling The Justice Game, Geoffrey Robertson charts his progress from pimply state schoolboy to top Old Bailey barrister and thence...

Double Agent Victoire

by David Tremain

‘On 28.2.42 there arrived in the U.K. a remarkable woman agent: Mathilde Lucie (or Lily) CARRE.’ Her codename was VICTOIRE, although she became better known as ‘La Chatte’ – the female cat. Her acts...

Against the Current

by Cathy Converse

The first book on Agnes Deans Cameron, BC’s first female principal, itinerant traveller, and journalist.

Agnes Deans Cameron was an extraordinary woman who was ahead by a century. Born in Victoria in 1863,...

Joy Formula

by Inkang Kim

A memoir of a mathematician who is living his life as free as Le Petit Prince under the wings of the Almighty.

Inkang Kim, born in a remote village in the middle of nowhere in South Korea, who had polio at...

Bush Hog

by Mary N. Stamper

Howdy; I'm Nellie Cake and these are "Memoirs From My Outhouse." I write adult only, violence, murders, rapes, beatings, and nasty words. True stories of murders, crimes, violence, 36 rapes, drugs, incest, alcoholism,...

How I Got Over Him

by Heather Byett

Title:  How I Got Over Him: My Journey from Hell to find Heaven

Author: Heather Byett

Publication Date: March 2019


ISBN 978-1-912388-00-4 Paperback Edition

Retail Price: £6.99

Format: E-Book

ISBN 978-1-912388-01-1...

Black Klansman

by Ron Stallworth

The extraordinary true story and basis for the major motion picture BlacKkKlansman, written and directed by Spike Lee, produced by Jordan Peele, and starring John David Washington and Adam Driver.

When detective...