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Dying to be a Centrefold

by Terri Lenee Peake

Dying to be a Centerfold is my life story. Starting out as a neglected child and not having a nurturing mother was something I was ashamed of. I took care of my mother since I was 5 years old. I don't remember...

Slap Shot!! Yesterday's Great Hockey Heroes

by Ross R. Olney

Hockey is a hard-hitting, beautiful, bloody, exciting, bruising,stunning game and at the top level it is a ballet. Very few of the thousands of young players who dream of it ever make it to the National Hockey...

My Life and Dreams 5 Books Twenty Six Page Six to Page Seven

by Denise Pinch

She would like to meet George Clooney and go to Egypt with an Egyptian someday. Written down in the morning while the imagery and emotions are still fresh, Denise bravely shares her personal and most intimate...

My Life and Dreams: Books Twenty Six

by Denise Pinch

She would like to meet George Clooney and go to Egypt with an Egyptian someday. Written down in the morning while the imagery and emotions are still fresh, Denise bravely shares her personal and most intimate...

Memories of War: 1914 - 1918

by D H Butler

This is a sort of autobiography of my (Douglas Harry Butler) view of the Great War. I suppose I should call it: 'Interlude 1914-19'. Here has been recorded one man's view of the period, September 1914 to March...

The Memoirs of Damage & Vom (Misadventures in Doctor and The Medics)

by Richard Searle

Psych-punk-glam band, Doctor and The Medics, reached Number One with Spirit In The Sky in 1986, share that madness with the rhythm section, Dickie Damage and Mr Vom. Unabridged, unabashed and unofficial, this...

Little Looks At Lots of Things

by Ethelyn Boddy

Channel surfer? Flick through 89 years of human rights, peace search, eco-world, healthy diet. Even Jesus, Shakespeare and Elvis are in the script.


by Nadeem Wilkinson

A book describing in detail the horrors of the abuse and suffering that was endured by a child from Liverpool and the effects that had on his life and family.

Apprehended for Life: from the arm of the law, to the arms of God

by Montez Terrill Bullock

Born into a poverty-stricken, crime infested ghetto of Jackson, Mississippi, Montez Bullock grew up surrounded by hustlers, drug dealers, prostitutes, thieves and murderers. As a teenager, he turned to a life...

Road to Pheme

by Craig Tuffrey

Lewis wanted to entertain the world. When fame found him, he grabbed the opportunity with both hands. On the road to fame, he is met with notoriety, love, scandal & betrayal. In the end, sometimes what we find...

Coming of Age In the 1950s

by Lynne Gross

Coming of Age in the 1950s includes 64 illustrated short stories, sprung from the pages of the author's diaries, which she has kept since she was 10 years old. Most of the stories are based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania,...

Route A666 - A Heavy Metal Journey

by Stewart Taylor

In the 80's Heavy Metal became massive and coincided perfectly with a Heavy Metal Journey starting from the A666 in Lancashire to the 405 Freeway in L.A. (and back). The soundtrack to the road trip covered a...

The Comeback: from A First Class Temperament: The Emergence of Franklin Roosevelt

by Geoffrey C. Ward

An eBook short.

Franklin Roosevelt contracted polio in the summer of 1921, resulting in permanent paralysis from the waist down. One year later, he went back to work. Noted historian Geoffrey C. Ward, winner...

Hiawassee - Child of the Meadow

by Doris Gaines Rapp & Marilyn Haun Haun

An historic novel, Hiawassee - Child of the Meadow by Doris Gaines Rapp, is written for middle-school and all ages. Hiawassee learned balance from the Cherokee legends of her childhood, peace and forgiveness...

The Ghost Journal - Memoirs of a Ghost Tour Guide in Williamsburg, Virginia

by Emily Christoff-Flowers

Emily is an ordinary mom and wife living in the colonial city of Williamsburg, Virginia. When she got a job working in a 300 year old southern plantation turned time share, she started witnessing some of the...

Land of Hope and Glory Pomp and Circumstance Easy Violin Sheet Music

by Edward Elgar

From British Composer Edward Elgar's, Patriotic March for Easy Violin A SilverTonalities Arrangement! Easy Note Style Sheet Music Letter Names of Notes embedded in each Notehead!

Bury My Body Down By the Highway Side

by Ray Stoeser & Josh Cuffe

In the summer of 2009 two friends embarked on a road trip through a narrative history of American music. They visited cities of the dead, sold their souls at the crossroads, dipped their feet in the Mississippi,...

My Life and Dreams Books Twenty Four and Twenty Six Page One to Page Five

by Denise Pinch

Written down in the morning while the imagery and emotions are still fresh, Denise bravely shares her personal and most intimate visions.(I tell my story to help other to tell their own story to help them to...

The Auspicious Mind

by Claudia Oliveira

A stream of consciousness rumination on the so sought after Los Angeles lifestyle from the point of view of a female Deejay from Brazil living in Hollywood. Claudia Oliveira best known as "Brazilia" takes you...

The Prince

by Nicolo Machiavelli

Nicolo Machiavelli was born at Florence on 3rd May 1469. He was the second son of Bernardo di Nicolo Machiavelli, a lawyer of some repute, and of Bartolommea di Stefano Nelli, his wife. His life falls naturally...