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Ptolemy I

The Caillaux Drama

by John N. Raphael

The Story of the Drama Cell No. 12 The Crime and the Public Monsieur Caillaux's Examination The Campaign of the “Figaro” Calmette v. Caillaux The “Ton Jo” Letter Agadir L'Affaire Rochette “The Truth,...

The Autobiography of Goethe

by Johan Wolfgang Von Goethe

As a preface to the present work, which, perhaps, more than another requires one, I adduce the letter of a friend, by which so serious an undertaking was occasioned. "We have now, my dear friend, collected the...

Round About the North Pole

by W. J. Gordon

Among the many books about the Polar regions there is none quite like this, dealing with the gradual progress of exploration towards the north along the different areas of advance within the Arctic Circle. The...

With the Flag in the Channel

by James Barnes

The project The voyage of the Charming Peggy Boarded In Holland and France Commissioned The Surprise The Channel cruise The Harwich packet The arrest In Paris again The Revenge Sailing orders In the Channel...

The Story of the British Army

by C. Cooper King

I have endeavoured in the space at my disposal to show how the British Army has grown up. I have tried merely to tell a “story,” and therefore omitted much that might have been said regarding the noble work...

The Story of Majorca and Minorca

by Sir Clements R. Markham

The story of the Islands of Majorca and Minorca has never been told in our language in a condensed form, although the interest is great from an historical point of view, and the materials sufficient, though...

The Seafarers

by John Bloundelle-burton

Sweeter than Blue-Eyed Violets or the Damask Rose' Stephen Charke 'Let those love now who never loved before' Portsmouth en fête 'So farewell, Hope!' 'And bend the gallant Mast, my Boys' 'An Ocean Waif' 'His...

England and Napoleon

by S. E. Winbolt

This series of English History Source Books is intended for use with any ordinary textbook of English History. Experience has conclusively shown that such apparatus is a valuable—nay, an indispensable—adjunct...

Clara Barton National Historic Site, Maryland

by Clara Barton

Clara Barton, humanitarian and founder of the American Red Cross, spent the last 15 years of her life in a house in Glen Echo, Maryland, now known as Clara Barton National Historic Site. Here her contributions...

Waterloo General: The Life, Letters and Mysterious Death of Major General Sir William Ponsonby 1772 - 1815

by John Morewood

At the Battle of Waterloo Sir William Ponsonby, a man who the Duke of Wellington stated had ‘rendered very brilliant and important services and was an ornament to his profession’, was killed by French lancers...

More Time to Love

by Joseph L Wions, Daniel Wions & Julie Wions

When given a diagnosis of ALS, most victims make peace with a 2-3 year death sentence. Joe Wions, an energetic and positve management consultant with two children, a wonderful wife, and a community he loved,...

THE ABC of 1-2-3: The True Story

by Billy Ritchie

1-2-3 are now acknowledged as  having a major influence on what became of music in the 1970s. Yet the band disappeared without trace in history, only to surface decades later, in circumstances that Mojo Magazine...

No Job for a Woman

by Sallyanne Atkinson

'A true trailblazer for her generation ...' Sallyanne Atkinson was the first female Lord Mayor of Brisbane, the first female senior trade commissioner to Paris and has been a leader in business and corporate...

I Am Enough: One lawyer's epic journey to fill the void

by Danielle Rondeau

In her mid-twenties, Danielle Rondeau was the picture of perfection—she had a legal career on the fast track to success, a stable loving relationship, more devoted friends and family than anyone could hope...

Women's Work

by Agnes Amy Bulley

The writers of the present volume have a purely practical object in view. They have no desire to discuss, theoretically, the duties, rights, and responsibilities of women. They consider that it would be unwise...

The Philosophy of Giambattista Vico

by Benedetto Croce

My reasons for believing that a new exposition of Vico's philosophy is required may easily be inferred from the observations on the effects of his work and the biographical notes which form respectively the...

Biographical Anecdotes of William Hogarth

by William Hogarth

The author of these imperfect sheets cannot present them a second time to the world, before he has expressed his gratitude for the extreme candour with which they have been treated by the Monthly Reviewers....

Wild Things, Wild Places: Adventurous Tales of Wildlife and Conservation on Planet Earth

by Jane Alexander

A moving, inspiring, personal look at the vastly changing world of wildlife on planet earth as a result of human incursion, and the crucial work of animal and bird preservation across the globe being done by...

Tree of Treasures: A Life in Ornaments

by Bonnie Mackay

A beautifully illustrated look at Christmas ornaments and the memories they hold on our trees

First highlighted in the New York Times, Bonnie Mackay’s annual Christmas tree showcases a lifetime collecting almost...