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Charles Dickens

Not Just Jane

by Shelley DeWees

“Not Just Jane restores seven of England’s most fascinating and subversive literary voices to their rightful places in history. Shelley DeWees tells each woman writer’s story with wit, passion, and an...

Margaret Forster: A Life in Books

by Kathleen Jones

Margaret Forster was one of the UK’s most prolific and respected authors. Born in Cumbria to working class parents in 1938, she published her first novel at the age of twenty two. Since then she has written...

Jane Austen

by Francis Warre Cornish

Mr. Francis Warre Cornish has devoted most of his chapters to a running comment on the novels. His criticism of the characters is shrewd and has the pleasant flavor of talk about people with whom one is intimately...

Wandering Jew: The Search for Joseph Roth

by Dennis Marks

Joseph Roth, best known as the author of the novel The Radetzky March and the nonfiction work The Wandering Jews, was one of the most seductive, disturbing, and enigmatic writers of the twentieth century....

Nobody's Son: A Memoir

by Mark Slouka

“There comes a time in your life when the past decides to run you down,” Mark Slouka writes in this heartbreaking and soul-searching memoir about one man's attempt to reckon with the past.

Born in Czechoslovakia,...

The Unknown Kerouac: Rare, Unpublished, & Newly Translated Writings

by Jack Kerouac, Jean-Christophe Cloutier & Todd Tietchen

In On the Road and other iconic works, Jack Kerouac created a quintessentially American voice and a revolutionary prose style. This remarkable gathering of previously unpublished writings reveals as never before...

Evelyn Waugh

by Philip Eade

Fifty years after Evelyn Waugh’s death, here is a completely fresh view of one of the most gifted -- and fascinating -- writers of our time, the enigmatic author of Brideshead Revisited

Graham Greene hailed...

How to Get Run Over by a Truck

by Katie C. McKenna

People often say, "I feel like I've been run over by a truck." Katie actually was.

On a sunny morning bike ride in Brooklyn, twenty-four-year-old Katie McKenna was forever changed when she was run over by an...

The Most Famous Writer Who Ever Lived: A True Story of My Family

by Tom Shroder

An award-winning veteran of The Washington Post and The Miami Herald, Tom Shroder has made a career of investigative journalism and human-interest stories, from those of children who claim to have memories of...

What are the Blind Men Dreaming?

by Noemi Jaffe, Julia Sanches & Ellen Elias-Bursac

Three generations of women reflect, in their own words, on the Holocaust and bearing witness in Jewish and Brazilian identity.

Algren: A Life

by Mary Wisniewski

The first examination of Nelson Algren in over 25 years, Algren is the definitive biography of one of the best-known writers of mid-20th-century America. Journalist Mary Wisniewski interviewed dozens of Algren's...

TREYF: My Life as an Unorthodox Outlaw

by Elissa Altman

From the Washington Post columnist and James Beard Award-winning author of Poor Man’s Feast comes a story of seeking truth, acceptance, and self in a world of contradiction...


Treyf: According to Leviticus,...

The Proper Pirate

Avid Reader

by Robert Gottlieb

A spirited and revealing memoir by the most celebrated editor of his time

After editing The Columbia Review, staging plays at Cambridge, and a stint in the greeting-card department of Macy's, Robert Gottlieb...

When in French: Love in a Second Language

by Lauren Collins

A language barrier is no match for love. Lauren Collins discovered this firsthand when, in her early thirties, she moved to London and fell for a Frenchman named Olivier—a surprising turn of events for someone...

Losing Helen

Beryl Bainbridge

by Brendan King

Dame Beryl Bainbridge was one of the most popular and recognisable English novelists of her generation. She was shortlisted for the Booker Prize five times, and her critically acclaimed novels The Dressmaker...

The Jane Austen Writers' Club

by Rebecca Smith

A delightful and informative guide to writing like Jane Austen, written by the five-times-great niece of Austen herself

Jane Austen is one of the most beloved writers in the English literary canon. Her novels...

Such Mad Fun: Ambition and Glamour in Hollywood's Golden Days

by Robin R Cutler


What determines who a woman will become? Jane Hall was an orphan at fifteen and a “literary prodigy” according to the press. How did this spirited young girl from an...