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Odyssey of the Unknown Anzac

by David Hastings

Ten years after the end of World War I, the Sydney Sun reported that an unknown Anzac still lay in a Sydney psychiatric hospital. ‘This man . . . was found wandering in a London street during the war,’ reported...

Gallipoli to the Somme

by Alexander Aitken & Alex Calder

Alexander Aitken was an ordinary soldier with an extraordinary mind. The student who enlisted in 1915 was a mathematical genius who could multiply nine-digit numbers in his head. He took a violin with him to...

Shade of the Paraiso: Two Years in Paraguay, South America

by Mark Salvatore

Imagine a remote community in Paraguay, South America, where you read by candle light, draw your water from a well, cook your meals on an open fire and attend to your needs in a rickety outhouse. To reach the...

The Dawn Prayer (Or How to Survive in a Secret Syrian Terrorist Prison)

by Matthew Schrier

  • Matthew’s incredible story has been featured inNew York Times, 60 Minutes, Daily Mail, CNN, the Atlantic, Huffington Post, and more
  • Matthew plans to focus on how humor helped him survive, visiting comedy...

Bernardo de Gálvez

by Gonzalo M. Quintero Saravia

Although Spain was never a formal ally of the United States during the American Revolution, its entry into the war definitively tipped the balance against Britain. Led by Bernardo de Galvez, supreme commander...

The Saga of Pappy Gunn (Illustrated)

by George Churchill Kenney

The Saga of Pappy Gunn is the biography of heroic World War 2 Air Force fighter pilot, Colonel Paul Irving Gunn. This new 2018 edition of the celebrated US Army pilot's incredible wartime exploits includes...


by Edmund Ironside & Richards

The Field Marshal was a born commander and, besides being a gifted linguist, was mobilised as a Subaltern for the Boer War to act as a secret agent and to streamline the peace process. With an appetite for battle,...

Theodore Roosevelt

by Theodore Roosevelt

By the 26th President of the United States, popularly known as T.R. or Teddy. He was also a widely respected historian, naturalist and explorer of the Amazon Basin; his 35 books include works on outdoor life,...


by Russell Davis

Ghost and his crew are the real deal; this is no work of fiction. The “first hand” accounts of Special projects from the UK, Sierra Leone, and Afghanistan are already well known to many, but those are the...

Thunderbolt! (Illustrated)

by Robert S. Johnson & Martin Caidin

Thunderbolt! The Extraordinary Story of a World War II Ace is the incredible true life story of Robert S. Johnson, one of America’s leading fighter pilot aces in World War II. His memoir is an action-packed...

The Reminiscences of a Marine

by Major General John A. Lejeune

John Archer Lejeune (1867 – “Although there have been many men who have left their mark on the United States Marine Corps, few have created such a lasting impression as John Archer Lejeune."

Historical Studies...


by Stella E Brooks

The word “unbelievable” defines the life of Dr. Harrison Miller Moseley. As a testament to grit, determination and faith, Dr. Moseley’s life exemplifies the good that can come from facing and surviving...

Rangers & Sovereignty - The True Story of the Criminal Pursuits, Campaigns and Battles of Texas Rangers in 19th Century

by Daniel W. Roberts

Rangers and Sovereignty is an autobiography written by Captain Dan W. Roberts. It brings the exciting tale of his service as a Texas Ranger. Roberts describes in detail the battles that the Rangers fought in,...

Full Battle Rattle

by Changiz Lahidji & Ralph Pezzullo

Over 100 combat missions, 24 years as a Green Beret—Full Battle Rattle tells the legend of a soldier who served America in every war since Vietnam.

Master Sergeant Changiz Lahidji served on Special Forces A...

War Games

by Leo Murray

The human brain is hard-wired with a primal aversion to killing. Amid the horror of war even the best-trained soldiers can forget their training. Vast effort and countless sums have been spent in the attempt...

Home of the Brave

by Donna Bryson

A small town struggling, like many communities, with the question of how to remain vital and vibrant in the 21st century, took on another problem altogether: that of the difficult homecoming of Iraq, Afghanistan...

Joey Jacobson's War

by Peter J. Usher

In the spring of 1940 Canada sent hundreds of highly trained volunteers to serve in Britain's Royal Air Force as it began a concerted bombing campaign against Germany. Nearly half of them were killed or captured...

War Time Poetry & Stories

by Greg Elliot

Greg Writes:

'These poems and short stories, including the letters to my wife Robyn, were written while I was at Forward Operating Base Tinsley in Afghanistan in 2011. I was a member of the Force Communications...

American Hannibal

by Jim Stempel

On January 17, 1781, a remarkable battle took place in the backwoods of South Carolina. British Lt. Colonel Banastre Tarleton, handpicked by General Charles Cornwallis for command due to his dash and record...

Our Jack Goes West

by Susan Raby-Dunne

Our Jack Goes West: A Commemorative Novelette by military historian, Susan Raby-Dunne is the fictionalized story of the last days and hours of Lieutenant-Colonel John McCrae beginning at No.3 Canadian General...