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Living Up to a Legend

by Diana Bishop

Diana Bishop recounts growing up in the shadow of her famous grandfather, Canadian First World War flying ace Billy Bishop.

As a child, Diana Bishop showed up one day at school with a brown paper bag. Inside...

The Conquest of New Spain

by Bernaz Diaz del Castillo

The Conquest of New Spain is the first-person narrative of Bernal Díaz del Castillo (1492–1581), the 16th-century military adventurer, conquistador, and colonist settler, who served in three Mexican expeditions...

African Kaiser: General Paul von Lettow-Vorbeck and the Great War in Africa, 1914-1918

by Robert Gaudi

The incredible true account of General Paul von Lettow-Vorbeck and his exploits in World War I Africa with the legendary "Schutztruppe." 

As World War I ravaged the European continent, a completely different...

From Battle of Britain Airman to PoW Escapee: The Story of Ian Walker RAF

by Angela Walker

This is the Second World War story of a champion cyclist turned airman who lived to tell the tale against almost impossible odds. A New Zealander in the RAF, Ian Walker took part in the Battle of Britain before...

Adolf Hitler

by 50 minutes

Keen to learn but short on time? Get to grips with the life of Adolf Hitler in next to no time with this concise guide. provides a clear and engaging analysis of Adolf Hitler. Adolf Hitler’s name...

Stilwell and the American Experience in China: 1911-1945

by Barbara W. Tuchman

Barbara W. Tuchman won her second Pulitzer Prize for this nonfiction masterpiece—an authoritative work of history that recounts the birth of modern China through the eyes of one extraordinary American.



A Boy from Botwood: Pte. A.W. Manuel, Royal Newfoundland Regiment, 1914-1919

by Bryan Davies & Andrew Traficante

Newfoundlander Arthur Manuel's retelling of his harrowing First World War experiences are raw and real. Painstakingly researched after the long-hidden manuscript's discovery by Bryan Davies and Andrew Traficante,...

Shot Down: The Secret Diary of One POW's Long March to Freedom

by Alex Kerr

Alex Kerr's Wellington, a twin-engine bomber, was shot down over Germany in 1941. At first hospitalised with hopes of repatriation, he unexpectedly found himself a prisoner in a German POW camp. Throughout those...

Captain James Carlin: Anglo-American Blockade Runner

by Colin Carlin & William N. Still, Jr.

A unique portrait of one of the most successful blockade runners who brought vital supplies to Confederate forces

Seven Pillars of Wisdom: A Triumph

by T. E. Lawrence

When T. E. Lawrence's 'Seven Pillars of Wisdom' first appeared in 1922 it was immediately recognized as a literary masterpiece. In writing his extraordinary account of the Arab Revolt of 1916-1918 and his own...

Sky Walking: An Astronaut's Memoir

by Tom Jones

A gripping first-hand account of life in space and the making of an astronaut. What is it like to fly the space shuttle and work on and in the International Space Station? Veteran NASA astronaut Tom Jones is...

The Autobiography Manuscript of Major Amos Stoddard: Edited and with an Introduction by Robert A. Stoddard

by Robert A. Stoddard

The Autobiography Manuscript of Major Amos Stoddard is part biography, and part autobiography. It is the story of the life and times of Major Amos Stoddard, the first civil commandant and governor of Upper...

ESCAPE TO ANZIO: Stan Smollan's 2nd World War Saga

by Jeff Smollan & David Saks

World War II, 1939, Private Stanley Smollan trained in South Africa. He sailed up the African East Coast to Suez. He was injured in the Battle of Sollum. On recovery, he rejoined his regiment in Tobruk, and...

Anders Lassen VC, MC of the SAS

by Mike Langley

The story of Anders Lassen is one of the most amazing and heroic of the Second World War – indeed in the history of the British armed services. He was awarded no less than three Military Crosses and the SAS...

All the Gallant Men

by Donald Stratton & Ken Gire

THE FIRST MEMOIR BY A USS ARIZONA SURVIVOR: Donald Stratton, one of the battleship's five living heroes, delivers a "powerful" and "intimate"* eyewitness account of Pearl Harbor and his unforgettable...

The Red Baron: Rare Photographs from Wartime Archives

by Barry Pickthall

Beginning his wartime career on the Western Front in August 1916, Manfred von Richthofen, or the Red Baron as he became known, had shot down an impressive total of fifteen aircraft by January 1917, as well as...

The Flying Man: Hugo Junkers and the Dream of Aviation

by Richard Byers

Hugo Junkers (1859–1935) was a German engineer and aircraft designer generally credited as the pioneer of all-metal airplanes. His company, Junkers Flugzeug- und Motorenwerke AG, more commonly referred to...

For Country, Cause, and Leader

by Stephen W. Sears

Now published for the first time, For Country, Cause & Leader offers an eyewitness account of the Civil War by a Union soldier who fought from Bull Run to Knoxville. This remarkable book presents the transcription...

A Matter of Honor

by Anthony Summers & Robbyn Swan

On the seventy-fifth anniversary, the authors of Pulitzer Prize finalist The Eleventh Day unravel the mysteries of Pearl Harbor to expose the scapegoating of the admiral who was in command the day 2,000 Americans...


by John French

For a memoir of World War I, Sir John French's book 1914: The Early Campaigns of the Great War, does a fairly good job of recounting the facts, however skewed they may be. French, whose full name and titles...