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Road to Huertgen

by Paul Boesch

The Huertgen Forest defenses of the Nazis were meticulously and diabolically planned. They, with the Ruhr River positions, constituted the Eastern-most section of the Siegfried system. Capture of Huertgen, followed...

Admiral Halsey's Story

by William Frederick Halsey

Fleet Admiral Halsey was attending a reception in 1946 when a woman broke through the crowd around him, grasped his hand, and cried, “I feel as if I were touching the hand of God!”

On the day that Pearl Harbor...

Patton and His Third Army (Annotated)

by Brenton Greene Wallace

In Patton and His Third Army, Brenton Wallace details the actions of General George S. Patton and the Third Army from its preparations in Britain, to its first engagements with the enemy, through to the major...

Winged Warfare

by William Avery Bishop

William Avery Bishop, VC, CB, DSO & Bar, MC, DFC, ED (8 February 1894 – 11 September 1956) was a Canadian flying ace of the First World War.

He was officially credited with 72 victories, making him the top...

Reminiscences of the Civil War

by John B. Gordon

John Gordon (1832-1904) was one of the Confederacy's most capable generals. A native of Georgia, he went on to serve as governor of the state after the war. His memoirs are one of the most famous accounts of...

My Experiences in the World War

by John J. Pershing

This memoir with diary excerpts is a concise record of General Pershing’s experiences in his role in WWI, providing insight into the war told from the American perspective. It tells of his early life as a...

Recollections of a Private Soldier in the Army of the Potomac

by Frank Wilkeson

"THE history of the fighting to suppress the slave-holders rebellion, thus far written, has been the work of commanding generals. The private soldiers who won the battles, when they were given a chance to win...

Helmet for My Pillow

by Robert Leckie

Here is one of the most riveting first-person accounts to ever come out of the Second World War. 

Robert Leckie was 21 when he enlisted in the US Marine Corps in January 1942. 

In Helmet for My Pillow we follow...

The 84th Infantry Division In the Battle of Germany

by Lt. Theodore Draper

"This is a combat history. It is the story of a division from its first day of fighting to its last. To men who were in the line without a break for 171 days, anything in the army before combat is slightly unreal,...

Patton and His Third Army

by Brenton Greene Wallace

In this account of Patton and his Third Army, Wallace places Patton within the context of the army's operation and day-to-day movements as it roared through France, Luxembourg, and Germany. Wallace, Patton's...

The True Story of Andersonville Prison

by James Madison Page

During the Civil War, James Madison Page was a prisoner in different places in the South. Seven months of that time was spent at Andersonville. While there he became well acquainted with Major Wirz, or Captain...

Napoleon and His Court

by C. S. Forester

Napoleon and His Court is a well-researched, comprehensive and delightfully written biography by the celebrated author of the Hornblower series and other great novels.

A Dog Named Beautiful

by Rob Kugler

An uplifting and unforgettable story of a US Marine, his extraordinary dog, and the road trip of a lifetime.

When US Marine Rob Kugler returns from war he had given up not only a year of his life in service to...

Of Rice and Men (Annotated)

by Bob Reynolds

At the fall of Bataan on April 9 1942, over sixty thousand American and Filipino troops were rounded up by the Japanese and forced to march 65 miles from Mariveles, on the southern end of the Bataan Peninsula,...

The Life and Times of General John Graves Simcoe, Commander of the "Queen's Rangers" During the Revolutionary War

by David Breakenridge Read

John Graves Simcoe (1752 –1806) was a British army officer who saw action in the American Revolutionary War, in the Siege of Boston. During the siege, he purchased a captaincy in the grenadier company of the...

Major Andre's Journal

by John Andre

John André (1750 – 1780) was a British Army officer hanged as a spy by the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War for assisting Benedict Arnold's attempted surrender of the fort at West Point,...

Billy Mitchell (Annotated)

by Emile Gauvreau & Lester Cohen

As early as 1920, US Army General Billy Mitchell began sounding alarm bells about an inevitable Japanese invasion from sea-based aircraft. Through the press and in person he lobbied naval brass about America's...

The Crusades: Iron Men and Saints

by Harold Lamb

In this volume is told the genuine true story of the first crusaders. It begins with their setting out, and it ends with the death of the last survivor. Almost a thousand years have passed since then, and the...

King of Kings Tigran the Great and the Armenian Empire as Valuated by Modern Arab Historiography

by Nikolay Hovhannosyan

To date, Tigran the Great’s life and activity (95-55 BC) were elucidated in world historiography mainly based on the Greek and Roman sources of the antique period, as well as the studies of western researchers...

Soldier, Sailor, Frogman, Spy, Airman, Gangster, Kill or Die

by Giles Milton

A ground-breaking account of the first 24 hours of the D-Day invasion told by a symphony of incredible accounts of unknown and unheralded members of the Allied – and Axis – forces.

An epic battle that involved...