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Drone Warrior

by Brett Velicovich & Christopher S. Stewart

“A must read for anyone who wants to understand the new American way of war.”  — General Michael V. Hayden, former Director of the Central Intelligence Agency and the National Security Agency

A former...

The Saga of Pappy Gunn

by George Churchill Kenney

The Saga of Pappy Gunn is the biography of heroic World War 2 US Air Force fighter pilot, Colonel Paul Irving Gunn.    

“An affectionate biography of an almost legendary Air Force hero.” — Kirkus Reviews....

Memoirs of the Confederate War for Independence

by Heros von Borcke

"I do not hesitate to publish my account of battles lost and won, trusting that there are many still left who will read with some interest the simple narrative of a soldier who is proud to have shared the sufferings...

A Legacy of Lessons Learned: Landstuhi Regional Medical Center During Wartime, 2001-2014: Landstuhi Regional Medical  Center During Wartime, 2001-2014

by Karen Hennessy & Borden Institute

Excerpt from A Legacy of Lessons Learned: Landstuhl Regional Medical Center During Wartime, 2001-2014:

For over 25 years, Landstuhl Regional Medical Center (LRMC) has served as a model of “selfless service,”...

Coral and Brass

by Holland M. Smith & Percy Finch

The aim of this book is twofold: first, that due credit be given to a gallant body of men, the United States Marine Corps, who in their path across the Pacific were faithful to their traditions and to their...

Gettysburg Rebels

by Tom McMillan

Gettysburg Rebels is the gripping true story of five young men who grew up in Gettysburg, moved south to Virginia in the 1850s, joined the Confederate army - and returned "home" as foreign invaders for the great...

The General's Niece: The Little-Known de Gaulle Who Fought to Free Occupied France

by Paige Bowers

"My dear Uncle Charles," twenty-two-year-old Geneviève de Gaulle wrote on May 6, 1943. "Maybe you have already heard about the different events affecting the family." The general's brother Pierre had...

Investigating Organised Crime and War Crimes: A Personal Account of a Senior Detective in Kosovo, Iraq and Beyond

by Anthony Nott

Tony Nott retired from the Dorset Police in 2002 at the rank of superintendent. He had spent most of his service as a detective, and had been involved in the investigation of a number of murder cases and other...

THE YOUNG GUARD – World War I Poems & Author's Memoirs from The Great War

by E. W. Hornung

This carefully edited World War I collection has been designed and formatted to the highest digital standards and adjusted for readability on all devices. Content: Poems Consecration Lord's Leave Last Post The...

Scenes and Adventures in the Army

by Philip St. George Cooke

Scenes and Adventures in the Army: Or, Romance of Military Life was first published in 1857.

Cooke, then a lieutenant colonel in the U.S. Army, described his extensive military service on the American frontier...

The Ranger Way: Living the Code On and Off the Battlefield

by Kris Paronto


Former Army Ranger Kris Paronto, a survivor of the 2012 Benghazi siege that was subject of the book and movie 13 Hours, provides powerful, motivational tools for surviving and thriving to...

Never Call Me a Hero

by N. Jack "Dusty" Kleiss, Timothy Orr & Laura Orr


A Handful of Hell: Classic War and Adventure Stories

by Robert F. Dorr, Robert Deis & Wyatt Doyle

“These stories were being read by men who’d been there, done that. I had to have the personalities and the details right. They wouldn’t tolerate having men like themselves overly glorified, or to have...


by Felix B. Dominicci

Felito: A Balanced Life is the story of an orphan boy born on a coffee plantation in Puerto Rico. Exposed to four different father figures who all taught him something of value, he never felt prepared to accept...

A Handful of Hell

by Robert F. Dorr, Wyatt Doyle & Robert Deis

“These stories were being read by men who’d been there, done that. I had to have the personalities and the details right. They wouldn’t tolerate having men like themselves overly glorified, or to have...

Norton of Everest: The biography of E.F. Norton, soldier and mountaineer

by Hugh Norton & Wade Davis

Major Norton gave the order to fire two or three times … Their advanced machine gunners could be seen rushing forward and establishing themselves in commanding posts … Almost at once the ridge we...

Agent M: The Lives and Spies of MI5's Maxwell Knight

by Henry Hemming

Spying is the art of knowing who to trust-and who to betray

Maxwell Knight was perhaps the greatest spymaster in history, rumored to be the real-life inspiration for the James Bond character "M." He did more...

Tuesday's Promise: One Veteran, One Dog, and Their Bold Quest to Change Lives

by Luis Carlos Montalvan & Ellis Henican

Following the success of his New York Times bestseller, Until Tuesday, Iraq War veteran Luis Carlos Montalván took to the road with his beloved Golden Retriever service dog, Tuesday, to advocate for America's...

The Killing School

by Brandon Webb & John David Mann

As a SEAL sniper and combat veteran, Webb was tapped to revamp the U.S. Naval Special Warfare (SEAL) Scout/Sniper School, incorporating the latest advances in technology and ballistics software to create an...

Proud to Be a Marine: Stories of Strength and Courage from the Few and the Proud

by C. Brian Kelly & Ingrid Smyer

Behind one of the most celebrated military branches in America are the often little-known actions of its brave warriors. Proud to be a Marine amplifies the human voices amidst the cannon blasts and gun fire...