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American Governor

by Matt Katz

The ultimate insider to Chris Christie’s 2016 presidential campaign delivers a definitive biography of the popular and controversial governor of New Jersey—including the true story behind the Bridgegate...

American Defenders: The Navy

by Don Smith & David Alabarcez

For over two centuries, the seas and oceans of the world have been a safer place thanks to the United States Navy. "American Defenders: The United States Navy" traces how this global force for good began, helped...

Political Power: Jack Welch

by Marc Shapiro & David T. Cabrera

One of the most powerful an influential men is covered in this new biography comic book. See how his empire started from the beginning.

Political Power: Election 2012

by Marc Shapiro & Nick Justus

2012 United States Presidential Election finally concluded with President Barack Obama securing a second term in office but did not come without a fight. Check out the stories of Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, Michele...

Political Power: Bill Clinton

by Robert Schnakenberg & Dave MacNeil

They call him Bubba, the Big Dog, Slick Willie, and the Man from Hope. Everyone's got an opinion about Bill Clinton, but how well do we really know him? Take a fresh look at the life and career of America's...

Political Power: Al Gore

by Scott Davis & Aldo Giordanelli Corbellini

More than 50 million people believed Al Gore should have been President of the United States in 2000; he was practicially groomed for the job since childhood. But this former Congressman, Senator, Vice President,...

Political Power: Colin Powell

by Wey-Yuih Loh & M. Scott Woodward

Introducing Political Power, a spin-off series from the popular Female Force line. As seen on MSNBC and CNN, the 1st issue is about Colin Powell. Who knew that an aimless and directionless kid from the South...

Political Power: Donald Trump

by Jerome Maida & Amer Moghrabi

Donald Trump is a billionaire, a real-estate mogul and television star. But does he really want to add President of the United States to his resume? Learn how his Grandfather and father both instilled in him...

Political Power: Hillary Clinton

by Jerome Maida & Aleksandar Bozic

Bluewater is pleased to present a unique venture in the history of comic books, a follow-up biography featuring Secretary of State Hilary Clinton. Undoubtedly historic, Hillary Clinton's life has had a major...

Political Power: Herman Cain

by Jim Beard & Kurt Belcher

"Herman Cain stands as an example of American ingenuity and perseverance. The son of menial labor workers, he pulled himself up the ladder of success - from fast-food worker to pizza mogul, Presidential candidate...

American Defenders: The Marines

by Don Smith & Kenny Farmer

From defending the U.S. Navy from the Barbary Pirates, the United States Marines are first on the scene and the last to leave. In AMERICAN DEFENDERS: THE UNITED STATES MARINES, we find out how the few, the proud...

Political Power: Rand Paul

by Michael L. Frizell & Joe Paradise

Dr. Rand Paul is the son of former presidential candidate and "intellectual godfather" of the Tea Party, Ron Paul, and considered in many circles to be the Republican's nominee for President during the 2016...

Political Power: Stephen Colbert

by Hal Hilden & Kelly Brine

Political satirist and pundit, writer and producer, actor and comedian, critic and pitchman, host of The Colbert Report and soon The Tonight Show, family man and.....idiot?!?! Bluewater Productions continues...

Political Power: Romney vs. Obama

by Marc Shapiro & Jed Mickle

It's liberals versus conservatives, Democrats versus Republicans, BLUE versus RED in this year's high stakes Rock 'Em Sock 'Em robots-style election. Who will get knocked off his block? Only time will tell,...

Margaret Thatcher: At Her Zenith: In London, Washington and Moscow

by Charles Moore

In June 1983 Margaret Thatcher won the biggest increase in a government’s parliamentary majority in British electoral history. Over the next four years, as Charles Moore relates in this central volume of his...

A Doctor in the House: My Life with Ben Carson

by Candy Carson

 “The life of a neurosurgeon isn’t an easy one, and Ben has been required to go above and beyond the call of duty almost constantly. The life of a neu­rosurgeon’s wife isn’t much easier. But it’s...

Hillary Rodham Clinton: Do All the Good You Can

by Cynthia Levinson

An inspiring and meticulously researched middle grade biography of Hillary Rodham Clinton—First Lady, senator, secretary of state, and Democratic candidate for president in 2016.

Hillary Rodham Clinton is a...

The General's Son: Journey of an Israeli in Palestine

by Miko Peled & Alice Walker

A powerful account, by Israeli peace activist Miko Peled, of his transformation from a young man who'd grown up in the heart of Israel's elite and served proudly in its military into a fearless advocate of nonviolent...

The Magnificent Life of Miss May Holman Australia's First Female Labor Parliamentarian

by Lekkie Hopkins

Throughout the 1930s May Holman was a household name and an inspiration to the women of her generation. She made history in 1925 when, at age thirty-one, she became Australia’s first female Labor parliamentarian,...

Adam Smith: His Life, Thought, and Legacy

by Ryan Patrick Hanley

Adam Smith (1723–90) is perhaps best known as one of the first champions of the free market and is widely regarded as the founding father of capitalism. From his ideas about the promise and pitfalls of globalization...