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Adventures & Letters of Richard Harding Davis

by Richard Harding Davis

Renowned American journalist Richard Harding Davis helped define the genre of front-line reporting with his first-hand accounts of battlefield action in the Spanish-American war. Later, Davis went on to cover...

Acres of Diamonds

by Russell H. Conwell

Are you stuck in limbo, waiting for the perfect opportunity to descend from the heavens and transform your life? If so, you're taking the wrong approach, according to Russell Herman Conwell. In Acres of Diamonds:...

Mr. X and the Pacific

by Paul J. Heer

George F. Kennan is well known for articulating the strategic concept of containment, which would be the centerpiece of what became the Truman Doctrine. During his influential Cold War career he was the preeminent...

American Values

by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

With rich detail, compelling honesty, and a storyteller’s gift, RFK Jr. describes his life growing up Kennedy in a tumultuous time in history that eerily echoes the issues of nuclear confrontation, religion,...

Donald J. Trump

by Conrad Black

Conrad Black, bestselling author of Franklin Delano Roosevelt: Champion of Freedom and Richard M. Nixon: A Life in Full, turns his attention to his "friend" President Donald J. Trump and provides the most intriguing...

My Country, My Life

by Ehud Barak

The definitive memoir of one of Israel's most influential soldier-statesmen and one-time Prime Minister, Ehud Barak, with insights into forging peace in the Middle East.

In the summer of 2000, the most decorated...


by Robert F. Kennedy, C. Richard Allen & Edwin O. Guthman

In honor of the fiftieth anniversary of Robert Francis Kennedy’s death, an inspiring collection of his most famous speeches accompanied by commentary from notable historians and public figures.


President Carter

by Stuart E. Eizenstat & Madeleine Albright

The definitive history of the Carter Administration from the man who participated in its surprising number of accomplishmentsdrawing on his extensive and never-before-seen notes.

Stuart Eizenstat was at Jimmy...

Nigerian-British Politicians in United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland

by Adedamola Aminu

Nigerian-British Politicians in United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland: A Book of Profiles' is a publication listing both serving and rested councillors, Greater London Assembly (GLA) members and Members of...

Plutarch’s Lives (Volumes I and II)

by Plutarch

“Lives” is a series of biographies of famous Greeks and Romans by the ancient Greek historian Plutarch who lived during the first and second century AD. The work consists of twenty-three paired biographies,...

Imaginative Conservatism

by James E. Person Jr.

Russell Kirk (1918--1994) is renowned worldwide as one of the founders of postwar American conservatism. His 1953 masterpiece, The Conservative Mind, became the intellectual touchstone for a reinvigorated movement...

John Stuart Mill

by Alexander Bain

This book deals with the life and character of John Stuart Mill, British philosopher, political economist and civil servant one of the most influential thinkers in the history of liberalism. “I propose to...

By This Shall We Be Known

by Terriel R. Byrd

By This Shall We Be Known: Interpreting the Voice, Vision, and Message of Martin Luther King Jr. draws out the simple truths and practical wisdom woven throughout the legacy of this twentieth century pioneer...

Delta Epiphany

by Ellen B. Meacham

In April 1967, a year before his run for president, Senator Robert F. Kennedy knelt in a crumbling shack in Mississippi trying to coax a response from a listless child. The toddler sat picking at dried rice...

Senatorial Privilege

by Leo Damore

An achievement of reportorial diligence, this book tells a story that the most imaginative crime novelist would have been hard put to invent. -- People Dominating the bestseller lists for half a year, this groundbreaking...

From the Left

by Bill Press


"Bill Press has done it all. He was the Chair of the California Democratic Party, he has been involved in numerous campaigns, he has been a prolific writer, and has worked as a...

The Statesman

by Ambassador David Abshire, James Kitfield & Evan Thomas

The late Ambassador David Abshire lived a quintessentially American life, one that spanned the Great Depression, World War II and the Cold War. He graduated from West Point, fought in the Korean War, earned...


by Joseph Kaifala

As a survivor of the devastating civil wars in Sierra Leone and Liberia, Joseph Kaifala recounts the harrowing details of an early life punctuated by unimaginable violence and his journey to survival that eventually...


by Kerry Bolton & Tomislav Sunic

Francis Parker Yockey, herald of Western resurgence, sought to apply the philosophy of Oswald Spengler to the problems of post-1945 Europe. Yockey’s ‘Cultural Vitalism’ provides an organic and enduring...

Holland House and Portugal, 1793–1840

by Jose Baptista de Sousa

‘Holland House and Portugal’, a study in political and diplomatic history, focuses on the relations between Lord Holland and Portugal from 1793 to 1840. The book traces the evolution of Holland’s views...