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The Crown: The Official Companion, Volume 1: Elizabeth II, Winston Churchill, and the Making of a Young Queen (1947-1955)

by Robert Lacey

The official companion to the Emmy-winning Netflix drama chronicling the reign of Queen Elizabeth II, and starring Claire Foy and John Lithgow, The Crown by Peter Morgan, featuring additional historical background...

So Great a Prince: The Accession of Henry VIII: 1509

by Lauren Johnson

A vivid and original portrait of the year the young Henry VIII assumes the throne, revealing a kingdom at a crossroads between two dynamic monarchs and two ages of history. England, 1509. Henry VII, the first...

The Life of Henrietta Anne: Daughter of Charles I

by Melanie Clegg

Henrietta Anne Stuart, youngest child of Charles I and Henrietta Maria, was born in June 1644 in the besieged city of Exeter at the very height of the English Civil War. The hostilities had separated her parents...

The Prisoner King

by John Matusiak

After more than half a century of comparative neglect, the crucial period encompassing Charles I’s captivity after his surrender to the Scots at Newark in May 1646 is ripe for thorough re-examination – with...

Queens of the Conquest: England's Medieval Queens Book One

by Alison Weir

In the first volume of an exciting new series, bestselling author Alison Weir brings the dramatic reigns of England’s medieval queens to life.

The lives of England’s medieval queens were packed with incident—love,...

The Last Castle

by Denise Kiernan

New York Times Bestseller

“A soaring and gorgeous American story” (Karen Abbott) from the author of the New York Times bestselling The Girls of Atomic City.

The fascinating true story behind the magnificent...

LIFE The New Royals

by The Editors of Life

The aura around the royal family is vastly different than it was in years and decades past. Now, 20 years after the death of the transformative Princess Diana, today's generation of royals are active and engaged,...

The Last of the Tsars: Nicholas II and the Russia Revolution

by Robert Service

A riveting account of the last eighteen months of Tsar Nicholas II's life and reign from one of the finest Russian historians writing today. In March 1917, Nicholas II, the last Tsar of All the Russias, abdicated...

The Survival of the Princes in the Tower

by Matthew Lewis

The murder of the Princes in the Tower is the most famous cold case in English or British history. Traditionally considered victims of a ruthless uncle, there are other suspects too often and too easily discounted....

Kings and Kingship in the Hellenistic World 350 - 30 BC

by John D Grainger

Between c.350 BC and 30 BC the Mediterranean world was one in which kings ruled. The exceptions were the Greek cities and Roman Italy. But for most of that period neither of these republican areas was central...


by Kathi Haacke Morehead

Elizabeth of York died in 1503. Annie Campbell lives today. Can they reach through time to heal one another's soul, or will their secrets be impossible to overcome?

.... Why can't I sleep? It is not as though...

Call Me Diana

by Nigel Cawthorne

‘I no longer want to live someone else’s idea of who and what I should be. I’m going to be me.’

‘I just absolutely thought I was the luckiest girl in the world.’

Diana Spencer's engagement to Prince...

Spiritual Interview with Princess Diana

by Ryuho Okawa

In August 2017, the month that will mark 20 years from Princess Diana’s death, Ryuho Okawa used his extraordinary spiritual power (similar to but surpassing Shakyamuni Buddha’s) and summoned her spirit for...

LIFE Diana: A Princess Remembered

by The Editors of Life

A Princess Remembered

Embrace the lasting legacy of Princess Diana with this keepsake Special Edition, filled with insightful writing and gorgeous photography from the LIFE archives. At her storybook royal wedding...

Edward VII

by Catharine Arnold

“Victorian England: We know what that was supposed to mean — all priggish prudery and "we-are-not-amused" harrumphing. Except now we know it wasn't all that . . . [Catharine Arnold’s] new biography focuses...

PEOPLE Diana: Her Life and Legacy

by The Editors of People

Twenty years after her life was cut short at age 36 in a car crash while she was being chased by paparazzi in Paris, Lady Diana, Princess of Wales remains one of the most beloved and admired women in the world....

Death of a Princess: The True Story Behind Diana's Tragic End

by Tom Sancton & Scott Macleod

For the twentieth anniversary of Diana's death, a new, updated edition of the headline-grabbing New York Times bestseller that told the definitive story of how the Princess of Wales lost her life in a high-speed...

The Young Emperor William II. of Germany

by Harold Frederic

The most interesting political character of the ending 19th century was undoubtedly the young man who filled the throne of the German Empire. Americans are so used to seeing young men filling important positions...

Gaius Marius: The Rise and Fall of Rome's Saviour

by Marc Hyden

Gaius Marius was one of the most remarkable and important figures of the late Roman Republic. At a time when power tended to be the reserve of a restricted clique of families, he rose from relatively humble...

Emperor Alexander Severus: Rome's Age of Insurrection, AD222-235

by John S McHugh

Alexander Severus' is full of controversy and contradictions. He came to the throne through the brutal murder of his cousin, Elagabalus, and was ultimately assassinated himself. The years between were filled...